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By otakuman5000 On 16 Oct, 2013 At 11:52 PM | Categorized As PlayStation, Reviews, Reviews, Uncategorized | With 2 Comments

Quantic Dream, creators of Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy, take a baseball bat to our hearts and grand slams it out of the park. Beyond: Two Souls is a PS3 exclusive starring Ellen Page, who plays Jodie that has a cursed gift of thanks to her supernatural friend Aiden, and Willem Dafoe, a scientist who […]

By SarahTheRebel On 15 Jun, 2012 At 05:33 AM | Categorized As Conventions, Editorials, Featured | With 1 Comment

Days 2 and 3 were both pretty awesome in their own ways. First, I learned that I love the Borderlands crew for good reason. After the debacle on the first day, I returned on the second day to see that they had someone at the end of the line letting people know that it was […]