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No GravatarOver the past weekend, myself as well as some of the other members from Real Otaku Gamer decided to attend the Miami Comic Con. Wizard World’s big comic event that is hosted in different cities where fans of comics, manga, anime, movies, and more gather together to celebrate, bargain, and explore different aspects of geekdom. In attendance, besides the hundreds of fans that arrived at the Miami Airport Center, were a bunch of movie, TV, and comics stars from all over to promote their new work, as well as meet the fans that praise them so much.


Hundreds of Fans attended Wizard World's event

ROG has their own personal Army Men


The Real Otaku Gamer crew attended both days Wizard World was there at the Miami Airport Convention Center. Now while there was no huge presence of massive swag giveaways, there were a bunch of panels, booths, tables, and autograph sessions to keep attendees satisfied. This was the very first Comic Con being held in Miami, so it is understandable that things might be less extravagant then that of New York or San Diego Comic Con. But for a first time testing the waters, both Wizard World and the many comic fans had plenty of things going on to be pleased about.


The Batmobile…… Nuff Said

The crew from SFX 360


Of all the panels, the best ones by far were that of Billy Dee Williams, Adam West and Burt Ward, Brimstone and Borderhounds, Ernie Hudson, and Ray Park. There were lots of hilarious moments that ensued during every one of the panel, including some moments involving some of the Real Otaku Gamer staff, which can be heard below.



The Coolest man at the Con


But even with all the funny and silly moments, there were also some great reveals and premiers. The guys over at Hound Comics were nice enough to not only give ROG some nice interviews, but also busted out trying to get a preview of their new animated series Brimstone and the Borderhounds. The preview was a short introduction, with shots of characters that are featured in the comics of the same name. The animation looked sweet, with some great music by Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal of Gun’s and Roses fame. The guys of Hound Comics couldn’t tell us a lot of info on where we might get to check out the new series on TV, but hinted at some possible takers for their new show. From what we saw at the preview, we would definitely love to see this among Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim lineup.


Brimestone from Hound Comics


On the showroom floor, there was a barrage of geekdom going on. Tables that were selling back issue comics, comic collectors wheeling and dealing for that must have issue, and toy collectors and vendors showing off their stuff. There were also many aspiring and established comic artist taking commissions and selling pieces of their work to fans and comic aficionados alike. If you walked along the floor thorough enough, you were able to find some pretty famous faces in the world of comic artist, including guys like Jim Sterlin and Greg Horn.




What really makes Comic Con the event that everyone knows of is really the fans. Everywhere you walked you can see people dressing up as their favorite comic, video game, and anime characters. Almost every type of geek related media has a fan that will show up and sport his or her’s love for the media, sometimes even going the distance to create awesome costumes and getups to wear at the event. The variety of different things people come up with for their costumes is both amazing and awe inspiring. From small details in their accessories and attire, to fully functional mechanical droids to keep you company, Comic Con is a place where you can always find something new, even when you think you have seen it all.


A working R2-Unit built from the ground up

The 3000 Brigade and fans


If there is one thing I can say about Miami Comic Con it would be this, I am glad that the spectacle has finally made it’s way down to Florida. There are different events from Wizard World that occur all over the United States, with stops in New York, Chicago, and Texas; but this is the very first time Miami is host to such an event. And for this being sort of a trial run for Wizard World in this location, they were quite pleased at both the turn-out of people attending the event, as well as the stars willing to show up for it. Case and point, you know that your event is that good when Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) changes his flight out of Florida just to be able to attend the second day of the event. Bottom line is this, Miami Comic Con was an awesome convention, and I definitely recommend anyone to attend who has a chance to go next year. It was that good and that much fun. Where else in the world can you find this?


Now what was that about Han Solo being a bitch???


Absolutely Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!