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No GravatarI had been dreading playing Mass Effect 3 for years because I knew how bad the ending was.  In fact, I procrastinated for a couple of years by continuously playing Mass Effect 2 over and over again.  Well, after I finished ME2 four times through, I decided it was finally time to move onto Mass Effect 3.  I began the game with a bit of trepidation, but it didn’t take me too long to figure out that ninety-nine percent of ME3 is actually an amazing game.  It’s that pesky one percent that wrecks the whole thing.  But I’ll get to that later.  First, let’s concentrate on the good:


Mass Effect 3 is a third person, action RPG developed by BioWare and published by EA in March of 2012 for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and eventually Wii U.  The game uses the Unreal 3 Enginge and improved upon the graphics and game play of its predecessors.

For a moment, let’s pretend that the last five to ten minutes of the game does not exist and only concentrate on the good parts of the story.  And there are many.  Mass Effect 3 leaves off where ME2 left us: after years of warning, the Reapers finally come and invade Earth.  Commander Shepard is recruited to rally a force that will be able to stop them.  After finding a an ancient Prothean artifact on Mars that may be the key to the Reapers’ undoing, Shepard and his team must gather materials and help in order to build the device that will hopefully save Earth and the rest of the galaxy.

It’s a really fun story line, though it’s a bit desperate at times.  There is still a bit of humor thrown  in every once in awhile to keep it from being too dark (i.e. Joker’s The Hunt for Red October joke, which was quite a cute little Easter Egg).  Since the player accumulates resources throughout the game, every missions feels like it matters, even the side missions.

Again, just like the first two Mass Effect games, the space setting is done right.  ME3 has more of the amazingly rich settings that I have loved about the franchise, complete with a detailed set of back-story or “Codex.”  Although the game is Science fiction, the pseudo-science jargon feels like it could actually be real.  From the relays to the use of biotics to the Crucible, everything seems to be plausible and like it could actually happen.

For those players who had played through the first two games, there is an overlying tone of sadness as many of your previous team’s homes get wiped away by the Reapers.  There are also some set characters that will die on you, and depending on how you played the previous two games, others team members may go as well.  I actually cried several times during the game because I had gotten so attached to a few of the ones that died.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Mass Effect 3 moved me so much that I cried.  I cried more in ME3 than ME2, which I enjoyed much more.  The game would have been amazing without those last ten minutes, but I will leave aspect last.


The game play was actually much improved from Mass Effect 2…once a player gets used to the controls.  I had some issues with the roll from cover to cover for a bit because I was so used to the mechanics of ME2.  After awhile, I got much better at it.  Though it still has standard duck and cover, third person shooting elements, I found that the game enemy AI was much sneakier than in the first two Mass Effect games.  Multiple bad guys would actually try to outflank me on many occasions, something that happened very rarely in the ME2.  The RPG elements felt pretty similar to Mass Effect 2.  In ME3, the missions take on a sense of desperation.  Even better, the planet mining that was the worst part of ME2 has been replaced with a scanning for resources in ME3.  I can be a pain because the more the player scans, the more the Reapers are attracted.  This could be an annoying feature.  However,  at this point, anyone can Google any sector and get the precise places of the resources.  Problem solved.

Just like Mass Effect 2, ME3 is not a typical open-world RPG because of the whole space thing.  However, just like with the previous games, the player does get free roam of the galaxy, as long as there are no Reapers actively looking for you.

Mass Effect 3 continues with the great choice-driven tradition of the series.  Unfortunately, that goes down the drain in the final few minutes, but the rest of the game gives you some amazing choices.  The ability to make decision that will affect how the game goes is one of the best parts of the game.  Also, players still have the option to player Shepard however they’d like.  Dialogue options are more paragon/renegade focused without as many neutral options.  One thing that I did not like about the dialogue options was that a player has to hit all of the right paragon options earlier on in the game to get the “good” Illusive Man response at the end.  I totally missed it, but I really didn’t want to mess with a walk-through on a game that really shouldn’t need one.

Mass Effect 3 is one of the few last-gen games that I can still play and not cringe a bit.  It still looks great.  The upgrades from ME2 were amazing.  The characters looks great and the environment looks even better.  The regular game play is great, but the cut-scenes are what really look amazing.  It is still a game that I would recommend to play graphics-wise even after a year and a half of the current gen of consoles.


I cannot say enough of the amazing voice actors that have contributed to Mass Effect 3.  BioWare pulled an amazing team together, as always.  Honestly, nothing really disappoints in this game.  Well, except…

Everything goes downhill in the last ten minutes of the game.
I honestly felt like I wanted to hit my head through a wall when I finished the game, and I am not exaggerating.  How can you go from such a great story to such a disappointment?  The last ten minutes of the game are just absolutely awful.  I don’t even really care that Shepard dies no matter what.  He did go up against the Reapers, but the explanation about why the Reapers were destroying everything made no sense.  There was also no real ending choices.  The player basically gets to choose what filter color he or she wants over the end sequence.  I am not exactly sure what BioWare was trying to do there, but I’m assuming that it was a rush to get the game out for whatever reason.  Unfortunately, that rush led to one of the worst game endings in the history of video games.  It’s unfortunate too because the rest of the game is so good.

I still love Mass Effect 3, despite the ending.  To get around the ending, I recommend stopping after saying goodbye to all of your teammates and friends.  Then you can just make up a better ending in your head because what BioWare gave us is just awful.

No GravatarEvery once in awhile, a very special game comes along and really captivates you.  For me, Mass Effect 2 is one of those games.  I have put more time into it than any other game except for Skyrim, which deserves a special place all by itself.  With an estimated 260 or more hours in the game, four play-throughs, an numerous romances, there is something very amazing with this game.  It’s also one of the few games that I have shed tears for (in a good way).  A few weeks ago, I finished my last play-through of the game.  It’s time to move on.  But I want to share with you all how amazing Mass Effect 2 is to me.  Sure, it’s far from perfect, but it is very special.  Though this is a bit belated, here is my Mass Effect 2 review:



Mass Effect 2 is a third-person, action RPG developed by BioWare and published by EA in late January 2010.  The game uses the Unreal Engine 3 and displayed what a game could do in the middle of the last-gen cycle’s heyday.  Although it is somewhat overshadowed by the disaster that was Mass Effect 3, it stands alone as an amazing game.


Warning: If you haven’t had the chance to play this game, please do.  This review will contain some spoilers in the story section.

There are not many games that open with a bang like Mass Effect 2.  I don’t know of many that would kill the main character within the first scene.  But ME2 did, and it was awesome.  The pacing and intensity of the main story continues strongly from there as the player learns that Shepard has been “redone” by the questionable Cerberus group and has been asked to join them to stop the Collectors, an alien race that is harvesting human colonies.  After some digging, Shepard and his team eventually find out that the Reapers are behind this evil scheme.  The game is a wild ride, complete with old faces from the original game and some new but very memorable ones as well.

As one of the few games to actually get a setting in space done right, ME2 has an amazingly rich setting, complete with a detailed set of back-story or “Codex.”  Although the game is Science fiction, the explanation of everything from the Mass Effect fields, to the relays, to the use of biotics seem to be plausible enough to seem like it could really happen.  The game really is Sci-fi at its best.  With an interesting universe filled with cool aliens and beautiful, yet dangerous places, Mass Effect 2 really is the complete package.

The feel of the game is also incredibly epic, as it has one of the more memorable hero characters in video game history.  Commander Shepard, even when played as a badass instead of a paragon, embodies everything that a hero should be: intelligent, charismatic, skilled, and even good-looking.  Moreover, he (or she) is an incredible leader who demands the very best from his team.  It makes for an amazing game.  I still remember the first time that I beat it; I may have shed a few tears because I had fallen in love with all of the characters.  Unfortunately, the gaming industry doesn’t make many games like Mass Effect 2 anymore.

Game play

Besides having an amazing story, Mass Effect 2 is a blast to play.  Though it seems like a standard duck and cover, third-person shooter, it really is a full blown, action RPG.  The missions are fun, including the side-missions.  Sure, the planet-mining is probably the game’s greatest downfall, but it isn’t too annoying overall.  The make-up of a player’s team also can greatly affect the game play.  By balancing, biotics, soldiers, engineers, and the big “heavy-hitters” with the types of opponents (i.e. geth, mercs, Collectors), the game can feel different with nearly every mission.

ME2 is not a typical open-world RPG because that would be extremely hard to do with space ships.  However, the game does give the player free roam of the galaxy as well as mission selection, making the game still feel expansive.  There are a few missions that a player must do at certain times, but for the most part, the game has a go anywhere kind of feel to it.

One of the great gaming elements of ME2 is the fact that the player can change the outcome of the story based on the choices that he or she makes in the game.  The ability to make decisions that will have affects throughout several games is one of the best parts of the game.  Also, players have the option to play the character of Shepard however they’d like.  With dialogue options that range from good, to neutral, to badass, each of the game does not have to be the same.  Don’t even get me started on the romance options.  Like any typical BioWare game, I have played through a couple of times just to do a different romance option.  Why not, right?



Even though the graphics for Mass Effect 2 are starting to look a tad bit dated in comparison to what is out for this current generation of consoles, for the time, they were pretty amazing.  The cut-scenes were sharp, and the actual game play looked great for the time.  It is definitely a game that one can go back and continue playing on a last-gen console without feeling like the graphics are eye-straining, especially as TVs get better and better.

Voice performance

This is a category that I used to not have, but I think it is becoming more and more important as the story and dialogue of games become more important.  I adore the voice actors in this game, and it really is an all-star cast for the game.  Look at some of the celebrities who helped with the voice work of this game:

Adam Baldwin as Ka’Reegar

Claudia Black as Admiral Xen

Seth Green as Jeff “Joker” Moreau

Tricia Helfer as EDI

Michael Hogan as Captain Bailey

Carrie-Ann Moss as Aria T’Loak

Martin Sheen as the Illusive Man

Lance Henrikesen as Admiral Hackett

The list goes on and on.

I have special admiration for Tricia Helfer, who did the voice of EDI.  Unlike some other robotic characters in a game that starts with a D and ends in a estiny, she gives off the perfect performance as an AI with a sarcastic and saucy attitude.  It is one of the more memorable performances in the game.


Mass Effect 2 is a very special game for me.  It is an amazing combination of great story and good game play.  Yes, it has its flaws, but it still remains an epic game.

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No GravatarSummer vacations getting a little pricey?  Want to go somewhere interesting without leaving the comfort of your couch?  Try a video game vacation!  The great thing about video games is that they can take a person anywhere–to places both real and imagined, and they don’t require plane tickets or a passport.

Join Real Otaku Gamer every week for a highlight of some of the best video games places.  After reading, take the survey at the bottom to vote for your favorite videogame vacation spot.

Games: Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3

Place: Citadel


About: The Citadel is the galactic hub of politics in the Mass Effect universe.  Home of the counsel, a group representing the different races in the galaxy, the Citadel is one of the more prominent places to visit in the game.  Its origin unknown, this self-sustainable space station is the place to be for politics, tourism, and trade.

Why Visit: It’s a cool place to check out, regardless of which Mass Effect game the player is going through.  Gawking at the beautifully done architecture or the many, many different alien species is one of the best parts.  Regardless of which Mass Effect game you are playing, the scenery is absolutely beautiful.  It also is an interesting display of the “haves and the have nots” of the galaxy between the people living the high-rent areas and the duct rats and merchants just trying to get by.


Must See Areas:

  • Visit the Presidium, a huge open area that houses the government offices.
  • Take a ride up to the Citadel Tower, which contains the council chambers.
  • Go to the Wards and do some shopping.
  • Visit one of the many dance clubs such as Chora’s Den.

What do you think? Which video game vacation would you prefer? Click here to take the survey and let ROG know where you’d like to go. Be sure to come back next week for another location.

Week 7: USG Ishimura
Week 5: Skyrim
Week 4: Pittsburgh
Week 3: Pandora
Week 2: Chicago
Week 1: Rapture

No Gravatare3 ms 1

This year Microsoft’s media briefing did not disappoint as Phil Spencer promised to devote the “entire briefing to games!”  Immediately, you could hear the applause around the theatre.  Last year, there was a lot of disappointment as Microsoft spent a lot of time talking about other features on the Xbox One like the Kinect and the TV features.  They seemed to learn from this mistake as they enthralled us all with game after game!

Further excitement came when Spencer stated that all the games shown during their media briefing would first get add-on content on the Xbox One!

The briefing began with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We saw new footage that included gameplay.  I’m not a huge fan of the Call of Duty franchise, but I may just check this one out.  It also helps that Kevin Spacey is in the game. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be out on November 4, 2014.  Here is the gameplay that was showed:

Dan Greenwalt, Creative Director, came onto the stage to talk about Forza Motorsport 5 and unveiled the “nuburgring” which is available TODAY for free to those that own the game. Ralph Fulton, Creative Director, presented Forza Horizon 2 which will be available September 30, 2014.  The game will be in 1080p, have 200+ cars, include various weather conditions, and drivatars.

I’ve been highly anticipating with glee, Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Microsoft and BioWare unveiled a new trailer for the game, which will be available October 7, 2014.

Another game that garnered a lot of excitement from the masses is Sunset Overdrive. We saw a bit about this game last year, but this year we got to see a lot more of this game!  Ted Price, the Founder and CEO of Insomniac Games, came on stage to talk more about the game.  Sunset Overdrive will be available October 28, 2014 and  is exclusive to Xbox One.

Ori and the Blind Forest is a new IP from Moon Studios that looks absolutely stunning.  I’d love to see more of this game before it comes out this fall, but so far I like what I see.  Ori and the Blind Forest will be available Fall 2014.

A Microsoft briefing wouldn’t be the same without some Halo for us all! Bonnie Ross, Studio Head at 343 Industries, presented a spotlight on the much anticipated Halo 5:

Then we were presented with the Halo: The Master Chief Collection.  The collection will include Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4, Halo: Nightfall, and access to the Halo 5: Guardians Beta.  Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be out on November 11, 2014.

A very nice surprise to the mix was the Rise of the Tomb Raider world premiere! We will get to follow Lara Croft after the last installment to see how she rises from what she went through to become the character we know and love.  Rise of the Tomb Raider is expected to be available Holiday 2015.

Ken Lobb, Creative Director at Microsoft Studios, expressed his passion for reviving games that garner cult audiences as classic games.  He then presented Phantom Dust, an absolutely beautiful game.

Scalebound is a new IP that shows a lot of promise from Platinum Games.  This game is one of my favorites so far from what I’ve seen at E3. It is absolutely beautiful and I would love to see more

Microsoft wrapped up the media briefing with Crackdown.

Other games that were shown included Evolve, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Dance Central, Fantasia Music Evolved, Fable Legends, Project Spark, Inside from Playdead, The Witcher 3, and The Division.

I’m VERY impressed with Microsoft’s E3 Media Briefing. They brought it with the games and I even got a look at new games that definitely interest me.

To look at the rest of the trailers that were shown at Microsoft’s media briefing, check out their YouTube channel at

What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

No Gravatarmass-effect-trilogy

There have been internal discussions within BioWare of the possibility of remastering the Mass Effect trilogy for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Aaryn Flynn, the General Manager for BioWare’s Edmonton and Montreal studios, revealed this via twitter at 11:16am on March 2, 2014 in response to an inquiry from @shinobi602.

“We have discussed that internally. If we can put solid plans together we’ll share.”

Mass Effect came out in 2007, Mass Effect 2 came out in 2010, and Mass Effect 3 came out in 2013.  I personally believe it’s a bit too soon to be making a remaster of the trilogy, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t buy it.  The trilogy is a personal favorite of mine and I very much enjoyed each installment in the series.

How do you feel about this? Let us know in the comments.

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No GravatarI’ve been doing a rerun of Dragon Age: Origins the past couple of weeks and it has me thinking about a few things. First of all, when I initially played this game I loved it. The story, the character development, the choices and their consequences, the looting, just about everything. DA: Origins is one of those games I can come back to time and time again and never feel bored. This go around I played as a Dalish Elf for the first time and found new things you can’t find in other classes. It’s amazing.

However, this game has frustrated me beyond all reason. To begin, I own an physical copy of this game. I bought it the year it came out and have since bought all the DLC. Of course, games don’t last forever and I uninstalled it to make room for other games. When I came back to it this time I expected to have access to all that DLC. Well, Awakenings wasn’t available. I went looking, the Bioware website has in my profile that I own it but doesn’t give me the option to download it. I would have to buy it again. Full price. I got lucky Steam had the DA: Origins Ultimate Edition on sale for about eight bucks, so I bought that.

Next, I made a mistake. I entered a console command. I had just started my trek through the circle tower and made a wrong pick in my party. I decided a quick command to pull up the party screen and switch out that character would be fine. It wasn’t. This caused a number of bugs I never ran into when using the old copy of the game. I don’t know what the differences are between the version on my disk, with all patches included, and the downloaded Ultimate Edition from Steam, but they are vast.

But I worked around the bugs. Had to use a few more console commands to do it, but I managed. Still, my frustration abounds. Why? Because I ran into spots where the game became impossible. I’ve taken time to explore the strategy of DA:O and, compared to my first play through where I never even looked at the tactics screen or another characters skills, vastly improved my skill but still failed time and again. On “normal”! I’m not a big fan of playing a game just for the difficulty, I don’t think games should be so simple as to let a gamer walk through, but at times this felt less like a game I needed to be good at and more like a game I needed to type in “runscript pc_immortal”.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m a grumbling little baby. Why am I even writing this?

I could rant all day about what’s wrong with the world, why I am depressed and anxious about everyday life. I could prattle about how terrible it all is. When I play a game I do so because it isn’t the real world. This game isn’t telling me I have to pay $1,200 to take two college courses. It isn’t telling me I can’t face the cashier at the grocery store. It isn’t telling me I’m going to spend the rest of my life broke and jobless. This game is supposed to be the one place I can go that tells me the opposite of all of that.

Again, you’re calling me a babbling fool. But I’m simply trying to express what’s broken in the industry. Gamers don’t run it. Games are made for profit alone. The news today is about Steam Boxes, Titanfall not having modding capabilities, and the terrible prices attached to games. I can’t give you physical proof (I’ve never been a good researcher but request it and I’ll do my best) but this industry has floundered. Steam Boxes are simply Steams version of the console. Titanfall without modding capabilities is EA’s and Respawn’s way of keeping the profits in their court for longer. In game purchases and sky-rocketing prices are about the industry raking in more money. Go back to Watch Dogs being delayed, and I’ll bet you almost anything it was because they wanted to extend profits for both Assassin’s Creed 4 and Watch Dogs as far as possible. The list goes on.

I have spent the last two weeks raging at a game I once loved so much I played too many times to count and the reasons I’ve been raging are outside of the game itself. Sure, difficulty is relative, but even that changed from the original version. I love gaming, but we’ve become a bit delusional as gamers. For some crazy reason we think the people in charge really care. There are plenty of gamers in the industry, plenty of artists and writers and developers who do care, but the people at the top don’t.

I’m a bit cynical. I’m part realist, part idealist, part beaten by the world. I’ve been cheated by this game after years of it being mine. I’ve been cheated and I’m not happy. I believe in gaming, believe that Indie and AAA games alike can do amazing things if we let them. However, I think it’ll be a bit of a time before I can stop feeling cheated by these games I’m supposed to dedicate so much time and money to.

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No GravatarMass Effect trilogy set was announced by BioWare yesterday that will include all three epic games for the low price of 59.99! The Trilogy set will release in early November for the Xbox 360 and PC.

A PlayStation 3 version will be announced at a later date and, yes, it will include the first Mass Effect. I wonder how much Electronic Arts paid Microsoft for the rights? This is great news for PlayStation users who have not yet played the first game, which is a quintessential piece in the Mass Effect universe. Will you save Kaidan or Ashley? Will you kill Wrex? Save the Rachni Queen? These choices are available in the interactive comic, but the consequences have much more meaning when you experience them first hand, of course.

Some of details from the information page:

  • Over 75 hours of story content, plus Mass Effect 3’s critically acclaimed multiplayer mode.
  • Create and customize your own character with his or her appearance and skills, then play your Commander Shepard through all three Mass Effect games.
  • Experience an amazingly rich and detailed universe where your decisions have profound consequences on the action and the outcome.
The Mass Effect Trilogy releases November 6th 2012 for Xbox 360 and PC, and at a later date for the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect will be available as a separate digital download on the PlayStation Network Store, as well.

[Source: Mass Effect Trilogy — November 6th 2012]

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No GravatarCan’t get a badge to Comic-Con? No sweat! More than ever before, SDCC has become a city-wide celebration of all things geek. Although you can only access (most of) the panels, show-floor and art room with a badge, there are plenty of other activities for the lover of all things nerdy!

1.) Home Bases

Companies like BioWare and Sega have bases of operations that are usually outside of the actual convention hall. This means you can still attend any events taking place at these locations. For example, I attended a signing at the BioWare base and tried out the new ME3 Earth DLC before it was released.

Hanging out at the BioWare lounge

2.) Gam3rCon

Gam3rCon is a gem of a convention. Featuring art, performances, a throwback gaming center and current gaming zones, this tiny con was my favorite part of my SDCC trip. I played Sonic until my friends dragged me away, slugged a few folks in UMvC3 and watched a hilariously campy series called Video Game High School. I watched the show on a huge screen, sitting next to Ashphord Jacoway on the roof, drinking a coke and eating a slice of pizza, surrounded by other nerds and looking out over the skyline of San Diego. There were even random fireworks!

Best night ever.

Virtua Fighter on the Sega Saturn

3.) Other outside events

There are also a ton of other, smaller events that take place during Comic Con, such as Nerd HQ, the YouTube Pavilion, the History Channel BBQ and more zombie themed events than you could shake a stick at!

These events often feature free finger foods, games and contests or small shows and swag.

Even the tables at restaurants got a makeover!

4.) City Attractions

San Diego is a small city chock-full of things to do. With a zoo, safari, SeaWorld, a historic theme park and even zip lines! During Comic-Con, some of these locations will have special nerd-themed events like Adventure Time at the Children’s Museum.

Besides the big stuff, there are also tasty restaurants, bars of every kind, flavor and shape, and pedicabs to pedal you around the Gas Lamp District.

5.) Oh the People You Will See

Now this may come as a surprise, but your favorite TV series star or comic book artist has to eat food to sustain him or herself. I know right? I didn’t believe it either… even crazier, they eat people-food!

While at Comic-Con, my friends and I ran into the entire cast of Game of Thrones, Stan Lee and (from a safe distance) George Bush.

Besides the celebrities, you will also be surrounded by a plethora of other nerds! Comic-book fans, video game heads, collectables gurus, Whovians and more! Sit down for a burger and nerd out or take pictures of all the lovely cosplayers!

Costumes galore!

SDCC Can’t Be Replaced

Overall, I found that I had not one bit of free time: there was so much to do outside of SDCC!

Of course, nothing can replace San Diego Comic-Con itself. Walking the floor, buying adorable nerdy-things, meeting the artists behind your favorite comics and listening to the kind of banter you can only hear in a panel of famous nerds is not to be missed!

The lights, the people, the geekery

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 After weeks of rumors, BioWare officially confirmed the next multiplayer DLC that will be coming for Mass Effect 3, titled “Earth”. Available on July 17th for Xbox 360 and PC. Playstation 3 users in North America will be able to dive in to the DLC the same day, with those in Europe waiting until the 18th.

The Earth Pack will add “mods, gear, and new maps for Rio, Vancouver, and London,” as advertised on BioWare’s blog; as well as a new difficulty: Platinum. Three new weapons and six new human N7 classes will be unlockable in existing Reinforcement Packs (bought with credits or real money).

Just like with the past multiplayer packs–Resurgence and Rebellion–Earth will be available at no additional charge.

If you’re not busy this weekend and want to hit up ME3‘s multiplayer to save credits for the free DLC, be sure to participate in “Operation: Broadside“, which began July 13th and will end on July 16th.

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No GravatarWhen I first found out about this event, I was floored. Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker was going to be played in four theaters around the U.S. and Canada and one of those theaters was only a twenty minute bus ride from me? I quickly snatched up a ticket and made plans to be there early enough to be one of the first 100 people to receive a free T-Shirt.

Finally, the day came. Yesterday I visited the Downtown Independent to be a part of this historic Dragon Age moment. I arrived about thirty minutes early so I could be sure to snag a shirt. I needn’t have worried. I would say less than 50 people actually showed up. They only had size Large through XXL which made me a little sad, being as I am a petite 5 ft tall lady. Ah well, only five or six other ladies showed up so FUNimation could feel safe in their choice to go with men’s sizes.

Pre-Show Shenanigans

Linda, from FUNimation seemed to be in charge of the event, passing out T-Shirts and running the small giveaway before the movie started. A few lucky people had red stickers on their tags, and got to go to the front of the theater. They were each given a very random DVD (ranging from Full Metal Alchemist to Girls on Bravo) and then a bright orange envelope. One envelope contained the winning ticket to get a free Blu-Ray copy of Dawn of the Seeker.

It was very small and kind of cheap but Linda had a lot of spirit, and tried to make it as fun as possible. Interestingly enough, she also mentioned that the writer was there, but that she wasn’t going to reveal him, obviously at his request. I figured he was one of the two old guys in the front, since they both were old and acting suspicious. As old folks often do.

Finally, the movie started. Everyone let loose a little ‘squee’ of joy as the blood soaked logo with it’s familiar bass sound flashed over the scene.

Dawn of the Seeker

Official Synopsis

“In the land of Orlais, where battles are fought with swords and magic, a young heroine rises as templars, mages, and dragons clash. Cassandra, a brash and beautiful Seeker, must stop a conspiracy that threatens the realm’s most powerful religious order, the Chantry of Andraste. Accused of treasonous crimes and hunted by friend and foe, Cassandra must clear her name and overcome her raging emotions in order to save the day and take her place in legend.”


The plot was fairly stable, but entirely predictable. It was as if they made an extremely gory cartoon for kids. Everything was spelled out and heavily foreshadowed. It was nearly impossible to reconcile this plodding, simple plot with the vast conspiracies for the Dragon Age games and books. All of the mystery, humor, and complexity are missing in this film.


The art was by far the weakest link. It was horrible. The rendering looked half-finished, the lighting was off, it was ugly, and it looked like it was made by amateurs to be honest. It was a style that was neither anime; nor cartoon; nor traditional cartoon CGI. Instead it was some sort of CG cell-shaded anime hybrid.


All of the characters are one dimensional. Even the growth of Cassandra isn’t really a growth. It just magically happens at the end of the movie. I liked that she was a strong female warrior, but her hot-headedness was overplayed, shown more by people specifically saying “you’re so hot-headed” than anything else.

The worst character was the main evil mage. He was so one-dimensional that every line out of his mouth was a direct quote from some other bad guy in some other movie.

I can’t say that I really grew attached to any of the characters at all. The ending scene with all the heroes was so bad that half the audience LAUGHED at the ridiculousness of it all.

Voice Acting

There was a little bit of flap going on. Even more annoying: the Orleisan accent Cassandra is known for kept going in and out! It was very distracting. Also, not all of the characters had the accent, which was strange and unexplained.

Some of the voice acting was also just plain bad. They sounded like people on a stage, over-projecting their voices and tones. It was almost as if someone worried we wouldn’t get the “complicated plot” and so had to throw some “sneaky traitor” voices on us.

The acting was not at all helped by the stiff and childish dialogue. I swear to you: one bad guy even said “Well, well, well.” 0_o

Fight Scenes

If there was anything good about the film, it was the action. The fight scenes were awesome. The camera angles would switch around so you really got the feeling of flying through a battlefield. Cassandra mowed down her foes like a warrior on Speed. There’s even a moment when a surprise Darkspawn appears, and I was literally on the edge of my seat in excitement as it began to tear through the heroes.

The ending battle is also spectacular, although if you are a Borderlands fan you may find yourself, as I did, yelling, “CATCH A RIIIIIDE.” Again, it was wholly predictable, but very fun to watch nevertheless.


Overall this movie seemed like it was written for five-year-olds. Where was the dark humor (or humor at all)? Where was the horrible decisions, and heartbreaking story? Where were the layers? And dear Maker why was the dialogue straight out of a James Bond movie? I wouldn’t have been surprised if they suspended her over a vat of man-eating sharks next!

As it says in my notes: the people behind me were more entertaining than the film. After the movie I asked everyone I could how they felt about it. All of the opinions were negative, with words ranging from “boring” to “unintentionally funny”

I even managed to catch up to the writer, who, as I predicted, was one of the elderly gentlemen in the front. He said he didn’t think the movie was bad but that the director cut most of the humor out of his script.

All was not lost, however. I met some great people, and we’ve promised to stay in contact. And I got a free pajama shirt!


Now what?

So what are you to do? Should you give up on Dragon Age outside of the games? No! The latest book by David Gaider, Dragon Age: Asunder, is excellent, as are his two previous books, Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne and Dragon Age: The Calling. The comics are also great, both the new one Dragon Age: The Silent Grove and the first round Dragon Age. Or, if movie format is really what you’re after, try Felicia Day’s mini-series Dragon Age: Redemption which, while short and with cheesy effects, is great fun, and definitely made me wish it was longer. Redemption stayed much truer to the heart of the Dragon Age universe.