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No GravatarThe first part of the finale to the Twilight franchise is now out in theaters and everyone is going crazy over it. At the same time, you have those out there who still are hesitant to check out the franchise that thousands of people, mostly young girls, have watched since the first Twilight movie. So that begs the question, is this new movie the best in the series so far? Or is it part of the stereotype of how bad the movie franchise is? I decided to find out first hand and check out the midnight showing to Breaking Dawn Part 1. All this and some more on this new episode of THE VERDICT. It’s time to choose, should we get down with Team Edward and Jacob, or pass it up?





The Honeymoon


Jacob to the Rescue







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On Yesterday, I descovered a post on the Playstation Blog, that game play was revealed for Kratos IN Mortal Kombat. It was nothing short of greatness and in this article the masters of fighting and war its self sit down and talk about how epic Kratos was in GOW and then was crafted into a balanced fighter but still have his strength, speed, and finesse.
In the game there some other goodies on him such as his fatalities, his ending, and more.Check the trailer out and feel the wrath of the Ghost of Sparta and the GOD OF WAR as he brings his rage to the Mortal Kombat Area. His stage in the game is the hall of Zesus in GOWIII and he even has QTE special moves and has a weapon from each GOW game. There is more to be revealed about Kratos and even the main game upon Mortal Kombat as the game gets close to its release on April 19th.