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Zavvi is taking pre-orders for a new Limited Edition Steelbook version of the Super Mario Bros Movie, which will be exclusive to them as a retailer.

The Blu-ray will contains a lot of extras in addition to the movie. For example, there is a new 60-minute documentary with many from the production, including co-directors Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, producer Roland Joffe, and actors John Leguizamo and Richard Edson. As well, there are archive interviews with Bob Hoskins and producer Jake Eberts and there will be the original electronic press kit and behind the scenes / storyboard galleries included as well.

You can preorder it here

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sony archival_disc

AD Blu-Ray Part Deux

On March 10th Sony released their newest product for personal and professional use:  the  “Archival Disc.” Sony collaborated with Panasonic to create the newest Blu-Ray, expanding the digital data storage, going into the not too distant future. Sony explained that:

“Both Sony and Panasonic aim to launch systems with a recording capacity of 300 GB per disc from summer 2015, onwards. In addition, both companies plan to leverage their respective technologies to further expand the recording capacity per disc to 500 GB and 1 TB.” 

Whoa 1TB this must be meant for the influx of 4k Televisions soon to rush into our living rooms. We all see the writings on the wall and its great to see that Sony, while going through a lot of company wide restructuring, are keeping a eye on future markets.

Here are some specs and charts provided by Sony via their website for all our Tech Heads:

Key Archival Disc specifications

Disc size (type) 300 GB (write-once)
Optical parameter Wavelength ?=405 nm (nanometers), Numerical Aperture NA=0.85
Disc structure Double-sided Disc (3 layers/side), Land and Groove Format
Track pitch 0.225?m (micrometers)
Data bit length 79.5nm (nanometers)
Error correction method Reed-Solomon Code

AD storage graph

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No GravatarWarner Premiere has announced the next title in its DC Universe direct to disc line is going to be Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. For those who are not in the know, the story follows the 2nd story arc “The Supergirl From Krypton”. Real Otaku Gamer has heard that this new animated movie will be released on September 28, 2010. The movie will be released in three different versions, a single standard edition DVD, a double-disc Special Edition DVD, and on Blu-ray disc.

The previous  Superman/Batman release from DC Universe “Public Enemies” was based on the first story arc of the same name. The new Batman:Under the Red Hood comes out on July 27th, 2010 and Warner Brothers announces this new animated feature. This shows Warner Brothers dedication to make these characters relevant so that feature films may be considered. Here is the cover art and the trailer for this feature.

[youtube UOgicHL1j9M]