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No GravatarBunny Drop manga ends its run in Japan.Yumi Unita will be publishing the final chapter of her josei (for adult women) manga, Bunny Drop (called Usagi Drop in Japan), on April 8. The manga appears in the manga magazine Feel Young which is released by Shodensha. The manga has been running in the magazine since 2006.

In Bunny Drop we meet Daikichi, a 30-year-old bachelor who is on his way to his grandfather’s funeral. When he arrives, he’s surprised to find a 6-year-old girl – his grandfather’s illegitimate child. The rest of his family keeps making excuses to pass the girl off, and in a fit of annoyance Daikichi declares that he’ll take the girl, Rin, and raise her himself.

The first two volumes of the manga have been released by Yen Press, with the third one coming out later this month. Though not wildly popular like other manga along the lines of Naruto or Bleach, Bunny Drop has received high praise from the manga blogging community. Bunny Drop appears to have a soap-opera-like premise with illegitimate children and secret lovers, but the story never reaches a point of over-the-top drama. And as many reiewers have pointed out, it’s not a sitcom where we laugh and groin at Daikichi’s foibles as he struggles to be a new dad. Instead this is a manga which, at its core, is about learning how to love someone unconditionally – like a family.

In July an anime produced by Production I.G. (Batman: Gotham Knight) will premiere on Japan’s Noitamina block, which has been known for showing anime dramas like House of Five Leaves and Paradise Kiss. Also on August 20 a live action film is slated to open, a medium to which this heartfelt manga is well suited.

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