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Rocksteady and Warner Bros Interactive have finally let Bruce strap the cap and cowl on today, and after seeing this trailer on the Real Otaku Gamer YouTube page, I thought I would talk a little about it.

The gameplay in Batman Arkham City will build tremendously on the last game, players will use Batman’s suit to glide over their air, akin to his protege’ in Batman Beyond and the 1989 Batman movie starting Michael Keaton. He boast a lot of fighting moves from the Dark Knight and all of the previous games mechanics stay intact. There are going to be plenty of villains and a few heroes. Catwoman and Batman look like they will be teaming up, (insert random Capt. Save her Moments). Not to be out done the Joker and Two face are posed to be the top dogs in Dr. Hugo Strange’s No man’s land of Arkham inmates.
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