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Piloting a World War II dive-bomber, Captain Midnight—fighter pilot extraordinaire and expert inventor—hurtles out of a freak storm in the Bermuda Triangle and into the twenty-first century, where he’s in for more than one surprise as he enters the modern era! Collects the three stories from Dark Horse Presents #18–#20.

Introducing Captain Midnight, as the line about said, the man can do it all, and is rather accepting of his new surrounding in his introduction. Captain Midnight seems like the reverse of Captain America, where it has a time vortex with the Bermuda Triangle, and how people believe it’s a gateway, and Captain America, is frozen in the North Pole. The story penned by Joshua Williamson, seems to be a twofold: one, focusing on Captain Midnight himself, and his mission that must be completed, and two, Marshall trying to find the Captain and his love of the lore that is Captain Midnight.

I enjoyed reading the first chapter of the story of Captain Midnight, and I’m curious what Joshua Williamson will continue with. And certainly, the story and character development down the line, and how it will turn down the line in the forthcoming issues. Captain Midnight #0 from Dark Horse Comics, and will be out June 19th!

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Victor Ibáñez, Pere Pérez

Colorist: Ego

Cover Artist: Raymond Swanland