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No GravatarTurner, a Time Warner company has now made the Emmy© award winning Cartoon Network App available on the Xbox One today, fans are now able to watch their favorite shows on the Microsoft console.

The app hosts a range of Cartoon Network’s best original programming such as full length episodes of Adventure Time, Ben 10, O.K. KO!, The Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, and much more. Fans can also watch premieres, labeled “See It First” before being released on T.V. Customized video mixes, clips and much more content is also available through the app.

The Cartoon Network App is available downloaded today, most of the content is free after logging in to their TV/Cable service provider. There is also a limited amount of content available without having to login.

While fans are away from home or the Xbox One, the Cartoon Network App with over 20 million downloads, is free through Android devices via Google Play, along with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV through the Apple App Store.

Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!

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Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!

Adventure Time is one of those rare gems that captured my heart immediately and I’ve been a fan of the series since the first episode. When I found out a real Adventure Time video game would be released I was joyous. Finally a game that will sum up the awesomeness of the show, not an online game or an app, but a full blown out game. The result was satisfying enough, so let’s get to the nitty gritty of this game.

For a game with an uncommonly long name, it was quite short. Too short. With the enormity of The Land of Ooo in the show, I thought there would be more to explore. This paired with how easy the game is makes me recommend this game only to dedicated Adventure Time fans that will love the game for the characters, oh so Adventure Time like story and dialogue, and every reference to the show. It’s a good game everyone should try out, but if you aren’t a fan the current price of the game won’t make you feel like you got your money’s worth.

Princess Bubblegum's pantyhose was stolen!

What makes this game is how faithful it remains to the original show. The creator Pendleton Ward created the entire story and helped in the process of creating the game, making the story equivalent to that of a regular Adventure Time episode (the light hearted ones, not the ones that make you cry yourself to sleep). Almost every character that has appeared in the show is cleverly incorporated into this game seamlessly and items such as tiger claws and the crystal apple show up as items you can use in the game.

You play the game through Finn who carries Jake in his backpack with him. Both Finn and Jake can attack and throughout the game gain new abilities that you need to progress through the obstacle filled caves and dungeons and move from one place to another in The Land of Ooo. And who can talk about this game without mentioning the similarity to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link? You move from one location to another overhead view style. Not only that but the towns and forest are ridiculously tiny compared to the protagonist and en route you can run into ghost that warp you to a random place where you just kill enemies. And when you reach a location you switch to a regular side scroller. The similarities are definitely there and an awesome bonus for anyone who liked that game.

Jake's growing ability

Visually the game is bright and colorful and definitely feels like you’re stepping into Ooo. The background is layered and looks good when playing in 3D. Coming into spots like the Candy Kingdom and Ice King’s Lair, the original backgrounds are there to excite your inner fanboy or fangirl.

Jake using Ear Shield on Giant Worm

It’s a shame the game is too easy, even the bosses are surprisingly easy, except Ice King who was a bit of a challenge. Once you beat the game you can enjoy the credits that reveal a nice surprise in the end. After beating the game the first time you unlock harder gameplay the next run of the game. This makes up a bit for its initial easiness and makes me pretty content. However, as much as I love this game it has a low replay value. The gameplay doesn’t feel varied enough to hold my interest for a long time but its content will have me come back to play it once in a while.

So if you love Adventure Time as much as I do go get yourself a copy and play it for the ride. I hope to come back to The Land of Ooo soon for the next Adventure Time game. Definitely recommended for novice players and Adventure Time fans you’re trying to get into gaming.

Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land Official cover

No GravatarCartoon Network is once again teaming up with D3 Publisher to bring some of their best shows to life as video games.

The most exciting announcement is about the first ever Regular Show video game that will be released, titled Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land. The plot is Mordecai and Rigby get transported in some of their favorite video games and the goal is to make it back into the real world in one piece. The new game will only be available on the Nintendo 3DS.

Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land Official cover

Adventure Time, following the success of Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!!, is releasing another game titled Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! to the delight of many fans. The game will certainly be an improvement from the previous one because you will have more playable character which includes the leads (Jake the dog and Finn the human), Marceline, Cinnamon Bun, and other characters that haven’t been announced yet. The biggest upgrade yet is unlike it’s previous strictly single player game this new one will have a four player cooperative mode. The game will first be available on the Wii U and other consoles such as the XBox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, and surprisingly PC will follow suit.

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! official 3DS cover

The best part is both of these shows’ creators will be actively involved in the creation of these new games, so you can expect the games to be exactly like the shows except for the gaming part.

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Fiona, Cake, Marshall Lee, and Prince Gumball figures

No GravatarI’ve showcased many, many anime figures, which is a good thing, but there are many other fandoms with some pretty awesome figures out there. With great pleasure I introduce to you….

Regular Show 2 Inch Action Figure Collector Pack 

Love it or hate it, it’s undeniable Regular Show has a thriving fan community and a name for themselves. So when I found out a six figure pack with all the main characters was coming out as a Toys”R”Us exclusive, it’s needless to say I was psyched.


Unfortunately, the one thing that’s disappointing is the paint job, and this is a picture from their official Facebook page. They also seem somewhat misshapen, but I guess I can only really judge once I see the real thing.

Maker: JazWares, Inc  Online price: $22.50

Adventure Time Deluxe Packs

These sexy “deluxe” packs come with four 2 inch figures for your enjoyment. There are three I’ve found that I think are pretty cool.

Candy People,

Cany People line

Fiona and Cake,


Fiona, Cake, Marshall Lee, and Prince Gumball figures

and Undead people, that glow in the dark!

Zombie Adventure Time characters

Because you know, Adventure time has its macabre moments too.

Because they’re four figure packs, bundled together they cost less than the usual two figure packs, and how they each seem to have their own theme makes them perfect for display together.

Maker: JazWares, Inc  Average online price: $21.73

Ultra Detail Legend of Zelda Figures

Had to post about some pretty awesome Legend of Zelda figures featuring link I saw scanning the Internet. You have your original Link and cartoon Link from “The Wind Waker” that will make great decorations for your video game shelf.

My favorite is the original Link, he really does have an amazing old fashioned vibe to him. They’re about 6 cm each and a tad expensive in my opinion, but a must have for any Legend of Zelda fan.

Maker: Medicom Toys  Average online price: $18.00

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No Gravatar has let loose that today Saturday May 26th. They have set up a tweet box with the auto-tweet #ToonamiBackB#### and have recently released a schedule for Toonami Rebirth and the shows are as follows.
Rebirth 2012 Schedule on Adult Swim
12:00AM – Bleach
12:30AM – Deadman Wonderland
1:00AM – Casshern Sins
1:30AM – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
2:00AM – Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd GIG
2:30AM – Cowboy Bebop

It is safe to say that Toonami is playing it safe when it comes to Toonami because many of the shows that where originally aired are now on the competitions networks and as you can see by the time frames are very very late night even for a Saturday night. I think Cartoon Network wants to see if they can put faith in tooonami so go out and watch it. There are only to new shows on the bill Casshern Sins and Deadman Wonderland, so in order for the network to move you will have to watch and tell your friends as well if you want to see Tom and his gang fly through space.

In other news The Boondocks gang Huey, Riley and Granddad are back for season 4 of the critically acclaimed and controversial cartoon was though over at the end of the last season in 2010 do to the disputes with Series Creator Aaron McGruder and Sony (who distributed the show world wide) and (SPOILER WARNING) the last season ended with Huey becoming a nation terrorist so it will be interesting to see what will happen in the new Season.

So what was your favorite era of Toonami? What is your favorite season or episode the boondocks?
Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to ROG for more updates on this story and more.

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No GravatarWhen I first heard that Young Justice was in production I was quite excited.  I’ve longed for the days of Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, and The Justice League.  Those shows were great super hero shows and everything I heard about the production of Young Justice made me believe it would follow in the same footsteps. Now that season one has ended and the show has jumped right into season two, I can safely say that not only is Young Justice action packed and beautifully animated, the story telling is superb and the show as a whole is great and reminds you of the superhero shows of yester year.

The show begins with Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy, and Aqualad being showed the Justice Hall by their respective heroes they are side kicked too. Realizing it wasn’t the main hall, Speedy strikes out on his own while the others decide to take on a mission they were told to stay out of. They find Superboy, a clone of Superman, and from there begin their adventures as a covert team under the Justice League to earn their way in. Along the way they meet Miss Martian (Martian Man-Hunter’s niece), Artemas (replacement sidekick to Green Arrow), Zatanna (daughter of Zatara), and Rocket (who was completely new to me and joined at the end of the season).  What Young Justice really has going for it is its characters development. Just about every character receives at least one episode dedicated to them as it dives into who they are as a person. You find out about heartbreak, troubled pasts, and how they deal with their surroundings as a young hero.

While the characters drive this show, plenty of attention is paid to the villains. Many pop in and out but it is established early on that there is an overarching force driving many of the events called, “The Light.” It’s not clear exactly who they are but more and more is revealed as the show goes on, including how far their reach truly is. In the end it’s revealed who they are but their plans are still not completely foiled as it leads into season too. The voice acting is great and every character, with their very different personalities, sounds amazing.

Another great aspect of the show is the secrecy. Not secret identities, but the secrets team members keep from each other. Trust is in short supply between them and it comes to a head on more than one occasion throughout the season. Outside forces including Red Arrow (the former Speedy) not trusting the team and refusing to join along with some villains stating there is a mole in the team threaten to tear the these young heroes apart. Some of these conflicts have great resolutions while some seemed a little rushed and forced. The season finale was great with a lot of action and fights between characters that really tested the bond between members and how far they have grown as a team and as a hero. There is a nice twist at the end that was a little predictable but the execution was great. Add a good cliff hanger to lead into the next season and you have a great first season to a show.

One of the biggest issues I had with the show, and I don’t even think I can blame this on the show itself, is its time schedule.  Twice during the season did the show go on break and usually it was just as things were picking up. It took nearly a year to air 26 episodes. I don’t know if the production on the episodes had a part to play in that but I’m sure Cartoon Network wanted to wait for it’s DC Nation block to start showing it again. It’s not something anyone who wants to see the show now has to worry about but as I was watching it as the showed air, it was very annoying to wait months between breaks. Other than that issue though I can’t think of any other problems.

All in all, Young Justice had an amazing season that was action packed and provided plenty of story. It is a must see for anyone who likes superhero shows. However, some conflicts seemed to wrap up a little too neatly without much payoff but very rarely did that happen. Characters were developed nicely and you really felt like you knew who these people are. Voice acting is superb and the animation is one of the best I’ve seen in years. Aside from the weird scheduling, I loved the show and had very few problems with it. Season 2 is already underway and I’m excited to see what carries over. I haven’t enjoyed a super hero cartoon this much since Justice League. The first half of the season is already on three DVDs with the second half releasing on one DVD in late July. If you haven’t seen the show run out and get it. Season 2 is currently airing on Cartoon Network Saturday mornings at 10:30.

Here is the trailer from Season 2.