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No GravatarSuperheroes are awesome. We can all agree on that, but sometimes we need to look beyond the super heroics. What if I told you there was a comic book that was essentially a super hero sitcom? And that there are 4 volumes out that you can read now?

Love and Capes was created by Thom Zahler, an extremely talented cartoonist, who applied TV sitcom writing to comic book superheroes. The result was an amazing comic book that will provide hours upon hours of entertainment.

Volume 1.


We begin the comic by seeing bookstore owner Abby Tennyson on a date with her boyfriend, accountant Mark Spencer. They’ve been dating for a few months and Abby thinks Mark is a great guy. But Mark has a secret. He is the most powerful super hero on the planet, The Crusader. Mark decides to reveal his secret to Abby after talking with his friend Darkblade (a Batman analogue with some of the wittiest lines) but really should have thought of a better way and he learns you should really catch people when they faint.


l and c 5



After getting over the initial shock, Abby starts enjoying the perks of being a superhero’s girlfriend


….and the downsides, like Super Ex-Girlfriends in the form of Amazonia, one of the top heroes, as well as the fact that Mark will constantly be in danger and on call, thus interrupting dates as well as leaving her worried.



Fortunately Abby has her sister to rely on for support…and vice versa as we see later. Love and Capes is an amazing exercise in showing a supporting cast. Yes there are awesome characters like Doc Karma (and his love of TV shows that haven’t been released on DVD stateside) who perfectly captures the kookiness and awesomeness of the Ditko era Doctor Strange and Arachnerd (3 guesses who he is based on and the first 2 don’t count).

l and c 4


However, we also have excellent supporting characters like the aforementioned Charlotte, Mark’s parents and the rest of Abby’s family.  The superheroics are off panel and the focus is on the human side. We see Mark get jealous of other heroes and the reason why become a plot point. We see Abby grow more and not just as a superhero’s girlfriend but also as her own character with her own interests, as does Charlotte and Darkblade whom we learn more about. The last part of volume 1 deals with Mark and Amazonia’s former relationship and its at the end w see why Mark and Abby go so well together. That they are a good couple. If that sounds sappy I’m sorry because the comic is also incredibly funny and witty.  The drawings are excellent and evoke both classic and new TV cartoons.


If you like comics you owe it to yourself to get this.




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No GravatarI already covered how I like comics in my first comic quickie here. So on to the recommendation. This week? Jason Aaron & Jason Latour’s Southern Bastards vol 1: Here Was a Man, which compiles issues 1-4.

Southern Bastards vol 1 cover for cq2

                     Property of Image Comics


This arc features a morally ambiguous Earl Tubb, who is now one of my all-time favorite characters in any media. To leave the description short and spoiler free Earl returns to the county he born in after some time away only to find it is quite different than what he remembered. He makes some friends and enemies very quickly while looking for answers. The four issues are paced great enough that even as I read the single issues I never felt that any one issue ended too quickly or dragged on.

This first arc is written extremely well, which isn’t surprising of superstar author Jason Aaron. The accompanying art from Latour fits extremely well. The visual portrayal accompanied by the story give an amazing atmosphere to Castor County. So much so that I can almost taste Boss’s BBQ.

This volume will release in stores on October 1, but Amazon has its date set for October 14 if you don’t have a LCS you go to. The Jasons’ work should be essential for any fan of mystery or crime novels. Everything about the series should have you hooked before you’re halfway through.

No GravatarIt’s been a while since I’ve played point and click adventure games; they were a childhood staple for me. Most kids had either a Gameboy or a console, both if they were lucky, for me it was adventure and educational computer games. I grew up in a strict household where if we were having fun we better be doing something that wasn’t making our brain rot so that’s how I ended up playing lots of point and click games. From what I remember most of those games probably wouldn’t be much fun for me today, but those mystery and puzzle games had always been fun to figure out. Apart from Nancy Drew I hadn’t really ventured in the point and click adventure game genre since but Broken Sword 2 has refreshed my curiosity.

smoking mirror 2 title

Definitely not for kids it’s the second game in the Broken Sword series which revolve around the adventures of George Stobbart and Nico Collard. The remastered game is available in both PC and mobile devices in download format. In this installment Nico goes with George to investigate a carved Mayan stone she came across while investigating a drug ring. When she goes to a professor’s house to get more info George is knocked out and she is immediately abducted. The game has you step in the shoes of both Nico and George to unravel a strange conspiracy that puts their lives in danger and might have the fate of the world rest in its balance.

The controls are easy to figure out in both mobile and computer with options to look, talk, pick up, and interact depending on the nature of the thing you’re clicking on. With simple controls you’re free to examine and figure your way through the game. One of the things that has always been frustrating for me was the common stuck feeling I always got when playing through these types of games, but Broken Sword 2 has hints to help you through the game when you need a nudge. My favorite thing about the hint feature is the games give you escalating hints that go from slight nudges to detailed instructions on what to do the more hints you ask for, which allows you to still get the satisfaction of figuring things out and not have to consult walkthroughs if you hit a brick wall.

This game is hard enough to not be a one sitting game, requiring me to stop playing halfway through so I don’t finish by the time the sun rises again. According to Steam I played for 8 hours, your experience may vary.


Perhaps what made my game drag out so much was the witty dialogue and excellent voice acting, which had me pick every talking option with the other characters. If you’re like me in that aspect you’ll enjoy some of the jokes throughout the game, one of my favorite involves a tequila worm I picked up, and you have the option of showing it to most characters you encounter in the game with Stobbart himself seeming to notice his strange attraction to the worm as the game progresses. Everything else is top notch too. This game came out in the 90’s so there’s only so much you can remaster until it loses its old fashioned charm, and to me it seems tweaked enough to still feel like a game from the era but enough retouching to make the game look like a really good version of its old self. The cut scenes are some of the most gratifying things you get out of the game and push you to see how the story ends. The new game even comes with a prequel comic, a great bonus for such a satisfying game.

Smoking Mirror 2 bonus comic

So what I’m saying is you should definitely check out the remastered version of Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror, it’s a great game. If you want to watch the trailer be mindful that it might contain some spoilers.

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Let’s just get this out of the way: I’ve had a strange crush on Akuma from the moment I laid eyes on him, at the tender age of sixteen. So I will do my best to give you a reasonable review instead of fan-girling all over the place.


Street Fighter Origins: Akuma is Udon’s first ever book-length graphic novel, which tells the origin story of the Street Fighter character Akuma. At 128 pages, the hardcover retails for $34.95, while the digital copy is $19.99.

I loved the story, and I have to say I was presently surprised with the writing. It’s almost prose at times, and, although most people know the basic outline of Akuma’s story, the graphic novel brings its own flavor to what we know and fills out the lore. The foreshadowing is excellent, and I loved the cyclical nature of the story.


Street Fighter Origins: Akuma is a gorgeous book. The art is lush, and I think they picked the perfect medium to tell Akuma’s story. The color palette is in harmony with the Street Fighter series, and I enjoyed watching Akuma’s gradual change into the badass monster.

Along with the story itself, there is a bit of art and explanation in the back, though not as much special content as I’ve normally seen in compilations.

Check out a preview of the first chapter!


“He is the world’s most feared martial artist, mentioned only in whispers. Few have dared to challenge him, and even fewer have survived to speak of the nightmare. He is Akuma – Master of the Fist, wielder of the Dark Hado. But he was not always trapped on the path of chaos. Street Fighter Origins: Akuma reveals the secrets of this dark figure’s past for the first time, and shows how a frustrated young man grew into a mad demon.”


The Deets

Chris Sarracini

Joe Ng

Robert Armstrong
Kevin Raganit

Marshall Dillon

Front Cover Art:
Joe Ng (pencils) and Gonzalo Ordonez Arias (colors)

Back Cover Art:
Joe Ng (pencils) and Espen Grundetjern (colors)

Line Art:
Joe Ng

Espen Grundetjern

Click here to buy!

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*Volunteer Positions* While evaluating the state of the Gaming Journalism scene, I noticed that we at Real Otaku Gamer has a unique approach when covering geek/otaku culture. As the site gets restructured and we go into our 3rd year, we are looking to create opportunities that will help the site become more robust and varied with coverage. Real Otaku Gamer has a global vision, we accept writers from all over the world.

These new job positions are going to help Real Otaku Gamer become more organized and develop a bigger community so we can grow as a brand. These positions are volunteer only as we are a small site. As we grow so will the sponsors and hopefully revenue.


These New Positions are as follows:

1. Community Manager: You will be taking care of the daily running of the site. You will work along side the Editor in Chief and other Admins on the site with promoting the site and helping build a brand. You must have good communication skills.

2.Marketing and PR: You will be responsible for all Public Relations with companies and the community. You must have good communication skills and be able to relate to people of a number of levels. You will also run contests and giveaways.

3.Managing Editor: You will work closely with all staff to make sure the posts we produce, are up to our standards.

4.Social Media Manager: You will be in charge of growing our social networking presence. You will be working close to the senior staff.

5. Assistant to Editor in Chief: You will assist the E.I.C. in the daily running of the site.

6.Advertising and Promotion: contact us for more details.

7.Art Director: contact us for more details.

8.Podcast Producer/Editor: contact us for more details.

9.Video Producer/Editor :contact us for more details.

Now, the next few positions are for the Real Otaku Gamer Specialists. These positions are dedicated for people who want to cover a specific genre/category. This is where your inner Otaku can really shine.

1. PC

2. Mobile/Tablet

3. Tech

4. Anime

5. Manga

6. Comics

7. Nintendo

8. Sony

9. Microsoft

10. Movies/Television

11. Asian Cinema

12.Indie Games

13.Toys/models and Merchandise

14.Convention Coverage

15.Cosplay and Cosplay Culture

To apply for these positions, you must first submit a writing sample and once the sample is approved, submit an small essay telling us why we should pick you for the job you are interested in. An essay is not necessary for all positions. Deadline to have the samples submitted is May 20th, 2013. We must have all essays in my May 17th. Send the Essays and Samples to

If you have any questions about any of the positions and their responsibilities, just email us at or go to the Twitter and Facebook pages. Thanks you for your time.

Andre Tipton

Founder/Editor in Chief

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I had the pleasure of getting my hands on a copy of Injustice: Gods Among Us, the new superhero fighting game from NetherRealm Studios, the folks that brought us Mortal Kombat. This game is very much in the vein of the new Mortal Kombat (that isn’t a bad thing at all), with heroes and villains fighting epic battles on a huge scale, with lots of over-the-top sequences. The storyline is very authentic, and was apparently created in collaboration between NetherRealm Studios, DC Entertainment, and writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti.


Before diving into the game review, I’d be remiss not to mention the AWESOME comic attached to the game. What? Yeah, I know that sounds like crazy talk! But the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic series is amazing. I intend to write a full review this week, but in the meantime, you should just know that it will add to your game experience in a meaningful way.



“What if our greatest heroes became our greatest threat? Injustice: Gods Among Us features DC Comics icons such Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Solomon Grundy, Superman, and Wonder Woman. This latest title from the award-winning studio presents a deep original story.”


Without spoiling anything, I will just say that they actually mean it when they say a deep story. The comics add even more depth to it, but basically you are given excellent reasons for why you are fighting the heroes and villains you are, as well as a minor explanation for how the lesser heroes and villains are keeping up with the stronger ones.


There are twenty-four characters, including Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Raven, Killer Frost, Harley, and Catwoman. Three girls for the bad guys and three girls for the good guys. Overall, this was a pretty eclectic mix of DC fighters, and I was happy to see them attempt to be a little different by including characters who normally don’t make it into the big name fighting games.


The characters are split into good and evil, as well as power-based characters and tech-based characters. I found the tech -based characters harder to play, of course (if you know me, this makes sense), but I wouldn’t say the power-based characters are better than the tech ones, they just suited my play style.

Women in Games

My male friend kept muttering to himself every time Harley Quinn was on screen. I asked him what was wrong and he explained that he hated the way each game seemed to want to make Harley more and more naked. I thought it was an interesting point, especially when I was feeling a similar way about Wonder Woman’s breasts. They just looked SO physically impossible. I kept getting distracted by all the logistics of trying to fight with DDs. But hey, this is a fighting game, and they have NEVER made physical sense as far as the female fighters are concerned. Catwoman is pretty covered, and Hawkgirl looks like a total badass, so I guess I’ll take the small wins…even if Killer Frost does stroke herself sensually when you leave her alone for a bit…


Also, this statement happened: “Our Wonder Woman is better looking!” >.<


The graphics are solid, realistic, and ugly. Yes I said ugly. I’m sorry, but it’s the same complaint I had with the new Mortal Kombat. This is not a pretty game.


The intro graphics looked beautiful, until the first person showed up. It was kind of obvious what their graphic priorities were in the game. Backgrounds, cutscenes and special moves look awesome, but character rigs and model faces look strange.


What music? That about sums up how I felt about the music. It was appropriate to the scenes, but not spectacular. There were fifteen stages, and I can’t think of any of their music without going and checking. It sounds like an epic battle is raging.




Speaking of stages, the stages in this game are a joy to play on. They are varied and interesting, with a great level of interaction. Not only can you smash into and through things into transition stages, but the backgrounds also react to the level of damage being tossed about, with candles jumping in the background, holes appearing in the ceilings, etc. You can also propel yourself off of objects, trigger traps, or hurl objects at your opponents.

The transitions were my favorite – they looked so painful!


There are quite a few modes to play, which really adds to the re-playability of this game, with or without friends around. There are the multiplayer modes, such as versus and online mode. In online mode, there are multiple ways to play with other folks: ranked matches, private matches, 1v1, Koth, and Survivor modes.

For single player, there is story mode, arcade mode, S.T.A.R. Labs, and a training mode. There is also a Battle Mode, where you can choose to fight only heroes, only villains, while poisoned, or in survival mode.


Story Mode was just excellent. Not only was it deep and involving, but it was also hilarious and fun. Sometimes it would even throw in relevant quick time events that would give you the chance to lower an enemy’s health before a fight. You all know how much I hate QTEs, but these were actually pretty small and not very obnoxious at all, especially since they didn’t really matter and moved so slow only a toddler could miss them. Playing Story Mode was like watching an excellent cartoon or reading a great comic, and that’s pretty amazing to say about a DC superhero fighting game.

S.T.A.R. Labs was pretty cool and is where I spent most of my time after beating story mode. Each character has a set of missions that are like mini-stories with tasks you need to complete. These tasks include more than just defeating enemies: they range from keeping Superman in the sunlight to playing as Catwoman’s cat. You earn stars in missions by accomplishing one or all of the three goals. A certain number of stars opens up the next sets of missions, and so on.



Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. So how is the fighting? Pretty darn fun. I think this game will be a darling among the fighting game community, actually.

The combos and fighting system is basically the same as Mortal Kombat. You use directional buttons and attack buttons to do light, mid, and high attacks. At your disposal are moves, combos, special moves, stances, the move specific to your character, and the special move specific to your character. There is also a bounce cancel and the ability to juggle characters around like a beach ball. Examples of moves specific to characters include Batman’s remote bats, Hawkgirl’s flight, and Flash’s speed. The full special moves are generally pretty funny because they’re so over the top. You’ll see what I mean; I don’t want to spoil the surprised grin that’s going to flash over your face when some of these happen.


There is also an interesting little system called the clash. Basically, the clash allows the defender the chance to regain some health and the attacker the chance to inflict more damage. It can be initiated once per match per character after revealing the second health bar. During the timed wagering phase, each player has the option of secretly wagering an amount of their super meter against their opponent’s amount. If the defender wins the clash, they will gain an amount of health determined by the difference of how much meter was wagered.

Is the fighting perfect? Not by any means. Depending on what type of fighting game you prefer, you may find the combat repetitive – or certain characters will seem very overpowered. Then there is the sheer nonsense of watching a Joker beat a Superman…it just seems absurd, despite the story-driven reason given for the inconsistency.

However, the good definitely outweighed the bad for me.

As much as I hate to admit it, I think NetherRealm did a great job with this game. The story is deep, plausible, and funny, the fighting is solid, and there are tons of options to hold your attention. Despite the ugly-fied graphics, boring music, and hideous face models, I just can’t dislike this game! Now off I go to defeat more foes in online mode! See you there.

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The Walking Dead, Issue #100


 Story by Robert Kirkman

Art by Charlie Adlard

 In 2003, Image Comics released The Walking Dead Issue #1.  This told a post apocalyptic story of a father (Rick Grimes) trying to keep his family safe in a world where the dead have risen and any one who dies or becomes infected will rise again.  I’ll try to remain as spoiler-free here as I can since some of you reading this may not have been avid followers.  Basically, society has crumbled, the dead walk the earth, and if you’re bitten you die… or have to be put down (boom, headshot).


So now we come to Issue #100 of the series, the centennial, and Robert Kirkman has pulled zero punches.  Rick Grimes’ band of survivors has come across a group who call themselves “The Saviors.” They are a murderous group of thugs who extort supplies from small encampments in the area while offering to “protect” them from any walkers as compensation.  Any who says no is dealt with violently and made to comply.  Now, our group of survivors isn’t pushovers and has seen some horrific things. They’ve come across cannibals, psychopaths, and herds of walkers.  They’ve lost friends and with each encounter become a little colder and more distant to their humanity.  They decide to decline The Saviors’ generous offer and fight back killing several of the Saviors along the way.

Needless to say a small group of our heroes is on their way to a secure location when they are ambushed and brought before the Saviors’ leader, Negan.  Negan has a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire he carries named Lucille.  I’m going to stop there for a moment.


My favorite part of The Walking Dead series is the humanity in the writing.  I’m not talking about the bright side of humanity either.  He exposes the darkest aspects of our nature through the narrative.  What would people REALLY do and become if every thing around them came crashing down?  ***Spoiler***  What transpires in the final pages of issue #100 will probably shock and, most definitely, make you cringe. One of the group does not survive the ordeal.  This is not an action packed, heroic end either.  This feels more like the end of Empire Strikes Back.  It’s dismal and bleak with virtually no hope, but it’s also a jumping off point.  This is an encounter that leaves you wondering how will people adapt to what’s taken place.  ***Spoiler End***  If you’re a long time fan of the series (like me) you’ll more than likely be standing there with your jaw agape, haunted, and wondering how things will go on in issue #101.

That being said, this issue has gotten some flack for the violence depicted and the story being a rehash of similar stories Kirkman has used in the past.  If you’re speaking gore and shock equating to violence, then yes, it’s grotesque and over the top, but it’s The Walking Dead… we’re here for shock and awe.  As for the plot being a rehash of previous work, I disagree and don’t find this to be the case.  The Saviors are a threat the group has never met, led by a man with no inhibitions and absolutely zero remorse.  Rick has proven, in the past, to be violently loyal and fiercely protective.  Things are only going to get worse from here.  If you’ve read the previous issues of Dead you know this is how things go.  That’s their reality.  It just wouldn’t be The Walking Dead if they could up and go to Aruba and live out their lives sipping Mai Tai’s.  It’s about survival, tragedy, and trying to keep some part of you humane in a world that is not.

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No GravatarLand of Lions is an action-adventure manga written by Cassandra Jean that I found quite by accident. Though it has its share of faults, I have fallen in love with the world she has created. With lots of fight scenes, romance and flashbacks, this little manga is sure to catch your attention as well.


Land of Lions is about two warriors recruited by the King of Lions to find the immortal chalice. Along the way, they begin to see a very disturbing pattern of disease and violence in the surrounding lands. Each place they visit offers a new clue in what may be a sinister plot that can only be averted with the help of the chalice. The only problem is: the chalice is supposed to be a myth! Well, that may not be the only problem, seeing as an evil group of Alligators is also running around trying to kidnap people.
The people of the land each have the mannerisms of the animal the land is named for.
The lands are:
  • Lion
  • Panther
  • Tiger
  • Snail
  • Addax
  • Alligator
  • Jackal
  • Falcon
  • Buffalo
  • Crow


The main character, Faris, is half lion-half panther, and so has traits of both peoples (basically, intelligence and strength). Gates, his partner in adventure, is a lion archer with only one eye. Faris was picked on as a boy being raised among the Panthers but found his place as a warrior of the Lion tribe. He is the stoic, unstoppable hero in the story. Gates is the snarky one, always joking around and jumping head first into situations and fights.
The other characters met along the way include a giant Buffalo man, a tiny Snail girl, a feisty Addax boy, evil Alligators and a sweet Lioness girl.
I wont give away too much about the other characters because it would ruin parts of the plot, but basically each character seems to have another clue to where the Chalice is hidden.

Art Quality

The art varies between breathtaking and horrible. However, as the story has progressed the art has improved to become much more consistently “good” as opposed to varying between horrendous and gorgeous.

An example of the beautiful

An example of the sloppy


This is one entertaining manga, mostly because it throws out more mysteries than it solves! Characters are often introduced and then left alone, but the author hints that they will be back and play a role in the final battle.

The Positive

There are lots of fight scenes which I enjoy. This manga manages to find a good balance between fights and plot so I never find one aspect overbearing.

Also, I LOVE the use of people of color! I am mixed, and I’m often disheartened by how few black people are represented in manga. Even though she appeared for only a brief moment, I already fell in love with the Addax female warrior.

Fangirl moment!

All different shades and haircolors are represented and there is even interracial love!

The Negative

On the other hand, not everything is perfect.

For example, it is taking FOREVER and the dialogue can be cheesy at times. One almost wonders if she doesn’t notice that she is copying stereotypical conversations from other manga.

Also, the main girl character is really sucky and stereotypical, which disappoints me especially since the writer is a woman.

She has a great set up: she is considered “manly” because she travels outside the land of lions and dresses like a warrior but then she has to be saved by Faris all the time… even when she herself is in the process of rescuing someone! On top of that, she only came on the adventure because she has a crush on Faris. Oh, and she is a range fighter of course (bow and arrow). Overall she is probably my least favorite character because she had so much potential.


Despite its flaws I really like Land of Lions and I notice that it is really improving as time goes on. Sometimes it’s fun to have a simple little adventure in a fantasy world. The mystery of it all also has me hooked and I eagerly check the site once a month to read the next chapters.

You can read the entire manga at this site. It is posted as it is completed, so patience is a must! If you do become an addict, the forums are a good way to get a dose of Land of Lions between issues.

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No GravatarHere are the interviews with various celebrities from Movies, TV, and the Comics World over at the Wizard World Miami Comic Con. Be sure to check all of them out.


The Ernire Hudson Interview– From Ghostbusters, Congo, OZ, and The Crow


The Denise Crosby Interview– From Star Trek The Next Generation, Key West


The Torrie Wilson Interview– From WWE Wrestling, Playboy


The Aaron Douglas Interview– From Battlestar Galactica


The Bodie Olmos Interview– From Battlestar Galactica


The Clare Kramer Interview– From Buffy The Vampire Slayer


The Defuser Interview– From Who Wants to Be a Super Hero


The Greg Horn Interview– Popular Comic Artist


The Jim Sterlin Interview– Legendary Comic Artist


More footage can be found here on the site as well as on our Youtube page.


Be sure to check out all of our footage from the convention, including panels, the showroom floor and more here on Real Otaku



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No GravatarHere is footage from the Wizard World Miami Comic Con. These are excerpts from a few of the various panels and shows that were featured during the event. Below includes some popular ones such as Ray Park and Ernie Hudson.