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      With the San Diego Comic Con starting up real soon, we decided to share what the staff here at Real Otaku Gamer is most excited to see at San Diego Comic Con this year! Check out all of the quotes from the staff below.   Venomousfatman “Movies. I want Batman The Dark […]

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Hard at work with my MMO shovel digging up information on little secrets that people would rather keep hidden, there’s finally some hard information on SWTOR.  Testers are finding it harder and harder to keep quiet, knowing that the release date is getting closer, and finding a hard, confirmed date has remained outside my purview.  […]

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Everybody remembers the 80’s cartoon Voltron,right? The show where 5 young space pilots commanded 5 lions who would for the ultimate robot fighting force against the evil king Zarkon and his menacing robeast. Which was based upon the Go-lion Anime series, which spawed 3 other series including the current Voltron and a live action movie. […]

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The Dark Knight Rises was expected to debut in theaters a year from Wendsday, July 20th 2012 but Theaters and Imax the trailer has been changed to Summer 2012. The Trailer comes just a few days after its debut in Harry Potter and The Deathly hollows Pt 2 showing and after this fan trailer, with […]