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    After Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s success on the Nintendo Switch, I began to think of what other games might come from Wii U to Switch. There is one game I want more than others and that is Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. This might just be the best Donkey Kong game ever made. […]

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Stephen Radosh (who produced the Mario and Zelda games for the Philips CD-i) spoke to Game Informer and has revealed something very shocking. He nearly made a Donkey Kong arcade game for Sega that involved being a parking attendant. Radosh commented thatt Sega had actually gotten the rights to make a Donkey Kong arcade game and there were plans to release […]

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The New Play Control version of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is coming to the Wii U eshop tomorrow. Take control of DK with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as you swing, swim, and battle against the fiercest jungle beasts to prove your worth. Earn combo multipliers by collecting bananas as you explore volcano caves, snowy […]

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Miami New Times is not recognized as the most geek friendly magazine in Miami, as it certainly caters to the more modern “hip” side of Miami. They’re the type of trendy newspaper that discusses night clubs, fashion, and other mainstream interests that couldn’t hold my attention for more than a minute before setting it back […]

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First Appeared on The Legend of Lorie If you’re looking for a challenge on your Nintendo Wii U system, look no further as Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze will most likely make you go bananas… in a good way, of course. Retro Studios brings a direct sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns giving players a new adventure, […]

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Nintendo sure had a healthy dose of news yesterday, while the reaction to all of it varies from person to person, here is what has been announced. -The Nintendo 2DS: It’s basically a Nintendo 3DS without the 3D, it sports a bulkier look, but lacks the ability to close itself, this system will actually cost […]

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First Appeared on The Legend of Lorie Rhinos, gorillas, and chimps, oh my! Donkey Kong Country Returns is back but now in 3D. If you missed out on Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Nintendo Wii system then this is the perfect opportunity to experience this classic platformer. Nintendo has made some small changes and […]

There are two big deals I’ve found lurking around the interwebs I think would make gamers very upset if they found out about it after it has passed. So if you want to receive a very special free game or a mindbogglingly huge can’t miss cheap bundle read on! Donkey Kong Free Game Giveaway  It’s […]

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When I heard there would be a new Mario coming out, it was like an answer to a prayer. Although everyone else was sated with Super Mario 3D Land, I could not be, because I never enjoyed the original version of the game. No, for me it was the 2D platformer full of pitfalls and […]

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Preparing for the release of Donkey Kong Country Returns (DKCR) on the Wii, Nintendo has filed a trademark for “It’s On Like Donkey Kong”. While the phrase has been used for years, it is a huge surprise that Nintendo has waited this long to act upon it. Introduced in his own self-titled game in the 1980’s, Donkey Kong has been an icon since and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Making the way for Mario and many others, he is often overlooked by today’s generation but, Nintendo is making sure that he is not forgotten.