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This is the story of a young man with a passion…A passion for being an Otaku. A boy and his slime. Video games have literally been a part of my entire life. Every significant event/moment in my life has had a video game associated with it, whether directly or indirectly. Although my interest in games […]

By otakuman5000 On 29 Nov, 2010 At 04:55 AM | Categorized As Tales of Real Otaku | With 1 Comment

Hello everyone! My name is Tion. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. You can say that I pretty much came out the womb as an Otaku! I owe my ‘Otakuness’ to my mom. She may not look like a geek (she’s far too beautiful), but deep down she is one. My mom exposed me to Marvel comics, anime, […]