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Red, White, and Blue or Red, White, and Blew? Captain America is a pitch perfect movie that ties together the entire Marvel Cinema Universe, establishes Cap’s place in it, and provides a launch pad for next year’s Avengers. I was initially a bit hesitant when I heard that Joe Johnston had been chosen to helm […]

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In Brightest Day, In Darkest Dawn, Beware Green Lantern’s Yawn… The filmmakers behind Green Lantern have been all-too-quick to compare it to Star Wars.  Unfortunately, the comparison is apt.  Green Lantern is very reminiscent of Star Wars…Episode I…  The Phantom Men’s Ass.  For every visually interesting moment or action sequence there is an equally dull or juvenile exchange, and […]

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Does X-Men: First Class pass or fail? Both, depending on how you look at it… X-Men: First Class is a massively successful and entertaining superhero film, trumped only by its monumental failure as a prequel. DO NOT go into this movie thinking that it’s a prequel.  The movie posters, trailers, and promos would all have […]

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Does Thor Bring the hammer down or drop it? The summer movie season kicks off with a thunderous boom thanks to Marvel Studio’s THOR.  Kenneth Branagh, an unlikely choice of director for a summer blockbuster/comic movie, has crafted a fast-paced ride through a comic book world that kept me entertained from the first to final frame.  Credit has to […]

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Nowheresville, Population:  This Guy. Located a stone’s throw from Unstoppable Ass-Kickery-Ville If you saw Ip Man 2 on BluRay recently, you caught a trailer for The Man From Nowhere.   Intrigued by the trailer, I went out and picked up a copy, and here’s what I found.  If you enjoy Korean cinema, revenge thrillers, and epic […]