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The following was sent out   Today, CoolGames launches the iconic video game Tetris® on the Instant Games platform for Facebook Messenger.   “People using Messenger can now play Tetris instantly and share it with their friends. Messaging apps are the next big games platform, unlocking an audience of potentially billions of players,” said Laurens Rutten, […]

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We all as of March 1, 2017, it has been revealed by several sources who had the Nintendo Switch console in hand, that it does, in fact, use friend codes to add new players to their friend list. The friend codes are part of the Nintendo Network ecosystem because of the New Nintendo 3DS/3DS handhelds. […]

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  bbFree games are so rare these days. Since the introduction of currency, there’s never been anything given away without wanting something in return. Well Oculus thinks it’s time to change that, at least with some of it’s new titles coming out on it’s platform. With Dead and Buried as it’s newest title, that makes […]

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Blizzard has announced that you can now stream their games via Facebook Live on PC, with Mac soon to follow Back in June Blizzard announced a collaboration with Facebook which would allow players to easily stream any of the developer’s games through Facebook Live. Today, the feature is finally going live. Starting today the live-streaming capability […]

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It’s time to celebrate Otakus! The seemingly ill-advised venture to create a live-action version of Akira featuring a mostly non-Asian cast has been shelved. Although an Akira live-action remake could have the potential to be great, fans were most outraged with the revisions to the original story that the new live-action version was rumored to […]

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Ever on the prowl for new gaming experiences, the newest installment in the PC platform series is on Facebook games and gaming through social media.  A wide range of games are available from simple puzzle games to all-out rpg’s.  There are certain similarities in all of these games, but plenty of differences.  The most frustrating […]

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Well you cannot believe everything you read. After reading that GameStop is reserving Otomedius Excellent for Xbox 360, I decided to call my contacts at Konami for confirmation. Well, as for right now there are NO plans to release this game stateside. I know, I said “dammit” too. But there is hope for us though. […]