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Writer Bryan J. L. Glass (Mighty Marvel: Women of Marvel, Thor: First Thunder) and artist Victor Santos (Ghosts, Polar: Came from the Cold, Filthy Rich), two-thirds of the Harvey Award-winning Mice Templar team, will join forces once again for a creator-owned superhero series: Furious! Furious is a five-issue miniseries where celebrity, fame, and superheroes meet. […]

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Yup. This is happening. Clown Fatale is the new upcoming Dark Horse comic series by Victor Gischler (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike—A Dark Place, Punisher MAX, X-Men) and drawn by Italian artist Maurizio Rosenzweig, with colors by Moreno Dinisio. The series promises to be full of dark humor and graphic violence as we dive into […]

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First appeared on I recently interviewed Deja, better known as Jade Aurora. Jade is an artist, model, and cosplayer from Detroit, MI. 1.) When did you first start cosplaying? What inspired you to start? I started cosplaying in 2011. What inspired me to start cosplaying was in 2010 when my best friends convinced me […]

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First appeared on Nerdy But Flirty The other day, we mentioned an awesome Kickstarter by Ashphord Jacoway for her one-woman show I Wish My Life Was an RPG. I’ve seen the show a few times, and it is AMAZING, so I jumped at the chance to interview Ashphord about this latest iteration, which will be […]

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First appeared on Star Wars: Legacy is the second iteration by that name. The first dealt with Cade Skywalker, the bounty hunter. This new series deals with Ania Solo, a descendent of Han and Leia. A female Han Solo? Yes please. The art in this issue is great and feels very reminiscent of Star […]

At PAX East this year I had the opportunity to check out Secret Ponchos, a spaghetti Western themed, top-down shooter from Switchblade Monkeys. The lush looking art, awesome music and simple premise drew me in, but the addicting gameplay was what ultimately won my heart. Plot “In Lonetree – a lawless, cutthroat town full of […]

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First appeared on God of War: Ascension is the prequel to the God of War series and the first game in the hack-and-slash action series to feature a multiplayer component. When I started the game, I was interested to see how they portrayed the less furious, more human Kratos. I’d already played the demo […]

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“There are no heroes here, only survivors” – Matthias, Tomb Raider When the first trailer was shown for the new Tomb Raider, I was among the skeptics. It looked like another game with an over-sexualized heroine, and there was even a potential rape scene! However, as I mentioned in a previous article, after watching all […]

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If you’ve been keeping up with The Last of Us news and trailers, you know that the player will be accompanied by a girl named Ellie. But who is Ellie? Naughty Dog has been pretty close-lipped about her so far, but with the game far off in the future, it only makes sense to keep […]

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Goodness knows there is no limit to creepy characters in the world of video games. The horror genre especially seems to have embraced female characters, though usually in the role of companion to the protagonist or victim of the big bad. In some cases, however, these ladies ARE the big bad. We count down our […]