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FIFA 18 looks to be a great port on the Switch all things considered. The game will run at 60 FPS both in docked and handheld mode.

Andrei Lazarescu, the supervising producer  has also confirmed that FIFA 18 will feature a 1080p resolution when docked, and 720p in handheld mode..


“We spent a lot of time actually understanding what the console is. In dock, what we’re seeing right now, for example, is 1080p run running at 60 frames per second. When you plug out and you play in handheld it’s 720p. We spent a lot of time making sure that transition happens seamlessly and you still get 60 frames per second.”



No GravatarEA had an amazing time at E3 this year with multiple high level game announcements on all platforms.  Possibly the biggest announcement was EA’s new partnership with WiiU, although it wasn’t the most looked-for announcement and the release date for SW: The Old Republic  is still not announced.  Other announcements included Battlefield 3, Overstrike, Mass Effect 3, Need For Speed:  The Run, Reckoning, Sims 3 Pets, and of course FIFA, Madden, and SSX titles.

Still leading the way in sports games in both the US and Europe, EA continues to deliver great quality graphics for the most popular game in the world:  Football!  Whether you like it the way they play it in Europe or the US of A, this company continues to lock up the best of Football.

As a FPS, Battlefield 3 looks absolutely amazing.  It absolutely allows shooting with both guns and tanks, and the targeting system looks super.

Mass Effect 3 looks absolutely like it’s ready to be released today.  The trailers are terrifying, and the what-if may have been carried a bit too far even for my comfort zone.  Bioware has done an amazing job on this series, and ME3 may be the best one so far.

Need for Speed:  The Run and SSX are similar racing concepts that look absolutely nothing alike.  From a cross-country race to racing an avalanche down a mountain, these two games will keep you absolutely hopping with adrenaline packed action if racing is what you love!

Kingdom of Amalur:  Reckoning is a new single player fully involved world game that looks absolutely stupendous.  R.A. Salvatore (of Drizzt fame) was involved in writing the storyline, and if that isn’t a solid, ringing endorsement, I have no idea what one is!

Overstrike looked absolutely sick (kids assure me that’s a good thing).  Absolutely positively you have to love Dalton’s Attitude.  Yes, it was capitalized on purpose.  Seeing this thing in action is going to be great, it may pull me away from my PC games for a couple weeks….maybe….probably…

Nearest and dearest to my heart though, and anxiously awaited by millions galaxy-wide is Star Wars:  The Old Republic.  Every new video, every new little bit of hype and dribble of information is latched on to by the crowd that was absolutely awed in theaters by Star Wars and every movie that followed it.  The information released this week has been absolutely fantastic, and they continue to tease with a possible release dates, although latest news is they won’t be releasing before end of show because of concerns about possible competitor releases.

Great conference this year EA!  Keep up the great work!

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No GravatarThe Microsoft Press Conference kicked off with a bang this year. Starting things off was some new footage of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. What was shown was new footage of an underwater submarine, where the main objective was to plant charges to surface the sub. Once that was done, we got a taste of a war torn New York City. Complete with sinking war ships, chopters, and drivable speedboats.



But that wasn’t all we got to see. There was also the new Tomb Raider reboot that made it’s debut to the public for the first time. We got to see a new Lara Croft try to find her way out of a mysterious cave after her plane crashed landed. The main focus was to show everyone how Lara this time around would be primarily about survival and exploration.



EPIC Games also showed some more footage of Gears of War 3. A scene where Marcus and Cole are aboard a ship in the ocean fighting a giant squid like locust monster. Alongside this, Mass Effect 3 showed off some new features that involved Kinect voice recognition, allowing players to use voice command to make choices during dialogue.



Most of the conference was dominated by a heavy push for Kinect intergrated software. Microsoft promised everyone that more Kinect hardcore and sophisticated games would be present this year, and they delivered. We got a glimpse of new titles like DisneyLand Adventures, Dance Central 2, Sesame Street Once Upon a Monster, Kinect Star Wars, and Kinect Sports Season 2. All of the games used the Kinect’s features in different ways, some including the new voice command introduced during the conference. What was interesting was how different the lineup was for Kinect, and just how much support the Kinect has received from most of the bigger titles shown during the conference.



During the conference, other new surprises were shown, including BING on Xbox Live, UFC coming to Live, and how Kinect Voice Command would change the way we interact with our games and console. Most of the games featured during the press event were confirmed to have Kinect support and features, the only one to not be confirmed for this was Modern Warfare 3.



Finally, the conference ended off on a nice teaser of the earlier leaked HALO 4. The teaser was brief, showing Master Chief awakening from his slumber from the end of Halo 3 (after the credits if you beat the game on legendary). He awakes to Cortanna screaming for his help and after grabbing her, he flings himself down a corridor of the ship he is in toward the outside of space. There we see a giant machine of some sort, and his ship is heading towards it.



Prior to the trailer earlier in the conference, the Halo remake called HALO COMBAT EVOLVED ANNIVERSARY. It is the same game we played for the first time years ago, only this time it comes with an updated graphics filter, Campaign Co-Op over Xbox Live, Classic Halo maps with Halo Reach looks, and Fire Fight mode for the masses. It was a great way to get everyone excited for Microsoft’s Exclusive.



Overall, Microsoft’s Press Conference was much better this year then last year’s E3 2010. While much of what was shown was either expected or much of the same from past E3s, this year felt like a much better presentation. The line-up of games got more people excited about this coming year for Microsoft. With a bunch of great third party games, an awesome exclusive over the horizon, and a ton of new features coming to their online network, Microsoft is looking forward to a good year for their Xbox 360.