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  Nippon Ichi Software is a company that always works to make great games. This year is no different as they have even prepared a press event for the year. This is looking to be a banner year, and this list of games proves that. The first game on the docket is The Longest Five […]

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First appeared on Skullgirls is a 2D indie fighting game that was released on PSN and Xbox Live last year. The game has just come out on PC. So how does it hold up? Amazingly, as long as you have a controller or a fight stick. I had no problems with lag or dropped […]

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The review was based on the IPod 4th Gen, 8 GB device, and results may differ from device to device. Please take this into consideration while reading. Spending any form of money through a mobile device, one would think that Capcom would put out a premium product. I thought the same way too, while downloading […]

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Here is an interview I had with The Sweet Spot’s resident girl gamer, The Gamer Goddess. We chatted about a ton of topics involving everything from her gaming beginnings, the journalism part of gaming, and the gaming industry itself. Check out all three parts of the interview, and you will see that she is as […]

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Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (ST) is a game that originated in arcades and captured the hearts of many gamers of the generation. It helped spawned a barrage of different game franchises and established many of the classic philosophies and staples in today’s fighting games. ST gained so much popularity that it was influential in […]

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Virtua Fighter has been a classic fighting game franchise that has been played in arcades for many years, and is still present in the few remaining arcades around today. Many fighting game enthusiasts will tell you that Virtua Fighter is probably the most technically complex fighting game on the market, mainly because of it’s steep […]

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Street Fighter 2 is a video game series that has resonated with many fans over the years. It was a huge smash hit at arcades back in the early 90s, consuming a lot of quarters and egos in the process. Over time, the series grew so popular, that it paved the way for a TV […]