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No GravatarEvery once in a while, a game comes along and combines elements of some of your favorite games and creates something new. Enter French indie developer Ediogames. They have created a mash up like none other. It is a 2D platforming Action/Fighting game with 2 teams, 6 player battles, and a multitude of weapons and destructible environments.

Imagine a blend between Castle Crashers, Worms,
Team Fortress 2 and SuperSmash Brothers, 
Free to play with wacky characters and so many 
weapons and character customization you will never
see the end of it!

The game is out now on Steam. Here is the trailer:

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No GravatarCapcom and PlayStation have revealed a new trailer for Street Fighter 5, showing off the latest DLC character, the returning favorite Guile. Guile has a whole new look and seems to have a few new tricks. Check out the trailer below.


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No GravatarKiller Instinct Season 3 will be receiving the guest character of Arbiter from the Halo games. Check out his trailer below and let us know what you think of the character. Will you play as the Arbiter? Or is the character just out of place in the Killer Instinct series? And are you looking forward to the PC Windows Store release of the game?






No Gravatarmortal kombat x

Here’s the moment many of us have been waiting for! The release date for Mortal Kombat X was announced!

When will it be released?

Why, April 14, 2015 is the date we will finally see this game on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC!

Are you excited for this game? Let us know in the comments!

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No GravatarGAINAX is a company known for giving us some of the best giant robot anime out there. They have gained much notoriety from giving anime fans classics such as Neon Genesis Evangelion and FLCI. But not only have they brought us some of the popular and majestic robot anime on the market, they have also given us the most epic, most masculine, and most heaven splitting anime series ever to be drawn. That anime is the awesome Gurren Lagann.


Team Gurren


Gurren Lagann is a story of a boy named Simon, a young driller for a city deep underground, who later grabs hold of his destiny and takes flight to drill through the heavens. He comes into contact with a man named Kamina, a guy who reeks of manliness and who’s dream is to reach the surface and explore it’s many horizons. The two of them succeed in accomplishing this goal after a “beast man” piloting a mech crashes deep into their community, along with a young beautiful girl named Yoko. The story then follows the three of them as they move forward, exploring the surface world, and eventually taking flight towards the stars as Simon embraces his destiny.


The Beautiful Yoko


The overall story is good, there is plenty of growth for Simon and the rest of the cast throughout the entire series, which only last no more then 50 episodes. The first 20 – 25 episodes follow a young Simon, while the last half has Simon and the rest of Team Gurren Lagann grown up and mature. There are plenty of other characters that the team picks up on the way of their adventures, and they also lose some team members as well during some of the more critical situations. There is a great feeling of change and evolution with each episode, since most of the problems and scenarios the team finds themselves in usually help to make all the characters grow and move towards their end story.



The Beast Men


One of the things that needs to be clear is that most of what happens in Gurren Lagann needs to be taken in stride. There are some parts and areas that defy common logic and reason, with no clear explanation as to why, yet it still happens anyway. In times like these, it’s just better to role with it and accept what is happening on screen. Going in expecting for a clear and rational explanation of everything will only make you lost and dislike the anime. Perfect example of this would be when Simon and Kamina combine their mechs, they combine in an odd way (jamming a small mech atop the large one) and tons of drills come out of the mech’s hands and sides. It is unorthodox at first, but rather enjoyable if you just accept that it can be done and role with it.


Things Can Get Crazy


The action in this anime is top notch. There is great choreography of fight scenes and some sweet looking animation during some of the crazier scenes involving transformations and special effects. There is hardly any recycled animation during the course of the anime, as it feels like each episode had everything redrawn from the ground up. This makes each episode feel fresh and epic in their own right, making for a new experience each time you watch a new episode. Even the fights between characters outside of their mechs feel as epic as the rest of the fights throughout the anime.


Somebody is Gonna Get Messed Up



Gurren Lagann is a man’s anime. Not to say that women will not like this, because there plenty out there who do. This anime oozes with masculinity and themes of being honorable and sticking to your code. GAINAX really brought their A-Game with all the animation and story, bringing us an epic tale of giant robot mecha and memorable characters. While most people who just look for reason and explanation all over will not like this anime too much, those who just want to have a fun and great time will love Gurren Lagann. So grab your drill and aim to pierce through the heavens. “Just Who The Hell Do You Think We Are?!?!”



Team Gurren Lagann





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No GravatarThe first Dissidia Final Fantasy on the PSP was one of the best games to come to the platform. Square Enix really gave fans of the Final Fantasy series a love letter to their continued support for the franchise. Besides sporting some of the best looking rendered cut-scenes no the PSP, but the game also featured some of the most features available to use, giving gamers the most for their money. Now this time around, Dissidia gets a sequel that not only delivers some of the best points from it’s predecessor, but a whole lot more on top of that. Dissidia Duodecim in one of the best PSP games on the platform to date.


Cloud and Sephiroth Fighting Together


In similar fashion, the game opens up with a sort of prologue to the events that will transpire over the course of the story. Fans who purchased Dissidia Prologus got a taste of some back story to what this sequel will be about. The story can be a little mediocre and cheesy at times, but is still good quality for a fighting game /RPG hybrid. The time frame in which this game takes place is before the first Dissidia Final Fantasy, during the time when the war between Cosmos and Chaos is still raging on. This time however, a slew of new faces step into the ring and take sides between the two deities.


Cloud and Tifa Together Again


Some of the new characters making their way into Dissidia are Lightning from FF13, Kain from FF4, Vann from FF12, Laguna from FF8, Tifa from FF7, and Yuna from FF10. Playing thoroughly through the game however, players are greeted with two more extra characters in the form of newcomer Prishe from FF11, and fan favorite Gilgamesh from FF5. To add more fan service to the whole mix, those who purchased Dissidia Prologus from the PSN store and completed the story mode automatically receive FF7’s Areith as an assist character to use in battle, the fan service is just piled up with different outfits, tracks, and more as a huge plus for anyone who is a fan of Final Fantasy. Each one of these new characters play differently from both the new and original cast, offering a ton of unique ways to fight in battles.


Enter the Man of Many Swords


The fighting itself is pretty much the same as in the first Dissidia, with the exception of the newest addition of Assist Characters. As a player attacks an opponent with Brave attacks, they build up an Assist Meter that can charge up to two levels. Once one level is full, an ally can be summoned to attack with a Brave Attack that can be used to combo into or extend Brave combos. If two meters are full, the assist character can attack with an HP attack instead to deal HP damage to a foe. As an added plus, Assist characters can save players from taking damage but coming to their aid as a human shield, at the cost having the assist meter locked up for a short period of time. Knowing how to use assists to their full extent can be key to winning more of the tougher battles in both Story mode and Multiplayer.


Assist Characters are Key to Winning Battles


The different game modes available are the meet of what Dissidia Duodecim has to offer. The story mode now plays like a classic Final Fantasy RPG, where characters can roam around a large map, which looks like a world similar to that of classic 2D Final Fantasy games, and engaged enemies as well as collect items to use in battle. The board game aspects from the first Dissidia are here as well, but they are incorporated into the roaming story mode, where certain gates transport your character to different boards to engage Chaos Stigmas, enemies, and find different items.


The World Map


The multiplayer for Dissidia Duodecim is very similar to the original Dissidia, with some added goodies. Battle replays are still present and accounted for, allowing players to save some great moments on their PSP, and still allow the ability to convert the videos to a format for uploading on to sites like Youtube and BlipTV. The player cards have the same concept, only this time now there are different icons to use, as well as themes and party setups, where a player can choose a selection of characters as their main “party” of characters to use in battle. There is still ghost transferring between players, one of the best features from the first game, that now has added options for customization for different characters. There is even a Quest Creation mode, in which players can now create their own scenarios with their own written dialogue and set battles. The depth of the creation can only stretch as far as up to five battles and written text, but it is a step in the right direction, and it would be amazing to see this expanded upon in another installment of the series.


Multiplayer is Awesome


Dissidia Duodecim is a phenomenal PSP game, that really offers so much to people who purchase it. There is so much content available that gamers will be spending much more time playing it then they might have with the first Dissidia game. And to only add more to the Final Fantasy goodness, Square Enix made it possible to play the entire Original Dissidia Story Campaign after completing Duodecim’s main story. That means not only that you get the new game’s story with all the new features, but you get the entire first game campaign upgraded with all of the extras. This game is a serious love letter to every fan of Final Fantasy. There is something here for everyone no matter what game you feel is the best out of the series, all the heroes and villains from every game are given the spotlight. But more importantly, this is one of the very few games that pushes the PSP to it’s limit and still is able to offer an awesome quality experience to it’s players. Hands down, this is one of the Best PSP Game to come out this year.


The Man with the Machine Gun





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No GravatarStreet Fighter 2 is a video game series that has resonated with many fans over the years. It was a huge smash hit at arcades back in the early 90s, consuming a lot of quarters and egos in the process. Over time, the series grew so popular, that it paved the way for a TV adaptation both in Japan and in the US. Of the two, the Street Fighter 2V series is praised as being the better of the two series, that stays true to most of the mythology established in the games. Street Fighter 2V packs a series punch that every anime fan will feel, with or without prior knowledge of the games.

Ryu and Ken Travel Around the World

The story the anime establishes revolves around a young martial artist named Ryu. Ryu one day receives a telegram from his oldest friend, and training partner, Ken Masters while living in Japan. Ken request that Ryu come to America so that he may see him, since the two have been separated for many years since their training together. Upon arriving in the California, Ken and Ryu reunite and decide to go out for a night on the town. This leads to an unexpected bar fight, in which the two young fighters come into contact with Captain Guile of the US Air Force. After a total beat down at the hands of Guile, both Ken and Ryu decide to travel the world seeking great fighters, learning new martial arts, and becoming the greatest fighters in the world.

This is How You Punch Kid

This is one anime that stays very true to the video games it is based on. It is commendable to how much of a faithful interpretation this show is, and how well most of the fighters from the game’s roster are handled in regards to the main story. Almost every fighter from the original Street Fighter 2 makes an appearance in one form or another, with only a few exceptions and surprise appearances. What is unbelievable is how the creators were able to use levels from the game as settings for some of the events that Ryu and Ken are part of. This includes classic levels from Street Fighter 2 like Guile’s Air Base stage, Fei Long’s Chinese Temple, and Vega’s Cage of Death.

Lots of Classic Characters Show Up

The overall story itself is not something to be written off as just a straight port of the arcade game’s loose storyline. The story of Ryu and Ken’s travels become something much more of a spiritual journey for the two young martial artist. They both grow and learn what it takes to become a true warrior, while at the same time honing their abilities and hidden powers, including the classic Street Fighter power of Hadoken (referred to as HADO in the series). Each iconic that comes into contact with Ryu and Ken contribute something relevant to their quest, as well as dynamic situations and challenges for the two to overcome.

Good vs Evil

The choreography of the fight sequences in this anime is top notch. There is a ton of action that lives up to the epic fights found in the arcade game we all remember. What was cleaver was the intricate use of each fighter’s signature moves, which has appearances from such classics as the Hadoken, Shoryuken, Spinning Pile Driver, and much more. Fans of the arcade games will love how the creators implemented such iconic and classic moves into the series, and new found fans will love how great they look on screen.

Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li

There is a total of twenty-nine episodes in the entire series, which is very short compared to most anime shows out there. But each episode is loaded with tons of punches and kicks, epic and mystical storytelling, and memorable characters that will definitely deliver everything and more. There is hardly any filler and each episode is relevant to the main story in one form or another. There is also great soundtrack that goes along with the series, with a nice mixture of classic techno and fight music for different points of drama. The voice actors for each character involved in the anime are on point, bringing the best out of their characters with each episode.

Epic Fighting Action

Street Fighter 2V is a love letter to the arcade fighting game many people loved back in the day. It both respects the source material and brings it something new with how the story is delivered. Anyone who watches this anime will enjoy all the action and story it has to offer, and the best part is that you don’t have to know about Street Fighter to do so. Everything you want is here, cool characters, great story, slick sound, and awesome action. Without a doubt, this is one of the best video game adaptation anime series of all time.

All you want is right here

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No GravatarAre you a fan of Fighting games at the arcade but find it almost impossible to play at home with a regular controller? Well me too, especially the Xbox 360 controller. To you all, I introduce the Tekken 6 Namco Bandai fighting stick manufactured by HORI. This fighting stick comes with the Tekken 6 game and art book, and if you look around you can pick it up for next to nothing. I paid $59 Canadian dollars for mine at my local game store for a brand new gaming stick, with the game and art book, which is very inexpensive since this fighting stick can be found on eBay for $70 to $100 USD.

The fighting stick button layout is taken from the layouts you would be used to at the arcade. The stick is an 8 directional stick that clicks in every position which is nice because you can tell how far you have moved the stick for those tricky moves. There are 8 buttons available in the pad that are well placed, exactly as you would expect from the arcades and the buttons are dark grey.  All button presses are noiseless and smooth. At the top there is the start and back button (or select on the ps3 version) and these buttons are yellow. The face of the controller has great Tekken artwork with a few characters on the front and keeps the face interesting instead of a plain color, giving the controller some character, no pun intended.

The controller is fully wireless and runs on 2 AA batteries. These last about as long as they would in your standard Xbox 360 controller so you will get hours of gaming in. However on the Xbox 360 there is no way to use the battery pack if you have a play and charge kit. The bottom of the controller has a jack for the headset so you can play online and still chat with your friends, or smack talk the guy you just had a flawless victory on.

The only problem I have seen so far on the controller is that sometimes the light indication on the position it is synced in turns off. This happens once in a while for an unknown reason, though I think it has something to do with people messaging you or signing on and off since on the Xbox 360 the controller lights flash when that happens. However that is just my hypothesis and not a fact. This little problem does not impede the controller in any way, since it doesn’t lose connection.

If you are a fan of fighting games you owe it to yourself to pick this up, it will make your gaming experience with fighters much more enjoyable and give you that authentic arcade feel. This controller works for all fighting games I have tried it on (Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Tekken6) and will last for hours so you never are handicapped by the standard d-pad ever again.

Thanks to my brother, @michaelkawa for the photoshop job on the picture featured here.