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In Letter Quest Remastered which is out now for Nintendo Switch, its time to actually use your words. This game may seem rudimentary but it is full of charm and fun. You simply need to create words with letters given, and that will give you attacks. These attacks are important because without them, you will never make it out alive. This game has you complete words to make it out of different areas and to defeat monster after monster.

The words can often be weak simply because of the letters given to you. Usually you are one letter away from a truly great word and that can be troubling. But, use all you can and you should make it out alive.This game has plenty of achievements to unlock, some which may take you some time simply because the letters are always random. The challenges of course can often be very easy, but of course do get harder and that is something that makes achieving them feel all the more special. You aren’t sure what the next challenge will be until its there and that is certainly part of the fun.

There is alot of game to play, with harder monsters appearing as you continue. Though you can replay levels to gain money which you can use to buy upgrades. To me, this game would be perfect for a kid learning, because it tends to be just the right amount of game and work. There is also an endless mode for those interested. This is of course a simple endless fight, where you must see how far you get. Spell as many words as you can without dying to see how far you really can go.

All in all this game is certainly worth its price and it just might teach you a thing or two. Very often we don’t exercise these powers in our daily lives after school, and sometimes you just want to work on your vocabulary. Plus, if you do have young kids, you can play and they can learn words and definitions! This game may not be the greatest but it does something that not many do. It really makes words a force to be reckoned with and in my book that makes this game worth while. Plus, it really is well designed and there are some decent characters. If you like playing as the grim reaper and are fond of words, Letter Quest Remastered, may just be for you!


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I have always been a fan of RPG’s and have wanted to at least attempt to make an RPG for awhile. With RPG Maker FES for 3DS which came out on June 27th, I now have that chance. RPG Maker FES is actually quite the robust game. With this maker you can make any sort of RPG you can think of. Although you need to use in game assets it still is quite the treat. Playing this game, I cannot help but think of a myriad of games to make. I just want to delve deep into this maker and show off my worlds that appear in my mind. I feel like I could make countless games, and even honor some of my closest friends with games. This game could certainly take hours of time if played in earnest as it is really quite robust.

Even though you can’t upload your own images you can make any characters you want. Plus, you can really fiddle with the strength of the monsters and make them into whatever you want. You can even set them up into groups and unleash them on your unsuspecting heroes. Making weapons, armor and items is also part of the fun. You can make them godly or weak or anywhere in between. Plus, you can even make your own magic spells. Simply fiddling with these aspects certainly could take awhile as there is so much to twist to your will.

Now, you can always take it easy with samples but it really is the best working things out yourself. This game wants you to succeed and by showing you a sample you figure things out. There aren’t any tutorials so this game really just wants you to work to learn for yourself. Not only can you make maps of various sizes, but you can really do what you want. You really have free reign and that is what makes this game so appealing. You can make as many games as you want and really make them as you wish.

I might not be the biggest fan of maker type games, but there is something about making your own RPG. Having played so many RPG’s it feels good to have my own crack at it. This game is something I feel like I can play when I want and try things out. Just a fun diversion that could lead to fantastic things in the future. Plus, the greatest thing about it is that if you want you can share your games and let others play them. Plus, if they don’t own the game they can still play the games through a small download.

RPG Maker FES is a game that is certainly worth playing for anyone who likes RPG’s. While it might be tedious at times it is certainly something that when you finish it, you will feel good about it.