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By SarahTheRebel On 25 Jun, 2013 At 05:27 AM | Categorized As PlayStation | With 0 Comments

First appeared on At E3, I had the chance to check out Transistor, the newest game from Supergiant, the makers of Bastion. Transistor is coming out on the PS4, and it was my first hands-on with the new console. For starters, Transistor looks AMAZING. The art is gorgeous, and cut-scenes look like paintings. The […]

By ericyo On 15 Nov, 2012 At 03:14 PM | Categorized As Nintendo 3DS, Portable/Mobile Gaming, Reviews, ROG News | With 0 Comments

It’s been since 2007 since we have seen a Paper Mario game, now we finally see it come back with a different twist and style. All new on the Nintendo 3DS. The games are renowned for their distinctive visual style, which consists of two-dimensional paper cutout characters moving about in three-dimensional papercraft worlds. This particular game […]

By SarahTheRebel On 28 Aug, 2012 At 09:46 PM | Categorized As News, PlayStation, ROG News | With 2 Comments

  Capcom has a released an almost-five-minute video showing off the improved visuals in the upcoming HD re-release of Okami. [tube]ijZ2FICFHzA[/tube] As a big fan of the Playstation 2 version, I am definitely excited to play Okami again on my PS3, but I’m also laughing a little at everyone getting so hype over how “exciting” […]

By otakuman5000 On 28 Jul, 2011 At 03:35 PM | Categorized As Previews | With 0 Comments

As seen in the new Street Fighter x Tekken Comic Con gameplay trailer, Steve Fox, Poison and Yoshimitsu join the roster in one of  the most anticipated cross-overs since MVC3. Street Fighter x Tekken is the first of two crossover fighting games, this one being developed by Capcom and the next, Tekken x Street Fighter will […]

By otakuman5000 On 6 Jun, 2011 At 02:59 PM | Categorized As Company Spotlight, Conventions, Editorials, Featured | With 0 Comments

Within hours of the Microsoft Press Conference. Gigantic news already leaked out from their vault of E3 surprises. Twitter began popping up with images from the Xbox website with post and screenshots of Master Chief and Cortanna. The image and the sources in question claimed it to be the next iteration of the Halo franchise, […]