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Earlier today Xbox announced cross-network play. Traditionally Xbox users have been able to play a handful of titles online against PC Windows 10 games that support Xbox live. But now with these new changes implemented players will be able to play on other networks and consoles beside PC and Xbox.

Now support of the this upcoming feature will be up to the discretion of the developers. One of the first taking on this change and challenge is Rocket League developer, Pysonix; they will be bridging the two Microsoft networks together.

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Hey everybody we are out here in sunny San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference. There should be lots to cover here this week, everything from Virtual Reality, indie games, Augmented Reality games, VRAR games, IRLAR games and of course my favorite ARVRIRLRPGs, ok those last few I made up, but there will be tons of games! Be sure to check back through out the week for our GDC coverage.

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