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Welcome to the latest addition to the LEGO game family, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. For fans of the LEGO series, you can expect all the fun and entertainment of the previous games. If that is not enough to peak your interests, there are new features which go where no LEGO game has gone […]

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In Brightest Day, In Darkest Dawn, Beware Green Lantern’s Yawn… The filmmakers behind Green Lantern have been all-too-quick to compare it to Star Wars.  Unfortunately, the comparison is apt.  Green Lantern is very reminiscent of Star Wars…Episode I…  The Phantom Men’s Ass.  For every visually interesting moment or action sequence there is an equally dull or juvenile exchange, and […]

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After months of waiting and speculation now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We are one week away from Comic Con and hitting newsstands at nearly the same time but the cover of next weeks Entertainment Weekly has been leaked and more info will be revealed next week at Comic Con. Ryan Reynolds […]