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    What makes a horror movie truly scary?  Is it the blood and gore?  The jump scares?   Identification with the finale where someone usually manages to survive against incredible odds?  Horror is a wide-ranging and varied genre, spanning the length and breadth of cinema.  Inside the genre we see everything from horror/romances like Spring […]

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VITALS: TITLE: “Inmates” DEVELOPER: Davit Andreasyan PUBLISHER: Iceberg Interactive GENRE: Indie Psychological Horror PLATFORM: PC (Steam) PRICE: $9.99 USD RELEASE DATE: October 5, 2017 Released just in time for the Halloween season, Inmates is a psychological horror that takes us deep within the mind of a man lost within a prison of his own making. The game is a horror-themed adventure that contains puzzles […]

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The second episode of the show brings back Otakuman5000, StarkWyvern, and now MrJonFaust. We talk Nintendo NDP numbers, Halloween Games, and The closing of Visceral Games. We talk about the supposed “Death of AAA single player games”. We also discuss the Badge system in ARMS. What are your favorite Halloween related games? Leave a comment below.


Any hardcore comic enthusiast is bound to have Free Comic Book Day permanently engraved in their minds. Since 2002, the event has brought masses flocking to their local comic book stores for free comics. It’s a day celebrated all over the world that might just have a new comic centered event rival it. Halloween ComicFest […]

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Goodness knows there is no limit to creepy characters in the world of video games. The horror genre especially seems to have embraced female characters, though usually in the role of companion to the protagonist or victim of the big bad. In some cases, however, these ladies ARE the big bad. We count down our […]

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Hey kids! It’s October again! You know what this means? Time for another round of degrading, horrifyingly terrible Halloween costumes. In other words the stuff the nightmares of cosplayers everywhere. These costumes are so terrible, their aim doesn’t even have to be to scare you to strike terror into your heart and leave you in […]

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We at Real Otaku Gamer love movies, we hope you enjoy the new Silent Hill Revelation 3D which is out today. The first Silent Hill movie was actually pretty good in this authors book and I am looking forward to the next movie. In a virtual round table conference call with 2 other journalists, We […]

By Charles On 1 Nov, 2011 At 10:10 PM | Categorized As Featured, Movie News, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Well, its over. October, my favorite month of the year, over and done. This year I had one of the most eventful Octobers in recent memory, despite lacking con attendance, or managing to eat something pumpkin flavored every day, as I usually attempt to. But it was still memorable nonetheless, because I did manage to […]

By calanagear On 21 Oct, 2011 At 04:27 PM | Categorized As Editorials | With 2 Comments

  So, we are getting closer to Halloween, aren’t we? I decided to pick up Richard Matheson’s Hell House and read it. I’ve read three of his books, and I can’t tell you how good Hell House is. It’s creepy as all hell, and the character really come alive. The ending was a little wtf, […]

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  We Otaku take Halloween very, VERY, seriously. At least a good portion of us do. To honor this obsession, I’m doing a countdown to Halloween, where once a week up until the big day, I suggest my must see movies, horror games, and other geeky stuff to help you celebrate the month correctly. My […]