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  • TITLE: “Inmates”
  • DEVELOPER: Davit Andreasyan
  • PUBLISHER: Iceberg Interactive
  • GENRE: Indie Psychological Horror
  • PLATFORM: PC (Steam)
  • PRICE: $9.99 USD
  • RELEASE DATE: October 5, 2017

Released just in time for the Halloween season, Inmates is a psychological horror that takes us deep within the mind of a man lost within a prison of his own making. The game is a horror-themed adventure that contains puzzles that will need to be solved during your quest to uncover the truth behind the prison you find yourself confined within.

The game begins when the protagonist, Johnathan, wakes up in a dark, disgusting-looking prison with no clue of how he got there. Everything seems strange and yet somehow familiar to him. As the player takes control of him and begins to explore this strange place they’ll start to discover that not only is what they see not just a simple nightmare, but that they are not alone within these dark walls. While the game does give you some sense of freedom as you explore, ultimately you’ll find that the game is fairly linear and that its goals are generally quite clear. That’s not to say that you aren’t encouraged to explore your surroundings, but rather that you’re unlikely to ever truly get lost. In the main prison area, for example, it’s clear pretty early on that you’ll need to push onward and find your way to the medical area located downstairs. As you walk down the corridor, though, you’ll pass numerous prison cells, most of which are unlocked and contain letters, books, notes or drawings scribbled on the walls, and matches that will help you see in very dark places. You’ll also come across several other prisoners who all seem to suffer from a strange phenomenon that makes their heads shake in a fast, erratic manner.

While you certainly don’t have to enter all of the cells in the prison, if you want to unlock all of the Steam achievements you’ll probably want to do so. A couple of the cells are “traps” where once you enter them the door locks behind you and you are forced to solve a simple puzzle before moving on. Also, at a couple spots during the adventure you’ll find yourself deep within Johnathan’s subconscious where you’ll have to solve a more complex puzzle before moving on with your journey. However, it’s interesting to note that these puzzles are not required to be completed for you to finish the game. If for some reason you find them too difficult, quitting the game and then loading your save data will put you at the next checkpoint after the puzzle sequence. Unfortunately, though, this will mean that you did not complete the puzzle and will not get the associated achievement. One issue that you may encounter with this mechanic is the fact that if you need to quit the game during one of these sequences (by necessity, not because you find the puzzle too hard), that will mean the game will skip the puzzle for you and you won’t be able to return to it without loading a previous chapter of the game. This is unfortunate if you’re the type that wants to successfully complete everything and not get past a challenge because of a minor technicality.

Overall, the game can be completed in around three hours at a casual pace, and while it tells a compelling story that generally will leave you wanting to push forward, the game is certainly not without its faults.

Inmates is a fairly buggy game, though to its credit none of the bugs completely breaks the game or ruins the experience. There are a couple spots where interacting with a critical object requires incredibly exact precision, such as activating the radio in the medical office. Oddly, in this specific case, the switch to activate the radio cannot be clicked on from the front but instead you’ll need to walk around to the radio’s side to activate it. Also, the game has a very annoying habit of letting you know that it needs you to interact with a certain object. When this is the case, Johnathan will suddenly turn to face whatever the item in question is and make a remark like “That looks interesting” or “Looks pretty neat.” While this could be seen as a good thing that keeps you from missing important items, it also can get you stuck in a room and unable to leave it unless you realize what you are missing. Sometimes, what you’re missing is essentially a false-positive. For instance, I had an issue in one of the trap cells after completing the puzzle where, even after the cell door opened and I tried to leave he would turn around and say “That looks interesting.” Every time I tried to leave he repeated that, despite the fact that I had already solved the puzzle. After a couple minutes fondling around in the cell, I finally realized that after I had completed the puzzle a box of matches had appeared in the room. Apparently, the game was not going to let me leave the cell unless I picked the matches up first!

Another issue I had with the game involves its overall level of lighting. Depending on your display, it’s possible that you’ll either find Inmates overall to be way too dark or way too bright. On my screen, overall while I felt like the game’s lighting levels were decent (you could see in pretty much all the locations though usually the corners and other peripheral spaces were quite dark), I never really found much of a need for the matches that I had other than a couple dark rooms that I wanted to see in. Of course, the game does have settings to raise or lower the brightness as you desire, so it’s not a huge issue. Still, it’s something that a few people will likely notice pretty quickly.

Ultimately, while I felt like the game did a good job telling its story, I did find the ending to be a bit bleak and not fully within my tastes. Of course, this is simply a matter of personal preference and nothing more. However, I will admit that I would have liked for there to have been a way to meet certain criteria and therefore get a better ending than the default one.

While Inmates is a game that shows some promise, it’s ultimately crippled by the various bugs that plague it as well as the incredibly slow walking pace the player is forced to endure. It’s linear design and pacing will also be a bit off-putting to those that would prefer a much more open style of exploration in their games.

For $9.99 at full price I’d only cautiously recommend picking up Inmates. It’s one of those titles that you may enjoy, but you’ll want to temper your expectations a bit. However, if you find the game on sale or as part of a bundle that contains some other potentially fun horror games, then you may want to consider picking it up.




Disclaimer: A review key was provided by the developers.

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The second episode of the show brings back Otakuman5000, StarkWyvern, and now MrJonFaust. We talk Nintendo NDP numbers, Halloween Games, and The closing of Visceral Games. We talk about the supposed “Death of AAA single player games”. We also discuss the Badge system in ARMS.

What are your favorite Halloween related games? Leave a comment below.


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Any hardcore comic enthusiast is bound to have Free Comic Book Day permanently engraved in their minds. Since 2002, the event has brought masses flocking to their local comic book stores for free comics. It’s a day celebrated all over the world that might just have a new comic centered event rival it.

Halloween ComicFest is like Free Comic Book Day except it takes course over two days. During Halloween ComicFest retailers that choose to participate in the event give away as many free comics as they want, with comic book publishers providing them with special edition comics for the special occasion. The goals of these events are similar, to raise an interest in comics and comic book shops, because money is always good. However this is where Halloween ComicFest has the upperhand. Halloween as a holiday raises mainstream interest in strange subjects like zombies, witchcraft, monsters, and other classic Halloween staples, which are very common in many popular comics. This makes it more likely that regular joes will participate and thus will introduce comics to more people.

The new event is starting off with a bang, having many comic shops in the US and Canada as well as some stores overseas participating. Currently 20 comics are available with enough varieties to please anyone. And the official website is holding a costume contest (US/Canada only, sorry) with fabulous prizes for those who win.

Halloween ComicFest takes place on October 26 and 27. Check out the official website for more information and to locate comic book shops participating in the event.

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No GravatarGoodness knows there is no limit to creepy characters in the world of video games. The horror genre especially seems to have embraced female characters, though usually in the role of companion to the protagonist or victim of the big bad.

In some cases, however, these ladies ARE the big bad. We count down our list of the top five scariest female video game characters.

5. Shodan from the System Shock series

Walking into that room and hearing that creepy voice talking over a dead female body? Jeepers. I don’t care who you are, that’s creepy. Oh wait, here’s a video to demonstrate.

In fact, her voice is still daggone scary! I almost forgot. However, in general, she is too awesome to be high up on our list. Because gradually, that fear turned to pure admiration.

4. Eve from Parasite Eve

This is probably just the teenager in me talking, but I had trouble playing this game when I was in the house by myself. The creepy music and atmosphere combined with one of my first experiences with random enemy encounters just worked together to give me the willies. And here this woman comes, with her big evil self to scare the pants offa me…I couldn’t take it. I turned the game off after that first boss fight and went back to playing Legend of Dragoon.

3. Lisa Trevor from Resident Evil

Look at her. That is why she is number three on this list! The classic human test subject turned tortured murderer, Lisa really just wants her mommy. She also makes me want my mommy.

2. Reika Kuze from Fatal Frame

Did someone order hell on Earth? Another classic tale: woman loves man, can’t get him, is impaled, goes insane. The super-twitchy movements reminded me of The Ring, and I could barely even stand to watch this clip without looking away to break myself out of the tension.

Yeah. Not goin’ to bed anytime soon. At least, not without my camera.

1. Alma Wade from the F.E.A.R. series

Alma currently stands undisputed as the scariest female game character. Constantly appearing in the corner of the screen or quickly running past with her giggles and nonsensical whispers, she is perfectly creepy in the first game.

She then rapes a dude in the second game. RAPES HIM.

Who gives you the creeps?

Honorable mentions include the Banshees from Mass Effect 3, the little possessed girl from Dragon Age: Origins, Witch from Left 4 Dead, and the nurses from Silent Hill.

So, what do you think? Who creeped you out the most?

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No GravatarHey kids! It’s October again! You know what this means?

Time for another round of degrading, horrifyingly terrible Halloween costumes. In other words the stuff the nightmares of cosplayers everywhere. These costumes are so terrible, their aim doesn’t even have to be to scare you to strike terror into your heart and leave you in a corner of your room in the fetal position. Whether it’s a blatant ripoff of one of your beloved characters, another repulsive “sexy” costume, or a failed attempt at originality, these costumes are all around us. This is just a personal account of what costumes I’ve found lying around the Internet, waiting for October to come out of the shadows and haunt the living.

Zombie Unicorn

Have you ever wondered what an attempt at taking the overrated unicorn and unifying it with the zombie genre would look like? Definitely not awesome. Scary. But not in the way that was aimed for.

Zombie unicorn dress plus headgear combo


This entire costume aims to punch MLP fans in the stomach by making a rainbow colored outfit, high heels, fishnet leggings, and a unicorn headband enough to classify as a unicorn. Also, it is a sad reminder to people who like zombies that apparently, anything with blood on it can become a zombie. If in the future there are costumes like “Zombie Armchair” you can blame it on monstrosities like this.

What makes me madder though is this.

Same outfit minus blood

It’s the exact same outfit! The only difference is there’s no blood and the makeup’s a bit different, which makes me imagine this happened after they shot this photo for the costume catalogue.

Director: Drats! We ran out of costume ideas and we only need one more.

Intern: I know! Let’s take this costume and…. put blood on it and stuff and it’ll be a zombie unicorn!

Director: Not bad, what with all these kids into zombies and horses nowadays it’ll be perfect! Fetch some of the leftover blood bottles from the other zombie shoots!

Just, no one should go to a zombie walk in that outfit…… or anywhere.


Fruit “Costumes”

The one thing that extremely bothers me about Halloween is the entire dress + quirky add ons = costume mumbo jumbo. This just takes something boring and manages to create another “sexy” costume. Like the next time a guy looks at the phallus shaped banana they’ll think of a hot chick.


This becomes sadder once you realize those outfits cost more than $50 each.


Job Costumes (including sexy ones I’d rather not put up)


Yes, I feel a need to address the work attire costume industry head on. Because:

  1. Some of those jobs are everywhere to be seen. They probably feel insulted people are wearing their “uniform” as a costume.
  2. Some of them don’t even dress like that (sexy teachers for example).
  3. They’re not original or interesting in any way. They just aren’t.


Digital Diva

Now I saved this one for last because it’s one of those ripoffs so insulting, you have to take a step back and reflect on your life a little bit. Alas I present to you “Digital Diva.”

Fake Miku

Capitalism at its finest!

Mmmmmh, that sure doesn’t resemble anything I’m familiar with.

Real Hatsune Miku

Actually you know what, yes, it completely does. And it’s a complete insult.

I know countless cosplayers who spend loads of money or a lot of time and effort to get an exact copy of the real outfit Hatsune Miku wears, and not only that one, but variations, alternates, video game, and live performance replicas. So dwindling all this down to a mini skirt, blouse, ties, leggings, boots, and arm warmers which is nothing like what her original outfit is, is a slap to the face.

I encourage costume companies to stop making horrible ripoffs like these and give credit to the original source of inspiration by making licensed costumes, before more people suffer because of these eyesores.

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No GravatarWe at Real Otaku Gamer love movies, we hope you enjoy the new Silent Hill Revelation 3D which is out today. The first Silent Hill movie was actually pretty good in this authors book and I am looking forward to the next movie. In a virtual round table conference call with 2 other journalists, We were able to get an interview with Micheal J. Bassett, the director of the new movie. Here are a couple of questions we asked.

ROG: One thing I did notice in the trailers, was the fact that you incorporated a lot of the character designs and models from the games in the movie. How Challenging was that for you and the team?

Michael:I am a fan on the games, I was basically a PC gamer and a lot of my friends were console gamers, so they said “you have to play this game, Silent Hill”. I am a gamer, so I played it and I thought is was freaky and I loved the sound design and the characters. I think is was a seminal part of gaming history with has a short history of only 25 years. Fast forward 10-15 years I was a filmmaker and I had done a few horror movies.  While working with the producer of the first Silent Hill movie and talking to him I told him I love the film and wold love to see a sequel and after him say he wants someone to do it, I jumped at the chance. 

ROG: One more question. What other gaming franchises do you think would make a good movie adaptation?

Michael: Wow!! That is a good question. There are so many. If someone were to back a big truck full of money to my house, I would love to do a Half-Life film. It is one of my favorite games of all time. It made me think that games have some of the same level of storytelling that movies do. Deus Ex would be another great example, and Assassins Creed is being done. I would like to do Doom and do it properly as well. There are so many good titles. 

Thanks to Michael J. Bassett. Also thanks to the other journalists on the call.

Here is the Interview in its entirety.



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No GravatarWell, its over. October, my favorite month of the year, over and done. This year I had one of the most eventful Octobers in recent memory, despite lacking con attendance, or managing to eat something pumpkin flavored every day, as I usually attempt to. But it was still memorable nonetheless, because I did manage to accomplish something I had been wanting to try for years.

Lower Karazhan- People actually break IN to this place.

I watched horror movies. A lot of them. One every day, give or take. And most of them underground, low budget, cheap thrills. This is something I’m proud of, actually- normally my Octobers consist of nightly walks, a few movies here and there, and a whole lot of creepy dungeon crawling on World of Warcraft. This year, since I mercifully quit that addiction just as the month was starting, I had to fill my time with other things. So I set out to cram as much Halloween-related stuff into my nights as possible, breaking the idea of quality and replacing it entirely with nothing more than pure quantity.

Here’s how it broke down.

Best movie nobody heard of: “Bereavement.” A prequel to the indie-horror slasher flick “Malevolence,” this movie told the story of a boy abducted from his parent’s front yard and forced to help an insane serial killer with his work. The setting- rural America, a rundown meat packing plant, and local school- worked to make this tale more tense than some others. Added to it the somewhat offbeat nature of both the killer and the boy (who feels no pain, literally), and what came out was a twisted, violent, bloody mess of a movie that kept me fully engrossed for its duration. And I liked the ending, which is so rare these days.

Best “classic” movie: This past month, I made sure to watch at least a few “established” movie franchises. While I avoided the “Saw,” “Halloween,” “Nightmare/Friday the 13th” movies, as I’ve seen them enough, I did manage to partake of some Romero, Craven and Williamson blood candy. I was tempted to say “Scream” for this one. I loved that movie, and the recent third sequel (Scre4m). But the movie I enjoyed the most this past month? “Dawn of the Dead.”

I love a good zombie movie. I love watching hordes of the undead rampaging through the streets, terrorizing people. In fact, in the past few years, the movies I have remembered the most have all been zombie flicks- be it the Nazi marauding death machines in “Dead Snow,” or the shambling hordes standing between Woody T Harrelson and his search for a twinkie in “Zombieland.” “Dawn of the Dead” is equal parts comedy and survival-horror joint- trying to stay alive while trapped in a shopping mall, as the dead close in around a small cluster of survivors. Watching those survivors slowly go crazy and turn on each other. The last, mad dash for freedom. And the hope of better days, trounced in the end credits. It’s probably the most realistic zombie movie ever made (sorry, Tallahassee), and full of enough humanity to leave a lasting impact.

Whiskey not included

Movie that made me take a drink right after the credits rolled: “Last House in the Woods.” Not to be confused with the revenge/horror “Last House on the Left,” this was an Italian movie, that made me never want to watch another Italian horror film as long as I live. Part of the Ghost House Underground series of indie films, it revolved around a pair of lovers beset upon by thugs, a well-to-do family living alone at the edge of the forest, mutant freaks, cannibalism, and a decent-sized body count.

I should have known better. After all, I love the films of Dario Argento, and that man is one twisted soul. But what I got, after a somewhat confusing intro, degenerated into a mindless gore-fest, with predictably bloody effects, minimalist music and an ending so profoundly messed up, that I immediately needed a swig of something strong to block it out. If you can find this one on DVD, watch it. It’s not for the faint of heart, but shows exactly what passes for horror in Italy. God help us all.

Best foreign film: “Let The Right One In.” I watched, in all, maybe 6 foreign movies this month, two of them Japanese, two Italian, and two Scandinavian. The Japanese ones were predictably weird, with bizarre endings and strange cinematography. The Italian ones…well, read the previous entry. One of the Scandinavian ones was “Troll Hunter,” which I reviewed this past weekend, and the other one was a delicious vampire film that managed to do right what ever single vampire love story fails to.

Based on the bestselling novel of the same name, “Let The Right One In” is, at heart, a love story between two 12 year old children- blond-haired Oskar, a perpetual victim of bullying, and dark haired Eli, a vampire trapped in the body of a preteen. When Eli moves in next door, Oskar is delighted to have a new friend, who helps him find himself. As for Eli, she begins to see a new world, and a new life, in the form of innocent Oskar. The film is a solid mix of blood and honey- you cheer when Oskar (finally) stands up for himself, and expresses his feelings to the vampire next door, and you cringe when Eli loses her caretaker and is forced to hunt for food, leaving behind a trail of bodies. But this film succeeds where “Twilight” fails miserably- it makes the characters both human and believable. And that makes the romance believable as well.

“WTF” did I just watch movie: “Hausu.” I said I watched some Japanese movies this month, and this one was the hands-down strangest. Having been a fan of J-horror for some time, I had heard about this movie, but never had the chance to actually see it. I heard it was bizarre, and very f-ed up, and figured it was a blend of the terrifying “Ringu” (The Ring) and decidedly art-house “Jigoku” (Hell). Well…

“Hausu” (House) is a typical haunted house movie, with a number of young girls traveling to the countryside to visit the Aunt of one of their friends, Oshare. Upon arriving, they each start dying, one by one, eaten by the malevolent entities in the “House,” until none remain. Sounds pretty much like standard fare, right? Not in the slightest. The girls all have names that stereotype their glaring character type (Kung-Fu fights, Sweet is adorable), and are themselves caricatures of stereotypical schoolgirls. The monster that lives in the “House” is equal parts lonely spirt, and her bakeneko. There are random musical numbers throughout the movie, lots of dancing, and at one point a girl is killed by pillows. If this sounds utterly ridiculous, it is. And worth every minute you spend watching it.

Movie that kept me awake all night: “Paranormal Activity.” I love these movies for three reasons: first, they take place in suburban tract housing, not predictably old gothic homes; second, they feature demons, not ghosts, and this offers a wealth more storytelling potential; third, each one is better than the previous. So when I watched the third installment the week before Halloween, I spent the rest of the night catching up on the previous 2. And let me tell you something- I stayed awake all night. I’m not ashamed to admit that, either. Paranormal Activity messes me up, keeps me jumping and won’t let me look away, because unlike any other film of its ilk (like, say, 13 Ghosts), it has a healthy dose of realism in it that makes the back corners of my mind believe in it. Blair Witch did the same to me in 1999, The Ring did it in 2003, and Paranormal Activity does it now.

The third installment was the best one yet, with slowly building tension, an ending that hits you before you expect it, and enough story to fit it into the continuity prepared by the first two films. It’s not a seamless fit, they did have to do a bit of retconning, but the end result features the most tension I’ve felt in a “cam flick” to date, and the ending sequence is damn near flawless, as far as I’m concerned.

Best “stupid” horror movie: “Dinoshark.” Roger Corman + Eric Balfour + Bad CG x Lovely Mexican scenery / no plot whatsoever = Uwe Bolle’s worst nightmare.

Most squandered potential: “Shadows of the  Dead.” I got this in one of those “12 Movies for $5” sets they often sell at Best Buy around this time of year, and while the premise was intriguing, the end result was just plan pathetic. The story is about a young couple who get lost in the woods on the way to a cabin for a romantic weekend. The man get bitten by a zombie and starts dying, so he of course infects his girlfriend and they are stuck alone, in the woods, dying together. Potential story-lines involving love and the struggle to retain one’s humanity are there, but are easily overshadowed by the hokey dialogue, dime-store makeup, and general lack of acting ability of the two leads. This could have been great: instead it made me shrug and move on. This movie edged out “Land of the Dead,” only because that movie had explosions and Dennis Hopper, two things that would have possibly made this one a bit more entertaining.

The Obligatory Stephen King reference: “Storm of the Century.” Billed as his first miniseries written exclusively for television, I remember loving this movie a little too much back in High School. Now that I’ve had a chance to see it again, it didn’t hold up all that well. I remember Andre Linoge being creepier, the storm being more devastating, the demonic references less obvious and the ending being a bit more screwed up. But still, it was a trip down memory lane, and didn’t make me laugh as much as re-watching “The Shining” did.

Number 10- Low budget laugh riot: “Red Riding Hood.” Not the Amanda Seyfried “Twilight-esque” retelling of the classic fairy tale, this one was on the same box set as “Shadows of the Dead,” and was infinitely better. It doesn’t try to be anything it’s not- the acting is over the top and hilarious, the blood is plentiful, the story is just barely there enough to keep it going, you see the ending coming almost from the beginning, and then it surprises you with the single most ridiculous twist I’ve ever had the privilege of sitting through. This film was worth all 60 cents I paid for it.


Oh Damn, I forgot one: “Wake Wood.” Timothy Spall + “Wicker Man” + “Pet Sematery” x Irish Countryside / Why wasn’t Christopher Lee in this movie too? = I want to see more.

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So, we are getting closer to Halloween, aren’t we? I decided to pick up Richard Matheson’s Hell House and read it. I’ve read three of his books, and I can’t tell you how good Hell House is. It’s creepy as all hell, and the character really come alive. The ending was a little wtf, but forgivable; most horror has odd endings. I highly recommend all of Matheson’s works, but especially Hell House.

I am about to share a little secret with you: my favorite Halloween movie is the Monster Club. I grew up watching it, as my parents let me rent whatever I wanted. When I got older, I forgot the title and thanks to imdb, found it yet again. I waited for years to find a copy of the soundtrack online, and now that I have, my life is complete. I love the film so much, I had my friend at Pomp Adore design these shoes for my husband.

Another B rate must see is Rockula. A schizophrenic vampire wants the human love of his immortal life to be his, and has to contend with this odd band member for her heart. I mean, do you get more B rate then that? And the acting is actually really good.I discovered the film on cinemageddon and randomly downloaded it. It’s unusual for me to not have heard of a B rate 80s/90s flick, so I was intrigued. Chatting with a few friends on twitter, quite a few adore this classic, while others hate it. The soundtrack is worth getting, if you like the film.

Along the same lines is Once Bitten. Now a cult classic, this was Jim Carrey’s first film. I saw it a lot on TV as a child, and it gave me nightmares ( no idea why… it’s not at all scary). Basically, Jim has never gotten laid and thus is hunted down by virgin blood loving vamp Laura Hutton. She seduces him, and then has to contend with his cute girlfriend, who gets all possessive. This movie has one of my all time favorite soundtracks, and is quite easy to find online.



What are some of your favorite halloween classics?



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We Otaku take Halloween very, VERY, seriously. At least a good portion of us do. To honor this obsession, I’m doing a countdown to Halloween, where once a week up until the big day, I suggest my must see movies, horror games, and other geeky stuff to help you celebrate the month correctly.
My Halloween would not be complete without some good, eerie and macabre music, which is why I adore Musique Macabre on live 365. It’s devoted to classic horror soundtracks and a myriad of other atmospheric stuff, mixed in with some rock and metal. For the connoisseur, Vinnie Rattolle’s blog has LP rips that are to die for.

Full Moon Entertainment happens to be my favorite production company for horror. Remember the Puppet Master or House series? They even had a videomag that appeared after the movie ( the good old days of VHS…sigh). I recommend going old school this first week of October, paying homage to some classics from the 80s and earlier. Why the hell not? Rent House II. Just do it.


To get festive, I love Repurposeful Punk. Her store has vintage and hand made seasonal outfits for men, women, and kids. All are handmade, and many are constructed from vintage sweaters. I collect her Halloween and Christmas sweater-dresses. They are pretty bad ass.  Since you are most probably just beginning to decorate,  I encourage you to take a look on etsy; supporting artisans beats buying from some super cheap, sweat shop-fueled mega-store. And many stores on there have sales and are very affordable.

This week, I am going to finally beat Parasite Eve, so I suggest you play it or replay it. A mixture of RPG and survival horror, this immersive game is a great way to start off the season of horror. You’ll never think of your mitochondria the same again…if you thought about it at all.

Stay tuned for next week’s Halloween Countdown!!