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I have been collecting certain Transformer toys for the last 25 years and I’ve always regretted not obtaining the G1 Soundwave toy from the 80’s. Luckily Takara decided that Soundwave needed a Masterpiece mold and MP-13 was born. After months of waiting my new and improved modern Soundwave was finally delivered at my doorstep. Is […]

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I love Transformers and a couple of my favorite Autobot’s have always been the heroic duo Red Alert and Sideswipe. (Alert & Lambor in Japan.) The only one I have in my collection is actually the Henkei Sideswipe and a Kre-o Red Alert, pretty pathetic I know! Will these heroic Masterpiece Autobot’s blow me away […]

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Kre-o has been around since 2011 and is really popular because of the cute little  Kreon’s that come with certain sets. They are based on Generation 1 designs and quite the collectors item. One of the better sets is the movie based Optimus Prime that can be built into a huge truck or awesome Autobot […]

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I was relieved to find the following magazine scan of  Takara/Hasbro’s latest addition to their Masterpiece Transformers Series. After many versions of Optimus Prime and equally as many of the Seeker Decepticons, fans finally get a new mold. Behold! It is none other then Sideswipe (a.k.a. Lambor in Japan) This smooth looking candy red Lamborghini […]

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The large Expo floor served to separate the “men from the boys,” as companies debuted new products, announce new projects, and became an exercise in survival among fans.

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When I was a child, I was into the usual for a boy growing up in the early 90’s, Power Rangers, Nickelodeon, and the WB but it was one show that I loved with a passion and that was Transformers. I would travel in the summer to New Jersey to be with my Aunt and […]