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No GravatarI have been collecting certain Transformer toys for the last 25 years and I’ve always regretted not obtaining the G1 Soundwave toy from the 80’s. Luckily Takara decided that Soundwave needed a Masterpiece mold and MP-13 was born. After months of waiting my new and improved modern Soundwave was finally delivered at my doorstep. Is it really a Masterpiece or has Takara ruined my childhood memories forever? Let’s find out!

Soundwave’s Articulation

61SFKC+SxPL._AA1100_-noscaleFirst of all, Soundwave’s head is on a ball-joint and can turn 360 degrees, the head also moves up and down so this is great for posing. His shoulders can also turn a full 360 degrees with nothing getting in the way of the motion. Soundwave’s elbow has a double joint so you can finally pose him pressing his own eject button! (As a huge geek I can appreciate subtle little features like this enormously.) The hands on the MP13 are okay, even though I prefer fully articulated fingers. My Soundwave’s left hand index finger un-hinges sometimes, so I have to be very careful not to break it and that’s truly a pain. Soundwave’s torso rotates too, a whopping full 360 degrees.

Last but not least, the legs! What horror has Takara bestowed upon us? Soundwave’s legs bend forward and are able to turn 90 degrees at the hip. The thighs turn 360 degrees and connects to the knee with a heavy ratchet joint. Not being able to ben the legs backwards is terrible if you ask me. Luckily you can still get some cool poses out of Soundwave but don’t expect any Figma or Revoltech poseability! The feet can move up and down a bit and an ankle-joint let’s you slightly bend the feet in and out to stabilize the pose you’ve chosen to set Soundwave in. Overall the MP-13 has great poseability even if there are some minor flaws.


Soundwave’s transformation is very simple and really reminds me of his 80’s counterpart. The way parts r_Masterpiece-Soundwave-playerslide in and out make Soundwave a very clean Transformer. You will not find any unneccessary kibble on this Bot, it’s really perfect. His alt mode looks really good and will fit nicely among your army of Decepticons.

Paint Applications

The color scheme on Soundwave is gorgeous. His dark blue tone looks great and when you inspect it closer you will see shiney metallic blue flakes in his paintjob. Very nice Takara! His chest has a nice gold trim and there are numerous spots on the toy that use silver and gold to bring out the smaller details. Soundwave’s eject button and record/ play/ stop/ forward/ reverse buttons are all fully chromed and it looks very nice indeed!

Accessories and Gimmicks

311420 Transformers Masterpiece LaserbeakSoundwave comes with a plethora of accessories. You get a Megatron gun, a rocket launcher, a rifle, some sort of scanning device that can be stored on Soundwave’s back or attached to his wrist, an energon cube and last but not least cassette Laserbeak, Soundwave’s unfriendly little robot condor.

It is very cool that Soundwave’s rocket launcher can be flipped back and hidden in his backpack, this is also possible with his rifle and this weapon pegs into the other side of the backpack. Great storage solution and it looks really good too. Soundwave can hold up to three cassettes in his chest, so you could have Rumble, Laserbeak and Ravage in there at all times. Another very cool feature is cross-line compatibility. I accidentally found out Henkei/ Classics Ravage will fit in your MP-13 Soundwave, as well as all the G1 cassettes.


If you like Transformers toys and collect Masterpiece Transformers, go get MP13 Soundwave as soon as possible. It won’t be long for this toy to become a real expensive collector’s item and you will have to pay insane ebay or retail prices. It happened to MP-08 Grimlock and Takara MP-07 Thundercracker too. The toy is great even though the legs need a bit more poseability, the transformation is fun and not extremely hard or annoying at all, the paintjob is excellent and Soundwave comes with numerous cool accessories. The fact Henkei/ Classics Ravage and the G1 cassettes are compatible with this toy make it even better! Soundwave is a bit pricey ($189.95 at the majority of retailers), but clearly worth your cash. Go order one now before you regret it for the rest of your life!

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No GravatarI love Transformers and a couple of my favorite Autobot’s have always been the heroic duo Red Alert and Sideswipe. (Alert & Lambor in Japan.) The only one I have in my collection is actually the Henkei Sideswipe and a Kre-o Red Alert, pretty pathetic I know! Will these heroic Masterpiece Autobot’s blow me away or end up on the Junkion planet. Let’s find out! 

The articulation in these figures is great and I am very happy with the pose ability. The only downfall on this toy are basically it’s legs. They do not bend backwards at the hip/thigh joint. The legs do bend forward on a heavy ratchet joint that scares the heck out of me every time I bend it. It’s so unbelievably tight, it will surely brake if you apply to much pressure. Soundwave’s arms are great and finally let him press his own eject button to launch up to 3 little Decepticon cassette warriors.

If you like changing your Transformers poses on a frequent basis you will not be disappointed with this gorgeous Masterpiece Transformer.

HEAD: 360 degrees
SHOULDERS: 360 degrees, in and out
ARMS: double jointed elbow, 360 degrees movement in upper arm, 360 degrees movement in wrists
TORSO: 360 degrees movement
LEGS: ratchet joint in knee, ankle joint that moves in and out
FEET: ankle joint for in and out movement

Red Alert and Sideswipe’s transformations are identical and not hard at all. It’s lovely to see how Takara manages to turn a convincing model of the Lamborghini Countach into a Heroic Autobot with ease. The parts line up nicely and give the toy a very sleek look. It is very well engineered too and surely one of my favorite MP transformations to date.

Paint Application
Here comes the great Takara fail. Sideswipe’s paintjob is really terrible. On my toy the roof and right doorpanel are a whole different shade of red compared to the rest of the car. I find this really unexeptable for a toy in this price range. It also comes across as cheap or knockoff. I’m not sure why this hasn’t been fixed by know, because fans have been complaining for months. Takara’s solution: let’s just release a yellow version and hope no one will notice that the paintjob on Lambor sucks.

Red Alert’s paintjob is lightyears ahead of Sideswipe’s. The red and white colorscheme really pop out and stays true to his G1 granddad. With the use of some third party stickers you can even recreate the fire chief look from the original toy. But to be honest, this toy does not need any additional stickers, it looks great straight out of the box! It also pretty awesome that Red Alert has his red head design, never really liked the black version.

TAK11477-620xAccessoires and Gimmicks
Both Autobots are packed with a rocketlauncher and lasergun, but both also come with an additional unique accessoire. Red Alert has this clear blue electrical malfunction spark that can be connected to his head. Sideswipe has two pile drivers that can be attached to his wrists. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Red Alert and Sideswipe arent exactly the same mold. Red Alert has some more hood detail, a different head sculpt, a siren and different looking shoulders. Many fans don’t even realize this, but it’s true.

Out of the two heroic Autobots I like Red Alert the most. Both figures have the same poseability and transformation, but huge differences in their paint applications. Sideswipe’s paint application is a disaster! It’s actually so bad that I really don’t want to display it in it’s alt mode. That’s why Sideswipe’s probably staying in robot mode forever.

If you don’t have the cash for both and need to pick one? Go for Red Alert, this is surely the better figure out of the too. But if you’re a crazy collector and life long Transformers fan like me, go pick them up both! They will look great in your Masterpiece collection, you will not be disappointed.

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No GravatarKre-o has been around since 2011 and is really popular because of the cute little  Kreon’s that come with certain sets. They are based on Generation 1 designs and quite the collectors item. One of the better sets is the movie based Optimus Prime that can be built into a huge truck or awesome Autobot Warrior.

At first I wasn’t really convinced by the mediocre designs of our beloved Bots and Cons, I felt Habro really failed to capture that G1 goodness properly. Another disturbing fact is that Kre-o Transformers don’t Transform. But after picking up a couple of sets recently I have delved into my inner child and can conclude that Kreo Transformers has potential. All you need is a little creativity and lots of parts.

Behold a custom Optimus Prime I was able to build using some instructions I found floating around on the internet. The rest is either original or customised stuff. Enjoy the gallery and feel free to post links to your own creations in the comments below.

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Instructions on how to build your own G1 inspired Optimus Prime can be found here:





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I was relieved to find the following magazine scan of  Takara/Hasbro’s latest addition to their Masterpiece Transformers Series. After many versions of Optimus Prime and equally as many of the Seeker Decepticons, fans finally get a new mold. Behold! It is none other then Sideswipe (a.k.a. Lambor in Japan) This smooth looking candy red Lamborghini has always been a fan favorite amongst Transformer fans worldwide, and evidently deserves to be immortalized as a Masterpiece toy.

Even though the prototype has not been colored yet, you can cleary see all the rich detail in this mold, and the streamlined bot with their ‘alt’ modes. This is definitely one bot that needs to stand proud next to my MP 1B Black Convoy. Although it will probably dwarf in Black Convoy’s presence.

The new Lamborghini mold offers a great opportunity to  get some more versions out.  A Sunstreaker would only need a yellow paint job, new head, and boosterpack to look totally different without creating a fully new mold. What I personally really would like to see is a version of Stunticon Breakdown, or even Autobot Red Alert. Let’s just hope Takara/Hasbro’s design team is thinking the same.

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The large Expo floor served to separate the “men from the boys,” as companies debuted new products, announce new projects, and became an exercise in survival among fans.

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No GravatarWhen I was a child, I was into the usual for a boy growing up in the early 90’s, Power Rangers, Nickelodeon, and the WB but it was one show that I loved with a passion and that was Transformers. I would travel in the summer to New Jersey to be with my Aunt and Uncle and it was there, that my cousin DJ Akoni would let me play with his set of transformer toys. He even had a Optimus Prime figure that now in extremely rare. In the TV show you saw the Transformers travel to earth, you saw Megatron and StarScream, have their hated bromance, to the father and son relationship of Spike and Sparkplug, the reluctant Optimus take the plunge of being the leader of the Autobots and Daring Heroics of Bumblebee, but where did it all start?

Enter War on Cybertron, Megatron and the Decepticons are hell bent on finding an evil source of energy called, dark energon, and with this power use the space station that it is hidden, to beam It to the core of Cybertron, there are only three obstacles, one being Starscream and Jetfire, Zeta Prime and his key to the core of Cybertron. So then on the Autobot side, something has happened to Zeta Prime and Bumblebee is asked to deliver to Opitmus and Ratchet, to get the defenses of the Autobot capital online during an onslaught from the dreaded Decepticons. There are many twist and turns in the story but you have to play to find out.

When playing the campaign Optimus and Megatron are the leaders of the party of Autobots or Decepticons, the game plays great, Transforming is a snap (finally) just click the L3 button, the weapons are spot on and certain bots have certain special moves and its and easy shift from ground and land missions but there is one problem. The A.I. Sometimes hiccups or it waits on you when your not the commander, and it feels like they pulled all the stops in the Decepticon Campaign for the boss battles for that campaign and then then just the levels in the Autobot Campaign, but still this is a must play for any fan of Transformers its is Light years and Star Clicks away from even the good Transformers on PS2 and the Trash of Movie Tie-in games that came out in the last 3 years. So what are you waiting for, close your browsers, turn your console on, boot up, pick your side and then Roll out.

Here the the debut trailer for the game.

[youtube QFZrL0x63c8]