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I have been a huge Joe Madureira fan since his Battle Chasers comics, his stories and art introduced me to an awesome mixture of Japanese and Western art. He created vivid characters in a techno-organic realm where magic was also still wielded by only the most powerful wizards. Unfortunately Battle Chasers ended before a final […]

By OSkG_Pinto On 3 Aug, 2012 At 10:25 PM | Categorized As Featured, Interviews, PC Games, PlayStation, Xbox 360/Xbox One | With 0 Comments

Last week I received the great privilege to interview Mr. Haydn Dalton, Lead Designer at Vigil Games. As Lead Designer Mr. Dalton works close with all members of the Darksiders 2 development team and is always looking for new ways to make Darksiders 2 an even more fun experience for gamers worldwide. Read the short […]