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Welcome back to another video, as you can tell in the title we will be talking about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite! Yesterday Capcom announced that new characters, three additions of the game, and a new cinematic storyline would be coming to this version of Marvel vs Capcom! I’m pretty excited about all the announcements that […]

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chara box

GFF is under way, and I’m really excited because I’m introducing a figure I’ve been looking forward to a really long time. Princess Shirahoshi Excellent Model Portrait.of.Pirates Figure This Princess Shirahoshi figure does justice to the  beautiful mermaid. The thing I love the most about the figure is all the attention paid to detail. Each […]

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It’s 3:10 AM, and while all my better sense is telling me to get to sleep, I can’t. Because I must take this moment to record the myriad thoughts flowing through my head. See, I just went to see Avengers. Somewhat spur of the moment, and unexpectedly in 3D. And while I can keep my […]

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Capcom has just revealed the newest additions to the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 : Fate of Two Worlds roster. The newest characters are She Hulk from Marvel Universe  and Zero from the Mega Man series. Zero is also in Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom as well. If you want to get to play with him just pick […]