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Recently I had the chance to talk with Edward Di Geronimo of Saturnine Games and discuss the upcoming game Antipole DX. Take a look below JB: Antipole was originally a game on the DS, the Xbox and PC marketplace. What made you decide to remake the game? EG: I always loved the gameplay of the original, […]

  I recently had the chance to speak with Austin Harper of ScrewAttack Games and Sam Beddoes of FreakZone Games. We discussed how some of their projects came to be, what the future holds and more. Please take a read below. JB: ScrewAttack is best known as a gaming website. What led to you guys […]

With over 706 games already available on the Ouya, the little console that could has shared with the public a sneak peak of their upcoming indie games coming to their console with  a grand total of 11 titles. These titles should be ready to play during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco starting tomorrow […]

PAX East has announced the games that will be in their indie showcase this year.  Here are the games and trailers: Crowman & Wolfboy : Developer – Wither Studios LLC; Platform – iOS; Genre – Action/Adventure   Duet : Developer – Kumobius; Platform – iOS; Genre – Action/Arcade   Framed : Developer – Loveshack; Platform […]