Tales of a Real Otaku Gamer: Nighty gives it to ya rough sketch grit style!
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“Gaming” has ever been my inspirational muse! It’s weird to consider some people argue games are not in fact “art’. When truthfully a developer has the largest assortment of music composers, graphic designers illustrators, programmers, 3D modelers, and script writers working under one roof. Today’s titles awe us with visual and audio spectacle while weaving interactive experiences that range from simple fun diversions to heart moving epic tales.

As a person, I’ve had good times and bad times. I’m proud of some decisions I’ve made, and not so proud of others. Regardless, my game collections were always there as a portal to my imagination. Be it stress relief or an avenue for socializing with other like minded individuals; gaming has ever been a positive influence in my life.

Gaming according to the media…aka it’s the devil!

It’s funny for me to hear accusations fly concerning this hobby. Games make kids violent. Games objectify women. Games cause cancer. I’m sure you’ve stumbled across one of these or all of them!

For the sake of a counter viewpoint let me divulge my own truth. Games made me more outgoing despite my chronic anxiety. Games kept me away from drugs. Games encouraged me to make friends and to function in a team based environment. Games fuel my imagination as an artist.

Certainly taken to excess anything is bad. Of all these things any of us could partake in, gaming is the least likely to drive us insane or outright kill us!

Gaming opened other doorways for me growing up as well. Playing Japanese role-playing games and Japanese fighting games helped introduce me to anime and manga. Though I never became a full blown Japanophile, watching wonderful productions such as Princess Mononoke, Ghost in the shell, Ki Ki’s Delivery Service, Ninja Scroll, Guyver, Battle Angel Alita, and Armitage the 3rd shaped a part of me into who I am today.

In its’ purest form the game industry helps bridge a the gap between race and culture, enabling human beings to interact in a way which would not be possible otherwise. For that I’ve always been grateful!

Concerning tastes, I’m not much of a purist. I enjoyed Dragon-Age Origins just as much as Persona 4. I do not insist that my entertainment comes from a specific company or specific country. To do so would deprive me of a lot of memorable moments. Action platformers, survival horror, role playing games, and fighters are my thrills of choice; but I acknowledge there might be a sports or racing title out there that is waiting in ambush to blow my socks off!

Well everyone, I’m out of hot air! I hope you’ve enjoyed my real tale of otaku gaming delivered courtesy of the memory lane train. Until the next episode, keep on mashing buttons!

About - I am a 44 year old Gamer/Geek/Otaku who has been gaming and watching anime since the late 1970's. I am a passionate otaku who loves all types of games, anime and comics. I have been writing about games since I was a young man. I am an entertainment retail expert and an avid game collector. You can always find me playing or watching something geek related.

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