The Darkest Dungeon truly is psychological-Review
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Darkest Dungeon a game that plays on people’s psyche is out now on Nintendo Switch. A true RPG at its core, putting you in charge of a cast of characters that have to survive in a horrific world. This game is different than other’s of its kind though because the characters lose interest in battle and exploring. In most RPG’s the characters stay with the player through and through so this really turns that idea on its head.

In Darkest Dungeon the player is tasked with leading an exhibition to restore the manor and the surrounding area to its former glory. The player gets a letter from a relative who pleads them to return home and take down demonic forces that have swarmed the land. Of course, hearing that there is treasure the player heads there immediately. There he is able to meet strange characters that will join him in his quest. They don’t truly have any allegiance but playing through the game the player might feel connected. When scouring dungeons the characters encounter many different monsters. These creatures are of the undead variety and want nothing more than to kill them. Choosing the right team can often lead to victory, as the characters do need to rest. Having the same characters as companions might be a good idea because they do in fact level up. But, there is always the risk that they will run away.

As the troupe travels through dungeons, they will encounter traps and other terrible things that will make them want to flee. It may even just be that they are losing their minds. The characters don’t really start out in the best states and heading into such a dungeon, is not going to make things any better. The trouble with this game though revolves around the roguelike system that is in place. Characters will die, and once they are dead, its done for them. The player really does have to think about the characters and how their minds are or risk losing the best characters.

This game also has quite the narrator, that really pulls you in. His voice is perfect for the game and as he discusses the ins and outs of the game the player is drawn deeper into the dungeon. There is certainly a lot for him to talk about and the player really should listen to everything this helper has to say. The RPG system is filled with spells and other attacks that will aid in the quest. The characters need to also be in the right position to attack as their attacks won’t always be able to hit every foe. Some attacks such as the player’s grapeshot can even hit every villain which is certainly great for the player. With a little strategy and maybe a bit of luck the player might get out of this alive.

Darkest Dungeon is certainly a terrific game but, it certainly isn’t a game for the faint of heart. It’s a horrific and challenging RPG that will test the spirit of the player. If one is up for the challenge though it is certainly worth it. With an eclectic horrific cast of weirdos, the player will feel that they may just have a chance at saving this land. The player just has to not lose their mind in the process.


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