The Dungeon Goes Ever On – One More Dungeon Review (NintendoSwitch)
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First person shooters are a genre that have been with us for decades. Developers are always finding new ways to experiment with the genre, and one idea that is consistently revisited is the series Hexen, an FPS that used fantasy themes instead of science fiction. Many games were inspired by it, albeit to various degrees and One More Dungeon is another fantasy themed FPS that has emerged. The game is a rougelike with procedurally generated levels but is it a good experience?

One More Dungeon is a game that has a lot of interesting points but also many flaws. The visual style is amazing, with pixel art that really stands out and helps give the game a much more unique feel to it. However, that is where the good ends. One More Dungeon has a rather confusing control scheme which often gets in the way of the gameplay. It can be difficult to get used to and you will die several times as you start. There is also the issue of the game having that “Where do I go?” issue, with the game leaving players rather confused as to how to proceed.

Another issue I have noticed with the game, is the hit detection. Sometimes you will attack an enemy and despite being right in front of the enemy, you will not hit them. However, the enemies seem to always hit you no matter what. It creates a bit of an unfair difficulty level, and combined with the awkward controls, leads to an unpleasant experience.

Don’t get me wrong, there are good points to the game and it seems like the developers had a lot of good ideas, but they just were not implemented well. If you can get used to the controls and get passed the hit detection issues, the game is reasonably solid if you can also figure out what to do. Otherwise, you might want to pass on this.


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