The Good, The Bad and Ugly: Hearthstone: Hero’s of Warcraft
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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The Good:

IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!! You don’t have to pay a dime to download it, which is the best type of game for me, but there’s a HUGE draw back when it has a optional paid service where one could buy packs and arena entries. How is this a good thing? You have the option to either buy with in game gold, or real life currency. (Packs are $1US  or 100 gold,with the more you buy the cheaper they are, where arena is $1.99US for a entry where it’s Blizzards idea of drafting.)

The HUD is insanely beautiful with all four corners of the play area intractable there’s a very low chance to be bored as your opponent smashes face. There are “Gold” versions of cards that you can get through playing the game, (Not sure if they are obtainable through crafting or opening packs.) and as of late they have added animation on all of the gold versions of cards.

HeartStone-Heroes-Of-WarcraftThe ability to disenchant cards to get what you want is a HUGE bonus in my book, as this is technically the only way to trade. There is not, and will never be, player to player trading, so this is the best as we can get!

If you happen to be a TCG freak like I am, or a Blizzard nut, you don’t have to be both to get into this game.  I have played many matches where I’ve thought “Who the hell is this?” but still enjoyed it to the fullest. With the past 10 years of playing TCG’s under my belt, it was insanely easy to pick up even with the easy to learn tutorial.

The arena is the easiest way to get a better experience out of the game. When you pick your random deck of 30 cards, you have a 12 game win cap. People who have achieved this awesome winning streak get things like crafting dust, gold, and packs. I personally am unable to achieve this feat but there’s players like Trump who have always gotten that far. I always recommend watching other players before you get into their games. (Don’t watch me play arena, I suck.)
The Bad:

The only bad thing is that when you collect packs and open them, you have a high chance of getting extra cards. The collection tab at the main menu will direct you to disenchant ALL extra cards because the max you can have of any one card is 2. Yes 2 copies of cards is also the most you can have in any one deck as well. (I’ve been spoiled for 4 copies of cards for years and was legitimately disappointed when I noticed this for the first time.)

After playing the game for a month, they started nerfing.

Hearthstone-Heroes-of-Warcraft-betaThe Ugly:

The idea of putting out a game with a optional paid service boggles my mind. I understand that it’s a optional service, but why put it in to begin with? The “Dailies” are there to assist you in acquiring gold but why couldn’t you just use that as the major currency of the game? The ability to “Pay To Win” is the only thing that would make this game a complete turn off to anyone.

Overall, the game is pretty solid now after a few patch updates after nerfing of the Mage, and Warlock classes. Even though I haven’t played in a while due to these patches it is a complete FREE package that can appeal to anyone.
Here’s a video of me playing through ranked mode! Enjoy!

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