The Li’l Depressed Boy Review
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Recently, I caught wind of a wonderful comic book series titled The Li’l Depressed Boy written by S. Steven Struble and illustrated by Sina Grace.  The Li’l Depressed Boy is published by Image Comics.

This series resonated so much with my own personal struggles. It was nice and refreshing to see depression shown with some truth. I have anxiety disorder and adjustment disorder with a depressed mood. It’s always been interesting describing how I feel/behave and why I think I feel/behave the way I do. The Li’l Depressed Boy does an amazing job of showing some of that.  To see a representation without a particularly negative light is refreshing.

The series follows LDB which is Li’l Depressed Boy for short.  The story is simple and follows the life of LDB as he navigates the world in an attempt for happiness despite his depression.  The art for this series is very well done and the coloring style is amazing.  It works very well with the story being told.

Of course, always remember that anxiety and depression differ from individual to individual so this is one perspective.

The series features 5 volumes of story numbered 0 through 4.  Unfortunately, The Li’l Depressed Boy seems to be on a hiatus so it isn’t known when it will return.

If you’re looking for a refreshing take on depression or mental health in general or even a simple story in the day in the life, I highly recommend The Li’l Depressed Boy.

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