The Real Gamer Show Episode #17: Engulfed Pockets
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No GravatarOn this episode, we discuss PAX Prime 2010 and some of the games featured. We discuss Vanquish and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and give our impressions. We also discuss the impact of viral marketing of Halo: Reach and Resistance 3 and were we think they are necessary.

We also talk about print not being dead and I shout out Gamefan Magazine. Also, we talk about why adding co-op to Arkham City, might not be a good thing. The title of this episode is Engulfed pockets, yet there is a picture of “empty” pockets. We are showing you the effect of the Big 3  and what your pockets will look like after the Holiday Season.

Of course, we do the PLWR and some of the old school goodness. So just sit back relax and enjoy these old timers and our views on all things gaming.

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  1. Tekken was Dope Shel, that is all lhh

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