This Looks Familiar – FreezeMe Review (Wii U)
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The past generation saw a boom of indie 2D platformers. So it made sense that indie 3D platformers would be a thing this gen. FreezeMe is a game that seeks to show some love to the genre but does it rely too much on Nostalgia?



FreezeMe has many similarities in it to Super Mario 64 and this is a good basis but the game has issues expanding past that. The game has the added function of using the protagonist’s camera to freeze enemies and objects in place. This can be great for getting past enemies and areas and gives the Wii U gamepad a great use in the game. This can also be done with the Wii mote as pointer controls but I found the gamepad to be far better to use.

The music in the game is fun and helps set a good mood for a platforming game but I feel that there is something off about it. I just can’t put my finger on what it is that I find to be so off.  Its very good and serves the game well but there is just something I find strange.

The visuals are great and the game looks excellent, with great imagery and design all around. I like the variety but at times it seems like it borrows just a little bit much from other games of the genre. Its not a bad thing but it makes the game feel less original than it could be.


And therein lies the issue. The game pays loving homage to the past but doesn’t add that much new, The camera feature is great but the game feels like it just takes too much without innovating, Add to that the fact that there are quite a few bugs (that the dev has already promised a patch for) and it seems the game is a bit unpolished. That’s not to say its bad however. I still had a lot of fun with the game and it could still be great for others also. Bottom line is, if you want something new, look elsewhere but if you want a nice fun 3D platformer, there are a lot worse choices than this.


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