Tinybuild brings 6 games to Nintendo Switch in Hello Switch Event!
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Tinybuild, a great indie company, is working to bring cames to Nintendo Switch. With 6 games coming out in the near future, this little event of sorts shows what this company is bringing to the table. There are a few action-packed titles coming out, and it shows what kind of variety is headed towards the popular system.

Final Station is a post-apocalyptic game about a man on his way to the final station. He blows monsters away while saving people he comes across. It has a solid 2d look and looks to have a decent story. This game should be coming to Switch later this month.

Clustertruck is an insane game that takes the Floor is Lava to a whole new world. This game has players running to an end goal while jumping on moving trucks. Don’t touch anything but the truck or death will follow. It’s a crisp and clean game that will push the player to the limits. There are different tricks and things to raise the score, and different locales to keep the game fun.

Punch Club is a game that throws the player into a boxing management tycoon world. It’s up to the player to guide the story and build their punch club to be the best it can be.

Party Hard is a crazy 2d game that tasks the player with stopping a party. In this wild game, the player is the neighbor of someone throwing huge parties. But this party has gotten too loud, and he has had enough. The player is then forced to break into the party and set up the demise of everyone within. It’s a brutal game that really lets players do things in their own way and that is a plus.

Streets of Rogue is, of course, a Roguelike adventure game. A crazy game that tasks the player with defeating enemies. Fight, Sneak, and Hack your way through randomly generated cities. This game is a wild and fast game, that will keep the player on their toes, as they will never know what’s coming next.

The biggest game of the event is the game Hello Neighbor. While it only showed that it’s coming to Switch it clearly steals the show. Hello Neighbor is all about breaking into a neighbor’s house to find out what they are hiding. Seeing the main character holding a Switch is funny, especially when the neighbor is watching.

Tinybuild like many other companies is really pulling out all the stops to make games for the Switch. While these games may not amaze everyone, they are all excellent additions to any Nintendo Switch collection!


Take a look at the trailers below



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