Top Ten Games of 2010: SKTCH2
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The year 2010 was definitely a Capcom year for me but a few others caught my attention as well. My list of top games this year centers around a few key points: replay value, graphics, story, and price point. Besides, who doesn’t want the most bang for their buck? With these top 10 games, you don’t have to worry about sending that gift back or returning it because the moment that crosses your mind, it’s a sign that you shouldn’t be playing games anyway.

10. Skate 3 (PS3, Xbox 360)

I spent a lot of hours on this game. The online career is fantastic and the individual online matches are very easy to jump into. Play as your favorite skateboarder or a guy/girl you made up and feel free to join a buddy with a simple button press. With better graphics and a new physics system, Tony Hawk is definitely having a hard time catching up with Skate. As for the offline career, I haven’t seen a skate career done as well as this one in any game. Besides getting sponsorships, taking ad photos for your crew and watching your team become great, you can modify just about anything. The world is your playground and for the artist in you, there’s film editing, graphic editing, and park editing on the go. What more could you want from a skateboarding game?

9. Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (Nintendo Wii)

I don’t play the Wii much, but I do love a great fighting game no matter what platform. TVC takes a little from Marvel Vs. Capcom and adds a very colorful style to it. The controls are simple and easy to pick up from the start. Once you get the hang of your favorite character, it’s time to start to putting those easy inputs to use and chain like you wouldn’t believe. I never thought a Wii fighter could be so easy, complex, and fun all at the same time. Oh and even if you’ve never heard of Gatchaman, you won’t regret what the roster has to offer.  To sum it up, TVC is a fine game with lots of replay value.

8. Super Street Fighter IV (PS3, Xbox 360)

For a low starting price point of forty bucks, how could you not get this game? With new alternate costumes, more characters, added online modes, and the option of 2 Ultra Combos, this is a must have for any SF fan. Plus, the bonus car and barrel smashing games are back. As for the art style, it goes from Sumi-e to crosshatching and it is just beautifully rendered all around. The main thing I love about it is that online now matches you up with people on your own skill level. You can view replays of others or view your own, making this a great fighting game for both the dedicated and casual player.

7. Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (PS3, Xbox 360)

Once again, more content for a friendly price. Releasing at an even lower thirty buck price point, you get Resident Evil 5, three new DLC modes, and a new version of the Mercenaries mode.  Add extra playable online characters and for- again I’ll say it- $30 USD, and you just can’t go wrong with this. I think I’ve gone through this game 6 or 7 times and I still find things to do offline. Online Versus and Co-op are just the icing on this delicious cake of horrific fun.

6. Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360, PC and PS3 next year)

Mass Effect 2 is a good sequel and if you import your Shepard from the first game, it only adds more to the story. Teaming up with Cerberus and taking down the Collectors is nothing but satisfying all the way through. The world has gotten bigger and with so many side missions and new recruits, there’s endless fun to be had. I even had fun filling up my bedroom with little trinkets and things collected on my journey. Going to the clubs to get drunk and wake up in the bathroom is one of my many favorite things to do. Did I mention there’s DLC available after you somehow completed the game’s multiple plot endings?

5. Halo Reach (Xbox 360)

Some people are going to give me hate mail because I’m placing Reach at number 5, I know it. It’s okay though because for me, this ending of the series was everything I wanted and everything I loathed at the same time. Customization of your Spartan is really cool and fixing ODST’s poor firefighting is a huge plus. Campaign makes an effort to have a story and matchmaking is still good. However, if you’re looking for something a little deeper than blowing stuff up for hours on end, well that my friends is why this is at number 5.  This is a great FPS for the 360, but once it’s over, you may not have much to go back to in the Halo series. Maybe Halo 3 but that’s it. Now if shooting is indeed your thing, then my friend, feel free to make the covenant dance.

4. Heavy Rain (PS3)

I’m a huge fan of Indigo Prophecy back on PS2. Controlling the game’s plot in such cinematic presentation  has become more interesting than I thought it could ever be.  Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain mad me laugh, cry and really connect with its characters, just as Indigo Prophecy had done.  I was a bit skeptical about the PS3’s graphics capability when I saw that only a few games bothered to use it’s powerful processors. Heavy Rain is the best looking game I’ve seen this year on the console. Discovering things about the Origami Killer is a great ride from start to finish, with the twists and turns of a thriller novel. This game definitely stands out on its own from anything else this year and it’s a nice change from the typical.

3. God of War 3 (PS3)

Ah Kratos, how you have grown. Angrier than ever, climbing titans and killing gods just doesn’t get any better than this. Presented in full HD with improved lighting effects and textures make Kratos oh so ugly, and I love it. From summoning demons to do your  bidding, riding mythical beasts, ripping bodies apart to using a bleeding head to discover a new pathway,  God of War 3 truly amps up violent pleasure. There’s a pretty good story in there too with Zeus and all, but we know you really don’t care about that! Beating the game more than once also unlocks all kinds of neat things! Not recommended for your child, but for your war declaring, Lego smashing, inner child at heart.

2. Dead Rising 2 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

This is another game that I lost slept over. Dead Rising 2 fixes all of the problems in its predecessor. Escorting survivors and leveling up is less of a hassle and for once, the psychopath fights are something to enjoy. What could make it better you ask? How about having a friend join up with you? Do you want to import your levels from Dead Rising: Case Zero? What if you just want to go online and battle to the death with people you don’t really care for anyway? Whatever you desire, you can do that and so much more. What I love about Dead Rising 2  is the replay value and with 50+ hours already gone from my life, I’m still finding new things to do. Take a teddy bear and an assault rifle, and then line them all up in a line. Stand behind the line and you have a full zombie proof barrier. If you’re feeling frisky, run out in your underwear and Blanka mask, harassing people. You can play mini games, earn casino cash, buy cars, play poker, and even make your own version of Ghosts’ N’ Goblins. If you have an imagination, you will have nonstop fun here.

1. Red Dead Redemption (PS3, Xbox 360)

John Marston has to be the most charming and ruthless gentleman that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. GTA IV’s Niko Bellic comes close to sharing this man’s spotlight, but he does not have a wife or children. He has served in war but for good purpose and all in all, isn’t that bad of a guy to begin with. John Marston though, has seen more than his fair share in life. In Red Dead Redemption, you will witness the story of a man that has been broken down again and again. You will see him grow as a person and you may even shed a tear or two.  The Wild West is brutal and not even prayer can help those who live in it. With its riveting story, breath taking sunsets, wild firefights and detailed inhabitants, Red Dead Redemption is an action game like no other. It’s a lot like sipping a fine wine and taking time to appreciate its quality. There are numerous things to do and everything down from the wildlife to the town architecture is something to be admired.  After spending hours on the main story, going online is a whole new game. Create a posse with old and new friends, raid camps, or even shoot the undead if you want. There is literally so much available to you that makes this game an epic adventure. If you haven’t purchased this yet, please do. You won’t be disappointed no matter what type of gamer you are because there is something for everyone as long as you’re a mature gamer of course. ^_^

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    I loved Resident Evil 5 too. I know many fans have mixed feelings about it but the added co-op, cover system, and other features made it fun even if its’ not the scariest entry in the series.

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