Trillion: God of Destruction PS Vita Review
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Before we start, bring everything you know about Strategy RPGs to your mind, and erase it. Just do it. Why you ask? Because we are about to take a trip to a world, where Strategy RPGs haven’t been before, that is: Trillion: God of Destruction. Prepare yourself for a roller coaster of emotions, where you think yourself unbeatable, until the harsh reality of your weakness forges the way for the future. This is what Trillion: God of Destruction for the PS VITA has to offer.


When you first start the game,and go through the Prologue, you learn about the story and about how the Underworld (where the story takes place) went to war against the Heavens. After a fierce battle Zeabolos becomes the Great Overlord of the Underworld (The King) and they are enjoying a brief period of peace. However one of your soldiers comes to tell you that a “Monster” has appeared at the Gates of Hell, and that the Overlords that should be guarding it have left their post to search for treasure and candy. Your loyal brother, Astaroth, shows up to take the task of facing Trillion but in doing so loses his life on the battlefield. As the strongest fighter of the Underworld, you decide to put an end to Trillion’s rampage, however, you are no match for him and you meet the same end as your brother. However, a mysterious girl named Faust appears and gives you a second chance in exchange for your soul after defeating Trillion. But since you are unable to battle anymore, it is up to the Overlords to defeat Trillion and doing so whoever defeats it will get your throne.


Now here is where it gets interesting. Trillion: God of Destructions introduces a brand new battle system (at least for me), the dual turn system. Here both your character and enemy move at the same time, and gives a lot of room for strategy, since you can just lure your enemy to get close to unleash a strong attack, or attack from afar with magic skills. Now the good part with training your Overlord; when you first get defeated ( when you are in control of Zeabolos) Trillion goes to sleep giving you an ample time frame to train and raise your Overlord. The time frame is divided in cycles of 7 days each, and during this time you have to raise your stats, learn skills etc. However, as expected you can only do one action each day. You have to manage your time, except not only raising your stats are important,  but you also have to raise your affection since Trillion:GoD introduces another mechanic into the fray, the Affection Points system. The Affection Points are everything in Trillion. Each time you train you gain a little, but it is not enough since Trillion can take you out in one hit, so you need to raise your affection points in order to stand a chance. The AP are the Purple Bar below your HP and MP, and each time you use a skill you consume them, instead of using you MP. When you take a hit the damage is deducted from your AP, so it is a important stat to raise, also the AP are needed in order to retreat from battle when the going gets tough. Be advised however, that the total of AP doesn’t carry to your next training cycle. So if you had 5 Million for example, if you retreat then you will start from 0. In order to raise your AP you have two choices. One interact with your Overlord from the Rest Menu, or give her presents (3 per day, best if given before training). You can get presents from the Underworld Prize machine, and you need tokens in order to use it, but you get one everyday regardless if you train or not. During your training, you get to interact with the other characters as well which moves the storyline forward and helps in character development. Your choices during certain dialogues can also determine your Overlord’s fate by triggering certain events, allowing the storyline to branch into different endings based on your actions. In this way, you get to know your chosen Overlord better and you can even feel some sort of bonding with her. I even had a feeling of helplessness whenever I brought my Overlord to her demise and unfortunately this is sometimes inevitable, but sacrifices must be made for the greater good.


Bottom Line is Trillion: God of Destruction, is the best Strategy RPG that I have played so far. It blends different genres to make something unique and innovative. It has rogue like elements present in the Valley of Swords, dating sym elements in how your raise your Overlord and her affection gauge, and the story is told in a Visual Novel style that for me is the best suited. If you have a PS Vita and want to try your hand at defeating Trillion I definitely recommend it. Even if you have no experience in the genre,you will find that the game is easy to get into, and ii offers a lot to make it a whole new experience for you.




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