Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, Still Impressive
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1370953805_wd_screenshot_e3_portal north riverside_130611 12pm ptWATCH_DOGS, the game that keeps impressing people the more they see it. And Ubisoft, it’s getting to that point where it’s, “OK, stop showing us, just give us the game already!”

1370953806_wd_screenshot_e3_tbone_130611 12pm ptThe E3 demo during the Sony conference, begins with Aiden getting a call from his friend, T-Bone the Tinkerer. But first, Aiden must elude the police and begin in earnest to help his friend. After eluding them, and making his way to the street, he quickly realizes the people know about him, and Aiden quickly grabs and destroys the by-standers phone as a show of force and intimidation of others around. After which, Aiden finds a nearby camera to get his T-Bone out of the building and safely into a car before he flees, and he does himself, but not before Aiden is accosted by police. Before they can reach, Aiden causes a blackout and handicaps both officers and flees.

More information on the Multiplayer and how it would be seamless. As in, not matter what, Ubisoft wanted the player to always be in control of Aiden. So when a player joins another’s game, to the person hosting, they will never know who the person is, but the other will know Aiden on sight, and can either help or attack the player by doing anything in the world. Allowing for various confusing moments as the host sees and “NPC” stealing a car. Additionally, any player can turn the multiplayer off, to avoid any intrusions.

1370953794_wd_screenshot_e3_handsup_blackout_130611 12pm ptAnother aspect of the multiplayer is the “notoriety”. It works in a way, that is unique to WATCH_DOGS, and it also works like a virus. When you hack into another session, you are installing a worm into their system and then you leverage part of his strength for yourself and they know about it. From that point on, as they get stronger, so do you, but the odd part is, it doesn’t affect the other negatively besides their pride being hurt, knowing they were “hacked” and in their world there is someone of equal or greater strength. Think, as long as you’re connected, you’re always vulnerable.

WATCH_DOGS will ship November 21st of this year, on all next gen consoles, along with PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

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