What Nightingale Would Like To See At E3 2014
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With E3 just around the corner it seems, there is so much I want from this year’s largest gaming conference. E3 is the one event out of the year that I cannot miss for anything. Think of it as someone who is really into sports, and can’t miss a game…that’s me, but with E3.

I expect a lot of awesomeness this year and on into 2015 in the world of gaming. What I look forward to most is seeing what I can expect for all of the new gen consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and most of all, the Wii U.

I’m a hardcore Nintendo fan. Regardless of how much negativity they’ve gotten from the Wii U not selling as well, I absolutely adore mine. I’d choose it over a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One any day! I think all it will take will be one (or several) awesome games to blow it up to get the hype it deserves, and I’m hoping this year’s E3 will give us some titles and trailers that will boost the Wii U to get it where it needs to be.

I’m pretty sure titles like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. U will give it a great boost, but what about the others games we’ve been promised that we hope to see at E3?

There was a rumor a while back that there will be a playable version of the much anticipated Zelda U, which, according to this rumor, is entitled The Legend of Zelda: Shard of Nightmare. This is the one title I literally bought my Wii U for…for I am a Legend of Zelda addict. Also, more will also be shown for the spin-off, Hyrule Warriors, where Legend of Zelda meets Dynasty Warriors. We can also look forward to possibly hearing more about Yarn Yoshi, Monolith Soft’s “X”, and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, along with maybe a few titles we’ve yet to even know about!

Now, I can talk about Nintendo all day, err’day, but let’s move on to its competitors: Xbox and PlayStation.

next_gen_consolesAs most of us know by now, Microsoft has already announced the release of a Kinect-less Xbox One coming out on June 9th. On top of that, they also announced changes to their Xbox Live Gold subscription, making it work more along the lines of Sony’s PlayStation Plus. What other announcements will Microsoft announce at this year’s E3 since they’ve already announced these tidbits?

Halo. I have a gut feeling that Halo will play a large part at 2014’s E3. Perhaps something to do with the new show they have been talking about, and possibly a new game? All I hope is that it’s not some HD remake of the older Halos, though that would be cool, we all know Halo fans want a new one, and they want it soon on their Xbox Ones. Maybe even a new Gears of War or something would be cool.

Now for PlayStation…

I want to see the new Uncharted! I want to see gameplay for it and see how beautiful it will look on the PS4. I’d like to see a new God of War announced also. Another inFamous would be nice, but seeing as how the last one just came out earlier this year, I seriously doubt it. I’ll also take a new Little Big Planet on the PS4.

I want to see more for the PlayStation Vita as well, especially since I just got my hands on the new, sleek PS Vita Slim.

And now…what I want to see from certain developers.

BioWare, please, please, PLEASE…The new Mass Effect? I hope they will announce more about it, and maybe even grace us with a debut trailer. I’d like to see more for Dragon Age Inquisition also.

And being the fan of Bethesda that I am, I’d love to see a new Elder Scrolls title from them, though that is a slight shot in the dark since they have been so focused on Elder Scrolls Online. Or maybe announce that ESO will become free to play? Hey, hey…I can dream, right? And if not a new Elder Scrolls, perhaps something about the new Fallout that has been so hush-hush. I’ll take either or, or both…both would be nice.

And now I ask you, the reader, what do YOU want to see from this year’s E3? Sound off in the comments below! Nightingale, out!

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