World of Warcraft Losing Subscribers
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Do you subscriber to World of Warcraft? Have you noticed that there just aren’t as many people playing as there was? Maybe you have even noticed a lot of your friends leaving, guild mates, and of course the randoms! Well, the unfortunate thing is people just are not subscribing to World of Warcraft like they used to. Of course their subscribers have dropped in the past. This time it has gone down 300,000 subscribers to 11.1 million. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “That is still a lot of people!” Well, considering they also went down 300,000 people that is a lot of people in itself. Of course Blizzard is not worried about it. They are releasing Cataclysm in China and also releasing World of Warcraft to Brazil! So, be prepared if you happen to live in those areas, World of Warcraft is coming to you!

Of course they also have projects like Diablo 3 coming out very soon as well. But the thing that has been itching in a lot of minds is what is going to happen with World of Warcraft? There have been rumors that it might actually become a free-to-play game. Is this even possible? Well, of course it is always possible, but I can guarantee the quality would drop a lot. The customer service would go down if not completely disappear, and certain things that would be good to have if you paid might be gone too. Minus any other expansions and anything else. It would probably just stay the way it is, but maybe add some patches here and there to fix things that might happen. Needless to say people would probably start hacking (not like they already don’t or anything), but it would be a lot easier and everyone would just have the best equipment, and killing level 85s at level 1. It would be possible… But will this happen? Probably not.

If you don’t already know World of Warcraft is free-to-play up to level 20! So, have you never played World of Warcraft before because you aren’t willing to pay the $15 a month? Then go play at least until level 20 and see if you will even enjoy the game. Some people don’t like the game at all, but some people truly enjoy it. So, I highly suggest checking out the game even if up to level 20. You never know you might enjoy the game.

What are your opinions though? Do you think it will turn completely free-to-play since it is already free to level 20? Or do you think it will stay the way it is? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. BLizzard will never, EVER make it F2P. Unlike other games, like LotRO or Guild Wars, WoW is too big and provides too much of their base income. To them, losing 300K subscribers won’t even make them blink.

    I remember right after Cata came out the game “lost” subscribers in “droves.” I personally didn’t see it, but I remember all the QQing on the forums about how hard the game was and how it didnt reward the casuals. Now, 8 months later, it’s almost back to Wrath level.

    If Starcraft couldnt drop WoW playership, Diablo won’t either. I preordered it, and will play it when it comes out, but WoW will remain constant.

  2. WayneNo Gravatar says:

    I have news for you, its a lot more than 300k subscribers lost. I moved my entire guild from WoW to RIFT in April and have never looked back. WoW needs new dev leadership. I refuse to even consider going back to WoW until both Tom Chilton and Greg Street are fired.

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