Your Enemies Will Get These Hands Grimoire Manastorm
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Grimoire Manastorm which is in Early Access on Steam is a solid First Person Shooter. This game isn’t like its gun-wielding brothers though, as you are armed with magic in this game. In this well-made game, you traverse different areas working to complete objectives. You may have to face zombies or other foes for a certain amount of time. There are different types of magic folk, who will give you different types of magic, and thus it is important to figure out which is best for you.

There are quite a few different types of magic to unload on your foes. Each mage has a different set of magical skills to deal damage and help you win. There is neutral magic, water magic, nature magic, fire magic, electric magic, and earth magic. Of course, each of these different types plays differently. But there was certainly a good amount of work put into making sure they each play differently. While yes, you are often just shooting magic balls, there are effects and other things that can happen. As a player, it is your duty to find which one you like most and play as that type. It really all comes down to preference honestly, as at the end of the day if you don’t like a certain element you probably won’t work to enhance them.

Manastorm offers plenty of single-player challenge which will hone your skills for online battle. It is always good to figure out the commands which can always be brought up with the press of the H key. This will allow you to really get good at Grimoire. Once you are trained up, you may want to venture out into the online multiplayer. Which as of right now may not be the most robust. As the game is still being worked on, it won’t have as many players who are actively playing. But, you are sure to face a few online foes.

Grimoire Manastorm is a good game for those who like FPS style games. It is refreshing running around in an old English styled area throwing Fire Balls or bolts of lightning at all manner of beings. Plus, it is fun dueling when you do come across real people.

Grimoire Manastorm is a solid game that will certainly continue to get better. When the game is finished completely and it is fully online, there will certainly be more reason to play it. From what I have played there is definitely a good game in the making and one that if you can, you should definitely play. Grimoire Manastorm while not totally done, is out on Steam. Pick your element, and go in battle, you’ve got magic on your side, what is the worst that could happen?

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