Sony Throws Down the Gauntlet – Sony’s Used Game Policy
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No GravatarNot too long ago, Microsoft released a few details about the new Xbox One; Online connectivity required at least once every 24 hours, limited sharing of games, and basically no lending games out. Not surprisingly, the internet went into full on rage mode. Since then, Sony has remained quite and everyone wondered if they would fallow suit or implement something similar. Well, during the E3 conference, they finally spoke up, and we all listened. Playstation 4 supports used games, you can share, barrow, lend, sell, and buy used games as you please. The Ps4 also doesn’t require internet to work, no checking in, no hassle. The audience erupted in applause upon hearing the news and Sony knew they made the right decision.


However Sony was a bit sneaky, it wasn’t said out loud but a mysterious bullet point under the Playstation Plus service mentioned providing multiplayer experiences. Confirmed after the show, Playstation Plus is required to play online. Current Playstation Plus members will have their subscription carried over and the service is still only $5 a month. Similar to Microsoft’s Gold membership, but you don’t need PS Plus to access any other online service such as Netflix, only for multiplayer online. Most of the internet is claiming Sony the winner of this year’s E3 and the next gen consoles. Only time will tell who wins the console wars this upcoming generation but Sony is off to an excellent start, proving it is thinking of gamers first. They also know they positioned themselves greatly with gamer by releasing this cheeky, but funny video. Good job Sony.


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