6 Characters Who Should Be DLC in Street Fighter 5
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No GravatarStreet Fighter 5 is soon upon us. We know the initial roster and wave 1 of DLC, but let us look to the future and what characters we might still see.

I would like for wave 2 to be 6 characters as well but with 2 new characters and 4 returning characters.

That being said, here are 6 characters who should be considered for DLC wave 2:

1.) Sakura    Sf4-sakura-punch


Ryu’s fangirl Sakura would be a great addition to the roster for a few reasons. To begin, Karin has been her rival since the Alpha series and with Karin returning it would make perfect sense for Sakura to as well, so they could resume their rivalry. As well, Ohno has stated that the amount of Shoto style characters will be less that in previous games. This means many characters who have a similar style would be left out, like Sagat and possibly Akuma ( though his appearance in Tekken might also keep him out). Sakura however has storyline significance as a disciple for Ryu and to see how she’s grown. Add in the fact that she plays different to a traditional Shoto style character and could easily be refined further and she would be amazing.

2.) Sean     SeanSFIII3rd

Ken’s wannabe disciple hasn’t been playable in a fighting game since 3rd strike. He was mid to high tier in New Generation and 2nd Impact before 3rd Strike nerfed him down to bottom tier. Sean has never been a traditional Shoto character and even in storyline, Ken told him to find his own style. I think Sean would be good to bring into SF V as an older character who has finally found his own path and has matured, possibly incorporating his love of sports. Sean could have a fun moveset and harken back to New Generation and 2nd Impact. The appearance of his sister Laura shows Capcom has not forgotten him and his fans.

3.) Q    QPortraitSFIII3rd

The enigma. Q is one of the most bizarre characters in a street fighter game and plays like nothing else. Difficult to learn and hard to master, Q is very rewarding for those who put in the effort. Q has been a highly requested character for years but hasn’t appeared since his sole appearance in 3rd strike. Who is he? Lacking grace but packing in power Q is a high offense character. Sadly, there seems to be some legal problems with the character (though I am not sure of the exact nature of them) which means he isn’t likely, but it would be awesome to see.

4.) Remy   RemyPortraitSFIII3rd

The last Street Fighter 3 character on the list, Remy might seem like an odd choice. He seemed like a character out of King of Fighters and had a moveset that was similar to Guile and Charlie, both of whom are appearing already. So why would I say him? Simple, Remy’s story in 3rd strike was neat, he hated fighters yet took part in street fighting himself. A new appearance to see how he grew and changed, possibly with a new fighting style would be incredibly interesting to see.

5.) Geki   download

The original claw fighter, Geki was a ninja in Street Fighter 1 who hasn’t appeared since. He threw ninja stars, and could teleport which would make him sufficiently different to Vega. He had a cool design that would look great in a modern game and could provide some interesting variety to the playing field. Perhaps he has a connection to Ibuki?

6.) Retsu   RetsuSF

Retsu is another Street Fighter 1 character who hasn’t been seen since. Retsu was a monk, expelled from his monestary for his violent behavior. He is a practitioner of Shorinji Kempo, a Japanese modified version of Shaolin Kung . That alone would make for an awesome play style in a Street Fighter game but like Sean, Sakura and Remy, I picked Retsu for story potential, since in the Udon comics series, Retsu was a friend of Gouken and helped train Ryu at several points in time. The potential is there for him to take an interest in Ryu and Ken and possibly seek to help Ryu perfect himself.

But these are just my thoughts. What are yours? Whom do you think should be DLC?

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  1. I actually agree with adding Retsu and Geki as DLC playable characters. Retsu and Geki, along with Lee, Joe, and Mike are the five warriors who most definitely need to be added as dlc characters, since they’ve been around for almost 30 years and still haven’t been made into playable. Therefore it is imperative that they be added as playable characters via DLC.

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