Bioware Is Looking to You for Answers
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No GravatarBioware is starting a monthly forum to find out what fans really want. Fans will have a week to reply to a given question in the Bioware forum.

The forum is called the Dragon Age: Question of the Month” series. Bioware will pose a question to the community and promises to consider taking them into account for future Dragon Age worlds, including novels, anime, pen and paper RPGs, video games and comics.

This month’s question is “What would you like to discover and learn about the Dragon Age world.” Although many are not following the format of the forum and are simply using it to complain about issues or game mechanics (which I also gripe about, but in the correct forum dontchyaknow!), others are going wild with hopes of exploring the rest of Thedas. Another person asked for more time in the Fade (but without the blurry bits). I would like that person to never speak again.

Anyway, if you’ve read the latest novel, Dragon Age: Asunder or heard the PAX hints then you can already guess where the next Dragon Age game will take place. I wonder if they are actually gathering data for the codex and random items you can pick up and interact with?

To participate in the forum and give your own answers, click here!

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