Bulletstorm Demo Impressions
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Bulletstorm is the new IP from Epic Games, the makers of Gears of war. This is a first person shooter is something completely fresh and has a really cool game mechanic. At first I wasn’t sold on the whole “Kill with Skill” Gameplay and during my first few playthroughs of the level 1 was slightly frustrated because of the adjustment to my play style that I had to make to rack up the points. The point of the game is to kill everything in sight, but also in the most creative ways possible. Using environmental hazards gives the player a lot of satisfying deaths to perform and ways to get creative. Before I knew it I was playing the demo for three hours, yes it was that good. The more I played the more different skill shots I found playing through the short level and some of the names are pretty hilarious. My favorite has to be “Homie Missile” which entails using the chain grenade launcher to entangle an enemy, then kick him into a group of bad guys and exploding him mid-flight and yes it looks as awesome as it sounds. When I first started playing my brother who was watching wasn’t that impressed, however when I called him to watch a later playthrough he did say it looked really fun and cool because of all the great kills I was finally making.

The graphics are top notch and pleasant on the eyes. The controls do work pretty well, but it is missing a small tweak. Most games allow you to use the right thumb-stick to crouch, this game either limits you to left thumb-stick or B but the kick is mapped to B by default which is a lot nicer than using the right stick. This may seem counter intuitive to all of you reading this but when A is run and A-A is slide kick, B is just easy to tap. As far as the demo goes, crouching is not that important but it is annoying because every games so far as allowed the right stick crouch. With all this crazy mayhem happening around you and pretty effects this demo is a lot of fun. The whole game is bound to be great if this level of polish is seen throughout, especially with the addition of co-op Gameplay where you and friends get to team up for some crazy killing action. So check out the demo and maybe if you aren’t sold yet, you will be now.


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    This isnt “People Can Fly” game?

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