Capcom Reveals MotoGP 10/11
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The latest game in Capcom’s MotoGP series, MotoGP 10/11,   has been announced for both PS3 and Xbox 360 March of next year.  Developed by Monumental Games once again, this next installment in the MotoGP series is already learning from it’s past mistakes.

It seems that although the series had taken a turn from it’s arcade roots, adding too much realism for some fans put this game off track.  Now, MotoGP 10/11 gives the player options . In-game player assists will be customized according to the player’s racing style. For those who don’t want to be punished by physics and small  mistakes, assists can change to their liking. For the more hardcore audience, the player assists can be turned completely off, giving way to a much more challenging experience.

Some huge problems with the previous MotoGP 09/10 were the flimsy handling and overall presentation. Monumental has now added more accurate handling and physics. New character animations are also being added so it is more likely that your rider looks as if they’re on a motorbike and not a moving box. Riders now move up and down, reacting to gravity and with a nice 60 frames per second, everything looks less stiff as well. Familiar game modes Challenge Mode,  Championship and Time Trial are back  but, there are some changes being to done.  There is a high possibility that players will have access to every rider in these modes from the start.  As for the finer details,  the developers are keeping quiet. Tacking on Online and Career gives a total of 5 game modes to enjoy.

The most interesting thing about the new MotoGP  is the introduction of offline co-op.  Players can now join forces in Career via split screen and work together to win races. Perhaps you will race towards the finish as a teammate hurries to cut off or crash into a gaining opponent. Whatever strategy is decided, the addition of co-op is bound to be an experience remembered. However, co-op will not be introduced online just yet but, whether that will hurt the game or not remains to be seen.  When online, up to 20 racers around the globe can compete in Championship mode.  For those who just like to watch or want the upper hand in an upcoming race, there is Spectator Mode. Of course, MotoGP10/11  just wouldn’t be a double year game without something for the 2011 season. Expect new DLC to  be released shortly after the season starts.

With MotoGP 10/11 making efforts to please fans both new and old, this racer looks to be out of the start gate intact. For more news, check out the official website.

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