Captain America The First Avenger Video Review
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No GravatarVFM gets a chance to check out the newest addition to the Marvel lineup of Comic book super hero films. This new film, Captain America The First Avenger, stars Chris Evans as America’s Golden Boy, with Hugo Weaving opposite as the Red Skull.

Did this movie live up to the hype? Is it an EPIC win or an EPIC fail. Check out the video below to find out.




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  1. PerfectMeNo Gravatar says:

    Like Superman, Cap is an additional superhero who should’ve stayed on the printed page. Marvel are to be admired for their adherance to continuity with the other movies, but a big bloke in a bright red white and blue costume – in a combat scenario – just looks daft, regardless of how they try to spin it. Soldiers wear camouflage for a reason y’know.

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