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No GravatarTWD survive season 5 poster

AMC revealed a Season 5 trailer for The Walking Dead at San Diego Comic Con.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this trailer gets me excited for the new season. Although I’ve been iffy on the show this trailer gives me a lot of hope for the new season with a lot of odes to the comics.

The Walking Dead is set to return on Sunday, October 12th at 9pm on AMC.

What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments!

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At 3 A.M. PDT Thursday, June 19, Konami released a 30 min. gameplay trailer of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The gameplay trailer is the same demo that was on display at this years E3. The trailer will be in English and shown on Kojima Station.

The Phantom Pain technically takes place after the most recent release of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, but if you’re familiar with the Metal Gear series you know the games were released in anything but a linear order.

If you’re thinking of playing the Metal Gear series to “catch up” to this release you have more than enough time as MGSV: The Phantom Pain does not yet have a release date and isn’t expected to come out this year.

Here’s a link for the live stream currently going on on YouTube.

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No Gravatarbloodborne

[Update] Seems the video has been taken down.
[Update 2] Found a new video!
[Update 3] Made some .gifs for when it gets taken down again.



Here’s some leaked footage of Bloodborne pre-E3. Before the E3 reveal Bloodborne was called Project beast  and had some scene’s leaked on other occasions as well. From the looks of things it will definitely have the look and feel of the previous Souls game regardless of the gun. Considering it’s “leaked” footage it may be taken down soon.

In case you missed the E3 reveal here’s it’s trailer.

No Gravatare3press


As everyone has already said it’s hard to believe and year has gone by, but with no complaints E3 media day is back! Per usual Sony followed Microsoft and this year both knew the focus would have to be bringing next gen gaming hype to their respective console. Here’s Sony’s Press Conference in it’s entirety if you missed it courtesy of IGN.


Without going too deep into each title here are the high notes from the presser and leading off the conference was this new Destiny Trailer.

The big announcement for Destiny was that starting this Thursday there will be Alpha access for the game and the Beta will begin July 17th. Also announced was a Destiny PS4 bundle including a new “Glacier white” PS4, Destiny and a 30 day trial of PS+. The white PS4 will be released along with the game on Sep. 9 and has the same specs and the others so other than a color change nothing new is being added.

Next Andrew House introduced the new gameplay trailer for the The Order 1886.

If you don’t know The Order was introduced last year at E3 and is a game about a group of knights protecting the world from monsters like the one you saw above.

Also shown was a new indie game called Entwined. Entwined is  brought to you by Pixel Opus, a combination of recent graduates from Carnegie Mellon and San Jose State university.

Entwined, according to the speaker, is a game about “two souls in love.” Throughout the game you’re guiding these souls through sequences and upon clearing levels will have them come together to create a dragon. It’s a cute little game that’s out now in the Playstation store for $9.99.

Infamous Second Son made a repeat appearance this year, but its big announcement was the standalone DLC coming in August featuring “Fetch.” Alongside it was the announcement and premiere of Little Big Planet 3.

One of the biggest reveals was Bloodborne. You might remember a the game being called Project Beast and is Hidetaka Miyazaki’s, director of the first two souls games, new title. If you’re a souls fanboy like me you probably can’t wait for this game to come out.

Far Cry 4 came out with a gameplay trailer as well, but the most interesting part was the drop-in co-op at the end of the trailer.

Far Cry 4’s co-op is called guns for hire and the best part is you don’t have to own the game to play it. If you have a friend that wants to play with you and he doesn’t own it or you’re the one wanting to join you just drop in and play like you’ve always had it. You also get all the experience from that session as well.

The coolest game of the show was a game called No Man’s Sky by indie studio Hello Games.

I don’t even know what to do in the game, but every time I see the trailer I just get extremely excited. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t get ruined by the impending hype train that is E3 reveals and expectations.

If you haven’t seen the press conference you really should give it a look. It’s full of cool and interesting things coming to the system in the coming months. Last of Us is getting a remastered release, Ratchet and Clank the movie was premiered, GTA V is coming to next gen and you can upload your PS3 or Xbox 360 save data. It’s going to be a great, guys.

More towards the end of conference Sony took a backseat from games to introduce some of the new hardware coming out like Playstation Tv and project Morpheus.

Playstation Tv allows you to play a huge library of Playstation games with just the device and a Dualshock 3 controller. As for Mopheus more and more developers are starting to play around with it and the PS4 camera giving their VR headset a pretty bright outlook.

Rounding out the evening were two trailers for the upcoming Batman game, Batman Arkham Knight, and a new trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Overall I really enjoyed Sony’s press conference. While the PS4 still isn’t  a must have these games should be more than enough to help you make your decision regardless of whichever console you choose.

No Gravatare3 ms 1

This year Microsoft’s media briefing did not disappoint as Phil Spencer promised to devote the “entire briefing to games!”  Immediately, you could hear the applause around the theatre.  Last year, there was a lot of disappointment as Microsoft spent a lot of time talking about other features on the Xbox One like the Kinect and the TV features.  They seemed to learn from this mistake as they enthralled us all with game after game!

Further excitement came when Spencer stated that all the games shown during their media briefing would first get add-on content on the Xbox One!

The briefing began with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We saw new footage that included gameplay.  I’m not a huge fan of the Call of Duty franchise, but I may just check this one out.  It also helps that Kevin Spacey is in the game. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be out on November 4, 2014.  Here is the gameplay that was showed:

Dan Greenwalt, Creative Director, came onto the stage to talk about Forza Motorsport 5 and unveiled the “nuburgring” which is available TODAY for free to those that own the game. Ralph Fulton, Creative Director, presented Forza Horizon 2 which will be available September 30, 2014.  The game will be in 1080p, have 200+ cars, include various weather conditions, and drivatars.

I’ve been highly anticipating with glee, Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Microsoft and BioWare unveiled a new trailer for the game, which will be available October 7, 2014.

Another game that garnered a lot of excitement from the masses is Sunset Overdrive. We saw a bit about this game last year, but this year we got to see a lot more of this game!  Ted Price, the Founder and CEO of Insomniac Games, came on stage to talk more about the game.  Sunset Overdrive will be available October 28, 2014 and  is exclusive to Xbox One.

Ori and the Blind Forest is a new IP from Moon Studios that looks absolutely stunning.  I’d love to see more of this game before it comes out this fall, but so far I like what I see.  Ori and the Blind Forest will be available Fall 2014.

A Microsoft briefing wouldn’t be the same without some Halo for us all! Bonnie Ross, Studio Head at 343 Industries, presented a spotlight on the much anticipated Halo 5:

Then we were presented with the Halo: The Master Chief Collection.  The collection will include Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4, Halo: Nightfall, and access to the Halo 5: Guardians Beta.  Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be out on November 11, 2014.

A very nice surprise to the mix was the Rise of the Tomb Raider world premiere! We will get to follow Lara Croft after the last installment to see how she rises from what she went through to become the character we know and love.  Rise of the Tomb Raider is expected to be available Holiday 2015.

Ken Lobb, Creative Director at Microsoft Studios, expressed his passion for reviving games that garner cult audiences as classic games.  He then presented Phantom Dust, an absolutely beautiful game.

Scalebound is a new IP that shows a lot of promise from Platinum Games.  This game is one of my favorites so far from what I’ve seen at E3. It is absolutely beautiful and I would love to see more

Microsoft wrapped up the media briefing with Crackdown.

Other games that were shown included Evolve, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Dance Central, Fantasia Music Evolved, Fable Legends, Project Spark, Inside from Playdead, The Witcher 3, and The Division.

I’m VERY impressed with Microsoft’s E3 Media Briefing. They brought it with the games and I even got a look at new games that definitely interest me.

To look at the rest of the trailers that were shown at Microsoft’s media briefing, check out their YouTube channel at

What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

No GravatarLos Angeles: EA CEO Andrew Wilson unveiled a slew of upcoming games at the publisher’s E3 press conference.  Most games were expected, including previews for Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mirror’s Edge 2, Star Wars Battlefront, Sims 4, the new Battlefield Hardline, and several sports-themed games.  However, the big surprise came with the confirmation that a new Mass Effect game is indeed being developed by BioWare.


It was during the middle of the conference that EA revealed a video montage of very early development for the new Mass Effect game.  The preview emphasized new experiences instead of sticking with the old characters and places in the Mass Effect universe, even stating, “New places.  New characters.  New people to fall in love with.”  Though a release date has not been announced yet, this press conference does confirm that gamers will indeed be getting a new Mass Effect game sometime in the future.

The biggest title of the conference was Battlefield Hardline.  Taking the Battlefield franchise into a new twist of cops versus criminals, the preview looked fast-paced with a chaotic, alterable environment and classic Battlefield gameplay.  Fans were delighted when the beta version of the game went live right at the end of the conference.

Dragon Age: Inquisition was also highlighted during the conference with a live cellist playing to game footage.  Aaryn Flynn, General Manager for BioWare’s Edmonton and Montreal studios, introduced an in-game battle sequence and discussed the two different styles players can choose in the new Dragon Age.  “One way to approach combat puts you into the heat of the action,” Flynn said, highlighting a quick, action-based real-time fighting style for the game where the party was fighting a dragon.  “Another way to approach combat is to use the tactical camera,” he said, demonstrating a fighting approach that removes time from the battle and allows the player to more thoughtfully engage the enemy.  Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out October 7, 2014.

Another much-anticipated game that the conference highlighted was Sims 4.  The release date was finally announced for September 2, 2014.  Rachel Franklin, executive producer for Sims 4, described the game as having, “Smarter Sims.  Sims with personalities…You define your Sim’s personality.”  Two major changes that were highlighted in the newest installment of the Sims include the ability to play with a Sim’s emotions and a gallery where players can easily add Sims created by other players into the game.

Besides the new Mass Effect, there were three other early teasers of games still in the beginning stages of developments included a new Star Wars Battlefront game that has been inspired from the look and feel of the three original movies.  Another early look was for an unnamed Criterion Software game that allows players to drive or fly many different extreme sports vehicles.  Mirror’s Edge 2 was also given a small nod, highlighting a few Parkour-like shots from the new game.

EA previewed five different sports games, including EA Sports UFC, EA Sports PGA Tour, EA Sports NHL 15,  Madden NFL 15, and FIFA 15.  Each game preview highlighted newer graphics, more emotions from the players, and better game play handling.

For MOBA fans (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), EA gave a preview of Dawngate, a team-oriented game that looks to give players a lot of options for characters and tactics.

For more E3 news, stay tuned to Real Otaku Gamer!

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No GravatarIf you get excited about 4x strategy games, that is eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate, then Endless Legend is probably the best there is. Endless Legend is a turn-based strategy game, much like Civilization V. You play on a huge map with hexagonal tiles, build armies and cities, and win based on your culture, military, or economy. That’s where the similarities end, however.

Endless Legend is currently available on Steam Early Access. It’s worth buying early because not only do you get a head start on the game, but you can actually communicate your opinion on the game to the developers through the Steam discussion boards. I didn’t run into any bugs while playing and the UI is absolutely perfect – there are just some features that are currently unavailable.


You will be able to play as eight different races, but so far four are playable. You can play as the Vaulters, who are the human race, the Necrophages, who are like the Zerg from Starcraft, the Wild Walkers, an elvish race, and Broken Lords, who are like robots obsessed with money. My favorite race to play so far are the Necrophages because you have to focus on constantly building cheap military units to rush your opponent.

Although it is a turn-based game, you really won’t spend much time spamming the end turn button because there’s plenty to do. Unlike other turn-based games, Endless Legend has quests. Some are timed – build a second city in x-amount of turns, find and assimilate a nomadic culture, and many others. There’s a main quest line as well as side quests. Not only that but you can queue up your research and your build order. There really is a lot to consider in each turn.


Another featured I enjoyed was the hero customization. Each race has its own hero with significant special powers. You can assign a hero to a larger army to become virtually unstoppable against minor faction troops. You can buy and equip tiered armor for your hero. You can also upgrade your hero’s skills whenever they level up and choose from three different skill trees.

Battles are very different in Endless Legend and they’re like a game within a game. You do have the option of just letting the computer decide who the victor is, or you can fight manually. In manual mode, Endless legend morphs into a grid-based strategy. You take control of the battlefield, decide your formation, and select which of your units will attack or defend. This is one of the most unique features I’ve ever seen in a turn-based strategy game.

Endless Legend is currently being developed by Amplitude, makers of the sci-fi strategy Endless Space, as well as Dungeon of the Endless.

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No GravatarAside from the amazing, but short teaser trailer we got late last year on Nintendo’s and Techmo Koei’s joint project, we have heard almost nothing about Hyrule Warriors. Until now! Famitsu Magazine images have shown that they are conducting an in-depth expose of the title, including new images, art and a release date! According to the piece Hyrule Warriors will release in Japan on August 14th, 2014 and will include unexpected playable characters! Aside from that comes some other interesting news. The game is being produced by Hisashi Koinuma, and Yosuke Hayashi, while Eiji Aonuma is supervising. The simplified story is that Link is setting off to rescue Princess Zelda, who has been kidnapped by the evil witch Shia. Link, Impa, Shia are all introduced in the magazine, and locations include Hyrule Field at the least.
No word yet on an international release. Stay tuned as more secrets shall certainly be unveiled this year’s E3!

Hyrule Warriors is being developed by Nintendo and Techmo Koei for the Wii U

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No GravatarBBF3

“The choice is yours human.” After grueling your way through the swamps you’ve finally arrived at the beasts lair, only to be held up by the voice in your head. It warns the beast you’re about to face will try to possess your body and mind until there’s nothing left. Sadly, there’s already one demon inside you that’s vying for control of your body and the prospect of another is none too pleasing. The choice? Fall prey to the creature terrorizing the villagers or allow the demon trapped in your mind a little more control so it can defend your psyche from this new threat.

Developer Spiders and publisher Focus Home Interactive bring you the story of Vulcan, a mercenary hired by the Red Scribes to help them in an invocation that can help turn the tide of war. The evil Ice Lords Deadwalker army has been ravaging across the lands. For every soldier that falls it rises from the dead to add to growing ranks of their army. They’ve never been stopped or lost a battle and the scribes hope that their invocation will augment their powers enough to help turn the tide.

BBF4Unfortunately, something goes amiss and the spell summons the life force of a flame demon that promptly possesses a portion of Vulcan’s mind. I love the irony of a guy name Vulcan being possessed by a flame demon (Roman mythology FTW).

Bound by Flame is an RPG set in an open world setting that follows Vulcan through his trials and tribulations, while wrestling with an ever growing presence in his mind and body. Any one who is familiar with Skyrim or Dragon’s Age will be right at home with the skill trees, crafting, missions, etc. The difference comes in the dialogue and choices you make. As you play the demon will offer you various upgrades in your power, but only if you let it take you over a little bit at a time. As you allow more of yourself to become tainted your body starts a physical transformation. As you check your characters stats you’ll see your current possession level as well as any new abilities your new friend has unlocked.

BBF2The skill tree is split into heavy weapons, light melee (Daggers), and your fire abilities. Heavy weapons can break shields and parry, light weapons can dodge attacks and riposte, and the fire tree pretty much will make sure your foes resemble charcoal when your done. Weapons can be imbued with elemental abilities; attacks buffs, or enhance your HP or MP. The customization is tops and lets you tailor your combatant to your particular play style. I, personally, started with heavy weapons and now have more of an assassin type character. Fire blades combined with stealth and ranged attacks. The parry and counter system is very reminiscent of Devil May Cry and Batman: Arkham Asylum where timing is crucial to avoid damage or spells that are constantly being thrown at you.

Now I’ve logged quite a few hours and Bound has something for everyone. There’s a rich crafting system, upgradeable weapons, varied monsters, interesting characters. This is a fully fleshed out RPG that has the dialogue and options of a Mass Effect game. Not only do you have to contend with the demon, but also your NPC’s you go on missions with. The varied outcomes differ depending on which one you take with. Do you take the knight who only speaks in the 3rd person, the magician who is a little shadier then she lets on to, or the outcast elf that is trying to do right by his kin?

I’m having a blast, but while the game does so many things right there are a few caveats. Unfortunately, the graphics remind me of a newer PS3 title and although the game looks great, when compared next to Killzone and a few other PS4 launch titles it seems to fall a little short.

BBF1The dialogue is another area that needs some focus. It’s not bad by any means, but certain choices in conversation are often punctuated by emotion but with no physical movement on the characters part, or vice versa. Now this seems to improve as the game progresses and could have quite a bit to do with the sheer amount of dialogue options too, so please judge for yourself.

I do need to say something about the music and atmosphere of this game. Composer Olivier Derivière has crafted some fantastic tones to set this world to and it is fantastic. The theme music and just over all ambiance the music sets is perfect for whatever mission you are on. Even when just walking through a swamp, forest, or town it seems to just fit perfectly and doesn’t get annoying or repetitive like some titles.

My first impressions with Bound by Flame are definitely good and would highly recommend this to anyone who likes a great RPG with a full cast, thorough item and crafting systems, open world, and an amazing score. This is also a full length RPG that will keeps you busy for more than just a few hours with lots of potential for replay. That being said we’ll have a side-by-side review of the game in it’s completion to compare the different play styles. Until then the Demon in my head wants me to stop writing so I can assist in Vulcan’s possession… I mean adventure.

– Kat

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For those that are in the area of Maryland and DC (and Viriginia as well if you’re willing to make the trip).  On the campus of the University of Maryland, there lies a little gem known as the TerpZone.  It’s open for anyone to use, even those that aren’t students.  They welcome any and everyone.

So what does the TerpZone offer?  Well, they offer many things! They offer bowling, billiards, gaming, ping pong, arcade games, game nights (spades, etc.), and a lot more.

Most Fridays, the TerpZone offers video game tournaments for anyone to participate in for FREE! The games range from Call of Duty: Ghosts to Super Smash Bros. Brawl to NBA 2K14.  They have their sign ups for the tournaments at 6pm with it starting at 8pm.

The schedule for the rest of this semester (until early May) is as follows:

Mario Kart Wii : March 28th

FIFA 14 : April 4, April 11, April 18, April 25

Super Smash Bros. Brawl : May 2nd

For more information on the video game tournaments, the contact is Leonard Greene at For any general questions about The TerpZone or to find out more, the contact is Kevin Alexander at