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Octopath Traveler as it is now known as an exclusive title for Nintendo Switch. A rather ambitious old world styled RPG where all the decisions to be made are yours. A beautifully designed HD 2D world is yours to explore and with so much to see it certainly is going to be a huge journey.

The true game has 8 different characters to gather, who all have different abilities. Though the demo only allows you to play as Olberic and Primrose. Olberic’s ability allows you to challenge anyone to a duel. This power is perfect for when someone won’t get out of your way, or you want to uncover someone’s evil inside. Primrose is a dancer and can allure anyone to follow her, so she’s perfect for rescue missions and luring enemies into traps. Both of these characters play differently and really guide their stories in their own ways just like the other 6 will do with them, when the full game launches next year.

In this demo, it starts you at the beginning of either of the character’s stories and you learn a decent amount of information about their past and why they are doing what they are doing. Both of the characters have different motivations but they are both nonetheless very interesting stories.

Olberic is a knight out for justice and Primrose is also as out for justice. They both play differently, and of course will interact with characters differently as well. Olberic’s duel power will certainly be fun to use, as it really does let you gauge how strong people are. As an avid RPG fan, I’ve always been curious how non-hero types were living in certain places. Now, many of them are weak sure, but the guards can often be quite formidable.

This game really does in some ways turn RPG battle on its head, but it does follow rules too. Similar to Bravely Default, you get points for battle. Though in this every action gives you a point, and not every turn. You can slam the foe for up to a times four and as Olberic, I was able to deal massive damage by using abide, and then slamming home a baddie with a four times attack. Of course, this is also strategic so doing that may not always be beneficial.

One thing I did find annoying was, that I died a few times against the boss of the chapter, due to the boss suddenly doing massive damage as I figured out his patterns. Could not skip the scene before the fight. I’d honestly hope for auto scroll, as the voice acting when used is quite brilliant. In a game that has voice acting, auto scroll could be very beneficial.

The music in the game is also pretty good and works with the world itself. The artwork is the standout as the game looks amazing. It’s like playing an old school RPG but in a new cleaner way. I cannot wait to see what the world looks like and am stoked to play more.

Octopath Traveler is certainly a game to look out for and with so much customization of the plot, it will be a game, to get. This game really is something that all RPG fans will enjoy and I am so glad we were given a demo! Go download it now, and lead your hero to victory!

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JackBox is ready to thrill you with one whole party packed into a single game with this collection of games. With five games to play, you can have a great time with anyone you care to get down with. This game might be a Switch game but don’t worry it is all controlled with one console and your guests’ phones or laptops.

First up is the hit game You Don’t Know Jack. This is the hit game that started it all with Hundreds of questions to answer. Up to four players can play this zany trivia game, so jump  head first and see who truly is the Jack Box King!

Second is Fibbage XL with more questions than the original release. A truly fun game, especially since it can be played with up to 8 players with a streaming channel.

Drawful is third and relies on players drawing based on a clue. Once all the drawings are done, players guess and if they are correct they then put an answer in to stump others. It can get pretty chaotic with up to eight players joining in. A cool thing about this game is that you can stream it to up 100 people. If a fake answer is chosen, the drawer gets points, and if the correct answer is chosen both the player and artist get points. The really great thing about this game is skill really isn’t necessary, as it is just a lot of fun.

Lie Swatter is the fourth game and can be played by 1-100 players. You need to figure out which statements are true and which are false. With such a large crowd to play with, it can, of course, get pretty intense. The final round will always come from the same category so you won’t be thrown off your game.

Lastly, comes the game Word Spud which is for up to 8 players. Starting off with one word, you follow logic to enter the next word. The other players’ award points and the game continues. A fun, quick game, one that really can get interesting as the words start to flow.

Jack Box Party Pack 1 is available now for Nintendo Switch, so now is the time! Call up some smart friends or stupid ones, and have a trivia night!

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Thimbleweed Park is certainly a game you might overlook if you haven’t played this type of game before. Thimbleweed Park is a point and click adventure game and it really is something to behold. It is set in the late eighties and as someone born 5 years later I find it to be amusing. Wouldn’t have imagined I’d be playing an 80’s themed Adventure game.

The game follows two agents Ray and Reyes, as they head out to a strange town, and need to solve a murder. Both characters obviously are different from each other as Ray is a seasoned professional and Reyes is her newbie assistant. Along with these two, there are a few other characters who you play as, a game designer, a clown, and an older man.

The game has great voice acting and plays out slowly yet steadily. As you learn more you always want to keep learning. You can pick up many different objects though many will not be used at all. There is just something interesting about picking up random things and finding them to be useful later on.

This the reveal from one of the developers Ron Gilbert.

This game can be as long or short as you want it to be depending on how long the puzzles take. They aren’t all so hard, but sometimes you may need a hint, and thankfully there is an in-game tip line. Maybe, you are stumped and need a little hint, well you can always ask for help.

This game is certainly one, not to be missed, and I hope many people try it out. The voice acting really is stellar, and I haven’t gotten that far in the game thus far, but it is certainly one I will keep playing until I solve this mystery. So turn on some eighties music, and hop into this weird Point and Click Adventure!

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No GravatarThere are two things that are awesome in gaming., namely Pokémon and Fighting games from Bandai Namco. Thus a Pokémon Fighting from Bandai Namco is a dream come true to me. I didn’t get to play Pokken Tournament on Wii U, but with the Nintendo Switch getting an enhanced port, I finally got a chance to play it. But was it good in the end?

The first thing I noticed was that despite the name, Pokken isn’t exactly Pokémon with Tekken gameplay due to the dual phases of the battle. The Field Phase plays more akin to a Naruto or the older Dragon Ball Z fighting games. It takes a while to get used to if you are unfamiliar with it, but the game has a great tutorial that helps explain things well. Duel Phase though, does play more akin to Tekken and thus feels a lot more natural to players more used to traditional fighting games. Learning how to switch between the phases and when to do so, is a major part of the gameplay.

Pokken Tournament DX does offer some great additions to the experience, for those unsure about the Switch port. In addition to new Pokémon, there are new modes such as 3 vs 3, similar to the King of Fighters series, and new more refined online modes. I had a great time playing online and experienced no lag or connectivity issues. In addition, there is some great implementation of HD rumble in the game. It feels subtle but it really does help the experience feel more immersive.

In terms of single player, there is the Ferrum League which serves as the story mode, as well as single fights.  These are a great way to learn about how to play the game for when you go online, and to be honest, playing some single matches against a CPU is a great way to just have fun. There are also daily missions which offer some good variety to the gameplay. It isn’t as much as a game like Mortal Kombat X or Injustice 2, but it is still a good amount of single-player content. This is especially true for someone who just wants a few matches now and then and has no interest in playing online. There may not be a massive amount of single-player content, but what there is, is high quality.

The game actually feels like it takes a bit from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. Considering both games were made by Bandai Namco this makes sense, and it is perfectly reasonable that a Pokémon fighting game would take influence from another fighting game based on Nintendo characters. As such, this is a game that would also appeal very much to Smash Bros players, and those waiting for a Smash game on Switch might want to look at this one while they wait.

Pokken Tournament DX is a fun game, and while I never played the Wii U version myself, I did follow its competitive scene and what people said about it. From everything I’ve experienced, this feels not like an enhanced version but like a truly fleshed out version that feels like what the Wii U version should have been. It isn’t a perfect game though, as parts of the combat just feel off. I can’t explain it, but even in Duel Mode, the game just feels different. And in a way that is good, as it fits the nature of Pokémon. I wouldn’t say that this is an ideal game for fighting game fanatics, but it is definitely one worth checking out. For Pokémon fans, Nintendo fans and also Smash Bros fans, this is a must buy. I highly recommend it!


Disclaimer: A review key was provided by Nintendo.


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Here is some good news. There had been concern over how well Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 would do on Switch due to it being a late port, but it seems to not be the case.

The game came out on Switch in Japan this week on Thursday, and based on Bandai Namco’s reports, it’s off to a strong start. Specifically.  Bandai Namco published a tweet saying that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a big hit on Switch. They then sent out another message earlier today stating that there is a shortage for the physical version, with more shipments planned towards the end of this month.

It is possible that Bandai Namco had planned a conservative shipment for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. That being said, the high sell rate most certainly impressed them.

The game launches in the west on September 22.



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Jack Box Party Pack 2 is another thrilling party in one game, and ready to thrill you with even more trivia fun. Gather your friends and play five hilarious games to find out who the best of you is! The Jackbox Party Pack 2 contains Fibbage 2, Quiplash XL, Bidiots, Earwax and Bomb Corp.

Fibbage 2, of course just the classic game, revamped with more new questions. Always a stellar game to play with friends, where you must find out what is true and what is false.

Quiplash is a fun game which can be streamed and relies on three rounds. With the first two, a question is given and all active people must supply an answer. They are then shown the answers they can choose, and the winner receives points. The last round gives out one question and everyone chooses which answer best fits. Points are awarded for each time an answer is chosen, the person with the highest points wins!

Earwax is played by up to seven players, with one as the judge who is given two categories. Hearing sound effects, each player selects two and the judge chooses which pair is the best. This simple game only takes three points to win, so it can get exciting pretty quickly.

Bidiots is played by up to six people and is considered the spiritual successor to Drawful. This game relies heavily on money and buying and selling. You get a category and then bid on the art with hopes of getting the best one for the category. If you are low on money, feel free to take out a loan but know, it may come to bite you in the butt in the end.

Bomb Corp relies on one person in a bomb factory deactivating bombs. With odd directions given to the others, it’s up to everyone to deactivate these explosives. You really need to rely on each other to get through this and not have the bombs explode. Certainly not a game for a group unlikely to communicate well.

If you have enjoyed any of the Jack Box Party Pack games, this game is for you. A game meant to have to people compete and in some moments work together makes for this party pack to be a great addition to any gathering! So, get your friends together, take out your phones and laptops and play some amazing games, courtesy of You Don’t Know Jack.

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No GravatarYears ago now, playing the first game that the Rabbids appeared in, Rayman: Raving Rabbids, would not have made me think I would ever enjoy a Rabbids game. But years later, after finding a tv show starring these wild creatures, I have grown fonder of them. Imagining Mario and friends team up with them adds another layer of absurdity but, oddly enough it works. These characters are so different in tone, but there is something that just flows right.

Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle is an odd amalgam of two series that certainly have no right to be together. But, they oddly enough work, and that shows that Rabbids have come into their own. This game really shows what can happen when two very different series come together, and that is a good thing.

The Rabbids are distinctively their own brand of stupid, and it flows with Mario and his world. The fusion of these worlds in the game due to the magical power of the glitched tool, causes insanity to ensue. Things you’d never thought you’d see in a Mario game appear before your eye and shock you. It’s quite humorous as you never know what to expect.

This game also clearly turns Mario’s world on its head in other ways. Never before has Mario wielded a gun, and now here he is shooting a gun. It works in this zany world as everything is so twisted. Another thing I found interesting was that there is always a chance for a little crude humor, another first for the Mario series.

The characters, of course, include the stalwart crew of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi. Though Peach, as she is described, is far more badass, than usual. There are also four Rabbids who in a way cosplay as these characters. Taking some cues from the originals, they act similarly, yet totally different. These Rabbids add another layer of insanity to the wild cake that is Mario and Rabbids.

The story is an interesting one as well and involves a young girl in a different world. She has just won a great competition, and her invention could change the world. However, the Rabbids come and intervene and soon are connected to Mario’s world. Bowser Jr decides this time to take it upon himself and heads out to take over the kingdom.

With music by the fantastic Grant Kirkhope fused with the jaunty Mario tunes, this game becomes even better. You can hear his style which of course is reminiscent of Banjo and Kazooie, and it is amazing. Just another reason this game has certainly become better than I thought it could ever be.

The battle system is similar to XCom in that there is traversal around a grid like arena and you have actions to take. It is quick and often unforgiving and that is a good thing. You can buy weapons to strengthen your character and help them take out certain enemies. The stages are never impossible obviously but it can be easy to get yourself into a corner if you aren’t prepared.

The weapons themselves are also very varied. Each character has both a primary and secondary weapon. But the greatest thing is seeing what these weapons look like and what they are named. There is much humor in the whole thing, and you will certainly find some of them to be humorous.

Only being so far in the game, all I can say is, this game has something I never thought I’d find in a title combining Mario and Rabbids. With wit, good strategic gameplay, and an interesting cast of characters, all I know is I’m really enjoying this game.

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Punishment platformers are a popular genre, and have been for some time. We have seen greats such as Super Meat Boy, and others that are not so great. League of Evil is another entry into the genre and it offers up more of the same. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but does the game hold up on its own?

League of Evil involves short levels that get longer as you progress, simple action and minor objectives. Its great for short bursts of gameplay but does get very repetitive at times. This isn’t to say that the levels are all the same, since there is variety that is introduced, but it still feels less than what it could be. I don’t feel it is a bad game, but I do not feel it meets its true potential.

There is something much more important I must mention. The controls for the game are not good. They are far too loose, or far too sensitive and for a punishment platformer, this is a very bad thing. The controls often get in the way of the game and cause issues. As you progress in the game, it gets even worse with the controls either being too sensitive or not responding right, and that leading to numerous deaths.

I wanted to like League of Evil as I do find punishing games to be fun. Heck, I play Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze in order to relax when I am stressed. But the controls just got in the way far too much. I ultimately could not enjoy League of Evil and found it to be a chore to get through. It has great music, I will admit and a nice art style, but good music and good art is not enough to save the game.

I must suggest passing on this for now. I just cannot see it as being fun.




Disclaimer: A review key was provided by the publisher.

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Inti Creates has just released Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack, and has announced Dragon: Marked for Death, both for Nintendo Switch. They have been very busy on the system and one might think they had moved on from their first Switch games, Blaster Master Zero and Mighty Gunvolt Burst, but that is not the case.

Inti Creates has confirmed on twitter that they have more plans for those games. Whether that means more DLC characters, modes, or simply updates is not known yet. What we can say however, is that Inti Creates gives their games their all and any new content Inti Creates brings will be welcome.


Have you played these games yet?


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Before PAX West in Seattle could even get underway, the surprises are starting to flow. During the Nintendo’s Nindie@Night event in Seattle, Yacht Club announced a new Shovel Knight amiibo 3 pack featuring characters from the game’s Treasure Trove saga.

“By tapping three new amiibo figures based on King Knight, Plague Knight and
Specter Knight while playing Shovel Knight, players can unlock exclusive armor
sets, new challenge stages and the ability to summon fairy companions to accompany
players on quests.”


Here is the trailer: